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Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures


We are going to look at four different cheap single Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures for decorating you entrance to your home or your garden.  This type of lighting has come a long way in the last few years.  Most lights would not last the whole night and would only last one or two seasons.  The fixtures that we will look at here will not only last more than a few seasons, very little if any maintenance will be needed to keep them working.

Moonrays 92223 Solar Powered White LED Glass Lily Flower Stake Light

The glass Lily Flower will shine at night with its LED bulb powered by the sun.  The stem and leaf will have a bronze finish and the glass flower is white with a red speckled finish.

Once the fixture is assembled by putting the stake together, attaching the solar panel and glass flower top, you just have to wait for the first charge and enjoy your light.  The LED bulb will not heat up, it will always be cool to the touch, and will last the life of the fixture.

The small solar panel is attached to the stem and powers the 400 mAh NiCad rechargeable battery. On a day when you get a full charge your fixture should stay lit for up to 8 hours.  Front to back the flower will be about 8.5 inches, side to side 3.7 inches and it is 32 inches from the top to the bottom.  Some of this will be under ground to support your fixture.

Moonrays 99924 Solar Powered Color-Changing LED Crackle Glass Globe

Looking for different colors in your garden or area of your yard you want to highlight.  This crackled globe with seven different colors (yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue, and red) will rotate through the colors without any input.  You cannot change or stop the color change option.  It will add a colorful dimension to your garden or path.

The LED bulb is powered by a 600 mAh rechargeable battery that get its recharge from a solar panel attached to the post.  The solar panel has a sensor that will turn your fixture on at dusk and stay on for about 8 hours with a full charge from the sun.  The globe will remain cool as the LED bulb does not produce heat while producing light.

Easy to assemble, just make sure the ground is soft when pushing in the stake, it can be fragile.  The globe is about 3.5 inches around and with the stake the total height will be almost 35 inches.

Moonrays 91444 Solar Powered Glass Hummingbird Stake

Light, Pearl Bronze


The colorful stained glass look of the humming bird will be highlighted by the LED powered globe at night.  Day or night this fixture will be a great addition to any outdoor area such as a garden, fountain, pool, path or patio.

The solar panel on the stake will charge the 400 mAh rechargeable battery to power your light automatically at dusk.  With a full charge it will stay on all night.

The globe will remain cool as the LED bulb does not produce any heat.  The LED will never need replaced, as it will last the lifetime of the fixture.

The humming bird is about 8.5 inches long, the globe is 3 inches around and the stake is 34 inches tall.

Luna Metal Solar Stake Light, Large


The Luna Solar Light finished in a bronze color, will give you a nice path, garden or patio decoration.  The metal crescent shaped moon will have a LED light in the middle with a face, giving off a soft yellow glow. The LED light will not get hot or need replacing, it will last the life of the fixture.

The solar panel hanging from the stake will charge your 1.2 volt 350 mAh rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of illumination after the sun sets.

The Moon will be about 3.5 inches across and 13.8 inches tall.  The stake will be about 2 feet tall.


Many styles of garden solar lights are available, some are for decoration, all will provide some light.  You choice to decorate and illuminate your outdoor space can be made simple, without wiring or planning locations close to an electric supply.

If you do not like the location of your Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures, all you have to do is pull it up out of the ground and place it in another location.  No wires or box’s to relocate.  Just make sure that your new location receives the maximum amount of daylight for the best results.  Make sure the ground is soft when placing the stake in, as they are not built very sturdy and can bend or break.

For best charge, put in area that receives maximum daylight.  If your light is not lasting very long, look at my post on trouble shooting solar lights.  If you think the battery needs replaced, make sure to get the proper battery, see my information on rechargeable batteries.

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