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Small Patio Fire Pit


Most people do not have large areas to put a fire pit.  Some will only have a balcony or small deck.  I will look at 9 options for a small patio fire pit, under 30 inches, for those who do not have a lot of room or money.  I will look at a couple of gas models that could be used on any surface or small area.

Wood burners will need to be placed on a surface that will not be damaged by the heat or fire.  They will produce too much heat to be placed on a wooden or composite deck without protection.  A wood burner cannot be placed too close to vinyl siding or any other material that will melt with the extreme heat.

Now lets look at what you can get with your budget and space.  Use the following links to jump to your favorite fire pit in this article.


Gas Fire Pits

Wood burning Fire Pits


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Xtremepower gas fire pitXtremepower Table Steel Fireplace


This is a larger, 30 inch square small gas fire pit.  It will put out a lot of heat, around 46,00 BTU’s at maximum power, for those who need to warm a bigger crowd.

All steel construction with glass rocks in the burn area.  Glass rock color can be changed to get a different ambience.

A steel cover will be included so that you can use this fire pit as a table when heat is not needed.  Add a 20 pound propane tank and you are ready for a fire.

I have more information on this fire pit in an article here.


  • Lots of heat
  • Easy to change propane tank
  • Cover for burn area, can use as table when no fire is needed


  • Very heavy hard to move


Mainstays Laurel gas fire pitMainstays Laurel 28″ Square Fire Pit


Very similar to the Xtreme fire pit, the Laurel model is a little smaller at 28 inches square.

Propane tank and flame control will sit behind a door on one side.  A steel top is included to make into a table when a fire is not needed.

Several items are incorrect if you go to any vendor selling this product.  It is a standard gas fire pit that uses a 20 pound propane tank.

The burn bowl on this fire pit will be filled with lava rocks, some customers have added glass rocks and they did not get very good results.

Description on this fire pit stated that it is natural gas, customer comments state that you use a standard 20 pound propane tank.

Personally I would not recommend this product because of the discrepancies in the product description and use.


  • Light weight easy to move without tank
  • Cover for burn area


  • Incorrect information on sales page
  • Comes with lava rocks, customers had trouble when using glass rocks


Blue Rhino gas fire pit fullUniFlame Tabletop Fire Pit


Looking for a gas fire pit that can be used almost any where, this table top model can be used on any balcony or deck surface.  Just don’t get it too close to a wall that could melt or catch fire.

At only 15 inches tall and 11 inches across, this is a great fire pit that can be moved to any location that you need a fire pit.

The table top fire pit will use a 1 pound propane tank that will last about 4 to 5 hours on high setting, a lower flame will get you more time.  Tank is easy to change if it is setting on a table or something.  No door, you must put tank up the bottom of the unit and screw it in.

This small patio fire pit would be great for those with a balcony or would really like a fire pit they can move anywhere without much trouble.  The big issue is changing the tank if it runs out, you must have some one pick it up, while another person changes the tank.  The other method is to have it at the edge of a table, hold with one hand and change tank with other hand.


  • Small size, can use anywhere outside
  • Can sit on a table if needed
  • Glass rocks included


  • Small propane tank hard to change
  • Does not produce much heat


Mainstays 28 inch wood burning fire pitMainstays 28″ Fire Pit


Just a plain wood burning fire pit.  Add wood and light, you will get the smell and look of a great fire.

Comes with a poker to roll wood when needed or lift off the mesh cover that is included.  A grate is included for the wood to sit on in the burn area.

All steel construction will last several years if you cover or store out of the weather.  Weather cover is included, mine lasted a couple of seasons before it started to crack.

I have one just like this that I have used for about 10 years. It is now starting to pit though the bottom.  This is a great small patio fire pit for those who do not want to spend a lot of money.


  • Cheap wood burner
  • Poker, mesh cover and PVC weather cover included
  • Easy assembly


  • Light weight metal will not last long if left out in the weather uncovered


Folding wood burning fire pitFire Sense 22″ Folding Fire Pit


If you are looking for a fire pit that stores easily after clean up, this is your unit.  A vinyl carry bag will store your fire pit when not in use.  Just fold up the legs, slide into the storage bag, then you can just hang the 9 pound fire pit on the wall.

At 22 inches across it is not very big.  Hinged legs will fold out of the way for storage.  A metal grate will hold burgers or brats for that quick cookout.  A mesh grate will keep embers under control.  A forked poker will allow you to remove the mesh grill and move fire logs.

