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9 Foot Patio Umbrellas


Looking for options on getting an Umbrella for your patio.  We will look at four completely different options in this post, maybe one will work in your outdoor space.  Before we get started you will have to look at your space and find if the umbrellas will open without hitting some obstructions.  Do you have trees, wires or Pergolas that will hamper the opening of your umbrella.

Mainstays 9 foot UmbrellaMainstays Round Umbrella


The first Umbrella will be a Mainstays Round Umbrella.  It is the more traditional table umbrella with a 1.5 inch diameter steel pole for support.  It will tilt in three positions, straight up and to each side.  It does not have a stop to do a partial tilt.

The Turquoise Shade is made from a fade resistant durable polyester fabric.  It is 108.5 inches across and is 93 inches tall when standing straight up.

It has a crank for easy opening and closing.


Wood Market Umbrella 9 footWooden Market Umbrella


The Wooden pole made of Birch sets this umbrella apart from the others.  Some like the wood and some don’t.  It comes in two parts that have to be put together.  If this pole is not taken care of it can crack or splinter in the outdoor weather.

No tilt or crank is available for this umbrella.  It relies of a double pulley system to operate the opening and closing of the shade.  The shade is made from a polyester material for long lasting in the outdoor environment.  Some customers state that the material is thin and does not protect from the sun very well.

This six rib design is 108 inches across and about 96 inches tall.


Rectangular Outdoor Umbrella9 Foot Rectangular Patio Umbrella


If you are looking for something different, one of these Rectangular Umbrellas may be what you are looking for.  The light beige colored shade is made from an Olefin fabric that is UV resistant and will not fade.

The dark brown steel pole will be 1 1/2 inches across.  It will come in two sections to help with storage when not in use.

The crank open shade is about 6 1/2 feet by about 9 1/2 feet.  It will be about 7 feet tall.  It will tilt forward and backwards or lock in the straight up position.  It will be about 5 feet off the ground when tilted, some people may not be able to walk under it.



Half Outdoor UmbrellaHalf Patio Umbrella


If you have space problems with the big umbrellas, this solution will be for you.  The half umbrella will have a shade only on one side making it a good choice when you have limited space, you can place it against the wall.  Some people have used this type of umbrella at a patio door, as it is cheaper than an awning.  If you have a townhouse, apartment or condo with a balcony on the sunny side this type of umbrella will work great.

The canvas shade has five ribs and is made from a polyester material to withstand the outdoor elements.  It is 4 1/2 feet on the short side and 9 feet on the long side.  The flat side can sit next to your house or building.  Just need to check the crank to make sure you have clearance to open and close the shade when needed.  The frame and steel pole have a black painted coating.

For placement next to the wall a special half round umbrella stand will be needed.  With the shade open, watch for wear on the wall and shade from wind movement.  This umbrella does not have a tilt feature.


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These four different designs will give you a choice on what kind of 9 foot Patio Umbrellas will work for your outdoor room.  Your situation will determine if one of these will work.  I have two of the standard Umbrellas in my outdoor space.

Don’t forget about getting the proper base for your umbrella.

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