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Outdoor Pier Lighting Fixtures


These three examples of Outdoor Pier Lighting Fixtures will fit the top of your fence post. One will only fit 4 X 4 wooden post and the other two will fit vinyl post and vinyl post sleeves. This information will let you see the difference in each style and fixture to  make your choice easier.

As with any solar light fixture you will not have to run any electric wires.  The only thing you have to get ready for installation is the rechargeable batteries and letting the sun charge them.

For more information on how a Solar Panel works, see my post here.

For more information on finding the proper Rechargeable Battery, see my post here.

Now lets look at what can give you that light for your enjoyable evening out on your deck.


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Moonray Solar Wooden Post Top lightMoonrays 91254 Outdoor Pier Lighting Fixtures


This post top light fixture is made for the 4 X 4 wooden post.  It has a solar photo cell on the top to charge the battery to power after dark.  You can expect around 6-8 hours of light after a full days charge.

The top can be removed to change the battery when needed.  The plastic lens will have to be cleaned of debris on occasion to keep the light as bright as can be.

Also available in a black finish.  Some customers did paint the plastic body to color match their other items in their outdoor area.  Some care will have to be taken to keep from painting the wraparound clear plastic lens, as it is not removable.

Two screws are included to secure your fixture to the wooden post.  These will not fit on vinyl post or sleeves.



Solar Wood Grain Vinyl Post Top LightCustom Wood Grain Texture 4×4 Solar Post Cap


If you are looking for a contrasting look for your vinyl post, the wood grain look of this post cap will work.

The solar panel in the top will charge the 600 mAh rechargeable battery giving you about 6-8 hours of nighttime illumination.  Water sprinkler will not harm this fixture.

This will only fit on 4 inch square vinyl post, will not fit on wooded 4 inch post.


Solar White Vinyl Fence Post LightPlastic White 6×6 Outdoor 5 LED 78 Lumen Solar Post Cap Light


This is the fixture that you need if you have 6 inch square vinyl or wooden post.  It comes with internal sleeve to adjust to the size of the post from 5 inch to 6 inch.  Please check you post actual size to make sure this will work for you.

The solar panel is on the top side of the fixture and will have to face the south to gather the most sun during the day for the 300 mAh rechargeable battery.  The five LED lights will give illumination 360 degrees through a plastic lens.  There is an off/on button on the bottom of the top part to let the battery get several days of charge before using.


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You have to make sure when selecting your Outdoor Pier Lighting Fixtures, you pay attention to the style that will work for the deck post that you have.  They cannot be interchanged and you will have an item that will not work for you.

Although they do not put out the kind of light you can read from, these lights will let you walk around your patio area without falling over things.

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