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Low Voltage LED Flood Lights


When looking to add some outdoor accent lighting, Low Voltage LED Flood Lights will be easy to add to your existing low voltage power line run. If you need to highlight a feature in your outdoor space, you will need to determine the degree of beam spread for your LED Flood Lights Outdoor Fixtures.  Most will come in 10, 30 and 60 degrees of spread.  The amount of spread will indicate how wide the coverage for the light will be,

Illumination of my American Flag

With proper installation, this is the result

If you are trying to highlight a small item such as a statue, plack or other small item the 10 degree of spread will give you a narrow band of light for this.

If you are trying to highlight a medium sized item or a  large item at a distance a 35 degree spread of light will do.  I have a 35 degree spread of light on my flagpole, this allows me to fly my flag 24 hours a day.

A 60 degree spread is more like a flood light, it will give a lot of light in a large area.  if you are trying to light an area for security or safety to get into the house this is a good style of light.

For this article we will look at low voltage fixtures.  For more information on Line Voltage fixtures see this post.  Lets look at some of the different styles of these lights and you can see what will best work for you.


Kichler 15743 Low Voltage Spot Light

Kichler Lighting – 15743, 15741 and 15742 series


This fixture can be purchased in many different modes.  Depending on what you want to illuminate the LED bulbs that are included are available in three different brightness (4.5 Watts, 8.5 Watts and 12.4 Watts).  Looking at what you are highlighting will let you choose between the three different beam spreads (10, 35 and 60 degrees) for you lighting needs.

The barrel shape of this cast aluminum fixture is finished in a powder coated Bronzed Brass Texture.  The 24 inch 18 gauge lead wire comes with a connector.  This will allow you to connect with your existing Low Voltage wire run.

The fixture is 3 inches around and will be 4 inches tall, depending on how far the included 8 inch stake is in the ground.


Kichler 15309 Low Voltage Acent LightKichler Lighting – 15309AZT – Low Voltage One Light Accent Lamp


This fixture is made from cast aluminum with a Textured Architectural Bronze powder coated finish.  The fixture has a hinge for adjusting the beam of light onto your feature you wish to highlight.

The 12 volt MR16 type bulb is not included in this fixture.  You can adjust the spread and brightness of this fixture with your bulb purchase.

The 40 inch 18 gauge lead wire comes with connector.  The fixture is 7 inches long and 3 inches around.  It can be adjusted in height with the 8 inch ground stake.  Other mounting brackets are available if you wish to mount on a post, tree or other solid object.  This will give you the option of making this fixture a down light also.

Kichler 16008 Radiax Low Voltage LightKichler Lighting – 16008 – Landscape LED


This fixture can be purchased to match any item that you wish to highlight.  The fixture comes in a Beach (sand) color and a textured Architectural Bronze powder coated finish with clear glass lens. The fixture can be tilted up to 115 degrees.

The five LED lights can be purchased in a 2700k warm white and a 3000k pure white.  The fixture can also be purchased in any 10, 35 or 60 degree of beam spread.  Has a 24 inch 18 gauge lead wire and connector for wire run connection.

The fixture is 3 inches around and 4.75 inches long.  Height can be adjusted with the included 8 inch mounting stake. Also available are a flange for surface mounting, flange for tree mounting and a junction box mounting bracket.


Hinkley 1530 Low voltage Acent LightingHinkley Lighting – 1530BZ


This cast aluminum fixture is finished in an Architectural bronze color.  The glass lens is self draining, it will not hold water in the top.

The 20 watt MR-11 bulb will have to be purchased separately. The fixture is 2.5 inches across and 3.25 inches long.  Height can be adjusted with the included ground stake.

A 36 inch lead wire will come with your fixture.  You will have to supply your own connector.

Additional items needed are light bulb and wire connector for your wire run.



Kichler 15381 Low Voltage LED Flood LightsKichler Lighting – 15381


This fixture is aluminum with an Textured Architectural Bronze Finish with Clear Glass to cover the bulb.  Double O-rings keep the moisture out.  Fixture is adjustable up to 90 degrees up and down.

Requires a MR-16 75 watt bulb that is rated for a sealed installation.  This fixture will get quite hot when the bulb is on.

This is a larger fixture at 4.5 inches across and 4.5 inches long.  Height can be adjusted with the included 8 inch ground stake.  It will come with a 35 inch, 18 gauge lead wire and a matching cable connector.


Look at this video for more details on the Kichler 15381.


button for lighting needs



Installation of your low voltage accent light will require a Low Voltage transformer and wire run.  If you already have this installed, check with my post on requirements to make sure that your fixtures are operating at their best potential.

If you are going to have to purchase a low voltage.transformer and/or Low voltage wire follow the links to my post on what are the requirements for each.



Depending on the type of accent you are looking for and the size of the items that will be illuminated, your choice for a Low Voltage LED Flood Lights is as big as the items to highlight.  You can define your outdoor space with a few of these accent lights and your space will jump to life, and your visitors will see the beauty of all of the featured items in your outdoor space.

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