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Outdoor Electric Hanging Lantern


Trying to make your front entrance more attractive or just have a dark spot with a high ceiling.  A decorative outdoor electric hanging lantern will make your home shine to those entering and passing by.  This type of fixture adds to the curb appeal of your property and will make a great first impression to all that visit or drive by.

Lets look at several examples and see how difficult it is to install one of these fixtures.


outdoor electric hanging lantern Maxim 3427Maxim Lighting – 3427 – Carriage House Dc 3 Light Pendant


This fixture is die cast aluminum and  has a Oriental Bronze finish.  The rippled finish on the glass will give you a lot of light and will look amazing from the street.  The illumination will be more outward than down because of the closed lower part of the fixture.

The unit uses three candelabra base bulbs with a maximum of 60 watts.  The bottom of the fixture and the globe has to be removed to change the bulbs.

The fixture is 24.5 inches tall and 12.5 inches across.  It comes with a 6 foot chain for hanging.  Can be installed in any wet location.  Weighs 11 pounds, make sure your electric box will handle the weight.



Hanging Outdoor Light Fixture Quoizel 1179Quoizel Lighting – NY1179 – Newbury – Three Light Large Hanging Lantern


The Quoizel fixture is made from Brass with a Mystic black Finish in a craftsman design.  The Clear Beveled Glass will give a large amount of light.  The bottom of this fixture is open and you will get some light under the fixture.  A rounded metal band will separate the bottom and top glass openings.

Three candelabra based bulbs with the maximum of 60 watts each will be needed.  The lower globe will need to be removed to change the bulbs.

The fixture is 21 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide.  It comes with 12 foot of wire and 8 foot of chain for hanging. The fixture weighs 15 pounds.



Hanging Outdoor Light Fixture Craftmade Z271Craftmade Lighting – Z271 – One Light Pendant


The cast aluminum frame with a durable powder coated finish is available in three finishes (Matte Black, Matte White and Rust). The square grid cage with 5mm thick beveled glass with look great in your entryway.  The open bottom will allow plenty of light to shine down.

The single medium base bulb has a maximum of 100 watts.  The open bottom will make bulb changing a snap.

The fixture is 11 inches tall and 6 inches square.  It includes 3 foot of chain and 6 foot of lead wire for hanging.  It is the lightest weight in this article at a little over 4 pounds.  Can be used in wet or dry locations, you can hang in a tall hallway or stairwell inside.

For California residents this fixture is Title 24 Compliant.


Hanging Outdoor Light Fixture Elk lighting 62006-1Elk Lighting – 62006-1 – Wikshire – One Light Outdoor Pendant


Looking like an old fashion turn of the century lantern, this fixture is made of metal with a Coffee Bronze finish.  The crackled glass will diffuse the light.  The bottom of the fixture is closed, this unit will not shine much light downward.

The single medium based bulb with the maximum of 60 watts will be required.  The lamp will have to be disassembled to replace the bulb.

The fixture is 16 inches tall and 8 inches across. It does not specify anywhere how much chain or power cord lead you will receive.  It is light weight at only 4 pounds.


Hanging Outdoor Light Fixture Maxim 1039Maxim Lighting – 1039 – Crown Hill 4 Light Pendant


The die cast aluminum fixture comes in two finishes (Black and a Rust Patina).  The curved clear glass will allow light to shine 360 degrees around.  The bottom of the fixture is closed, you will not get any light straight down, be careful of dark spots.

The four candelabra bulbs with a maximum of 60 watts each will illuminate your area.  The globe will have to be removed to change the bulb.

The fixture is 26 inches tall and 11 inches wide.  At almost 12.5 pounds, this is the heaviest fixture in this article.  It will include 12 feet of lead wire and 6 feet of chain for hanging.  It can be used in any wet or dry location.

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Installation Hanging Outdoor Lantern


How to install an outdoor electric hanging lanternThis type of fixture must be connected to a switch for turning on and off, there will be no pull chain or other form of power switch in this fixture.  You can use a dimming switch for light control if you use a dimmable bulb.

Having a electric supply box already installed in the ceiling will be a big help.  If you do not have one, consulting with a qualified electrician will be the best bet.  They will know all of the local codes and how to best run your lead wire for power to your fixture.

If you have an existing fixture or just a box, follow these simple steps.  First is safety, make sure that the power has been turned off for your install location.  Use the following steps for removing the old fixture.  Remove the canopy that covers the electric box, undo wire connections and remove fixture chain from mount.

Installation is the reverse of removal.  make sure that you use the mounting hardware for the new fixture as some parts do not interchange. When connecting the wires, make sure that you connect color to color(Black is power supply, White or ribbed is neutral and Green or bare is ground).

When testing for  the height of the fixture, you can extend the chain by purchasing additional chain at your local hardware store.  You may need to test the amount of illumination that you get at different heights so that you can determine what gives you the best lighting coverage for the fixture that you have chosen.




When looking to light your entryway, you have several options.  These decorative outdoor electric hanging lantern style of lighting will make your entryway something to be proud of and you will get many compliments on them.  All you have to do is find out what kind of fixture will work for you.

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