It is recommended that you only use seasoned hard wood for burning.  Do not use fire logs, paper or other burning materials.  Customers have stated damage to the painted surfaces when using other materials.  Customers also recommend a small amount of sand in the bottom to protect the surface from burning the paint.  I would think this would be a bother when trying to store when not in use.

I would only recommend this fire pit to people who need the storage convenience of the folding legs.  Cooking on this fire pit would be a little bother as you would not be able to adjust your wood or have much wood in the burn area while cooking.


  • Legs fold for easy storage
  • Small easy to move
  • Comes with carry bag


  • May be too small or light weigh for some
  • Can only use seasoned hardwoods in this fire pit


Landmann Savannah fire pitLandmann Garden Series Savannah



Looking for that fire pit that will put out a great deal of heat and still give you the smell of wood burning, this could be your choice.  With a deep pit, 12.5 inches, for lots of fire wood, handles to carry if you have to move while its still hot, a mesh screen top-sides and a forked poker to lift the lid or move your fire wood.

Four strong legs will support your 28.5 inch wide fire pit.  Manual suggest a small amount of sand, about 5 pounds, in the bottom to protect from corrosion.

This fire pit will work best for those who need a lot of heat and can burn bigger fire wood.  No cooking grate, can still cook with hot dog sticks.  Need sand for bottom of the fire bowl for extra corrosion protection.


  • Deep fire bowl for lots of fire wood
  • Open sides for spreading heat
  • Ring handles for moving while hot


  • No cooking grate
  • Will need cover or storage to last in the outdoor conditions


Better Homes and Gardens Lattice fire pitBetter Homes & Gardens 28″ Lattice


Very similar to that last fire pit, a little less money, a little smaller.  With the addition of the cooking grate, this will appeal more to those who want to do burgers or brats over the open fire.

Semi open sides will allow for great heat distribution around this fire pit.  Forked poker will allow you to remove mesh top and cooking grate.  You can then adjust the fire wood.

Most people stated they put a small amount of sand in the bottom to protect from corrosion.

This fire pit will be for those who want to cook small items over a wood fire.  You will also find you will get a great deal of heat from this fire pit.  For more of my information on this fire pit, see my post here.



  • Ring around edge for moving while hot
  • Vinyl cover for weather protection
  • Cooking grate
  • Deep bowl for large wood


  • At 80 pounds without wood, really heavy to move


Pleasent Hearth Solus fire pitPleasant Hearth Solus Fire Pit


Looking more like a bird cage when you fire get it assembled, this fire pit will do a great job of keeping your fiends and family warm on those cool night.

Poker, chrome plated cooking grate and mesh spark screen is included in this 28 inch square fire pit.

This fire pit is for those who like to cook small items on an open flame and those who like the look of an open fire.  You can see the fire from any location that you can see the fire pit.


  • Cooking grate included
  • Light weight 38 pounds, easy to move when cool
  • Easy assembly, about 30 minutes


  • Looks like a bird cage
  • Bottom ribs make cleaning ashes hard
  • Some customers state the mesh top is very flimsy


Granada round steel fire pitGranada Round Fire Pit


Looking for a wood burner with some design for your outdoor decor, this fire pit will work well.  With a 10.5 inch deep burn pit, decorative scrolling on the sides and four rings around the top, this fire pit has a lot of design.

At 26 inches across, you will be able to use almost any size fire place logs.  A forked poker will allow you to remove the mesh top to stir the fire.

Fire pit is around 19 pounds empty, I would not use the rings to move it with wood in it.

This Fire pit will work well for those who like the good looks of the design.  The deep bowl will hold a lot of wood.  No grill for cooking, you still can use hot dog sticks.


  • Great design for looks
  • Deep burn bowl for lots of wood
  • Light weight easy to move


  • No cooking grate
  • Rings not really big enough for moving fire pit, more for decoration



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My final thoughts on these fire pits


I have given you many choices for your small patio fire pit that are under 30 inches across.  Having a small patio or balcony, you can still use one of the gas fire pits.  If you have an area in your yard that would not be hurt by the heat, one of the wood burners will work well.

My choice is still the Mainstays 28 inch wood burner.  I have had one for over 10 years, I do keep it stored in a shed when not in use.  I think I will have to replace it after this season as it is starting to pit on the bottom.  For the price of under $30, it has been a great investment for entertaining.

Any questions or comments, please use the forms below.  If you want to send some pictures or have a story about your favorite fire pit, let me know.