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Gas Fire Pits for a Patio

A lot of people are looking for a way to use their outdoor areas when the weather is a little cooler, lets look at Gas Fire Pits for a Patio for the solution.  Having a small deck or patio area that you could use a fire pit, a wood burner just is too much heat or no place to store fire wood.  People do not want to spend the time cleaning up ashes, splitting wood, keep feeding the fire to keep it going.

Try looking at gas fire pits for your patio area, this will be a great solution to making a statement in your outdoor area.  You can extend your season outdoors and have very little upkeep.  This will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family without having to tend to your fire.

In this article we are going to look at 7 very different gas fire pits for your patio area.  Most will use the same 20 pound propane tank for heat as a regular outdoor BBQ pit.  So if you cook with gas now, you will be able to use the same tank.

The big advantage to a gas fire pit over a wood burner is the ability to be able to use it on a wooden or composite deck.  It will not produce much heat on the bottom of the unit if it has any at all.  The only thing you will have to watch for is the sides (should be at least five feet from combustible materials) and the overhead (should have at least a ten foot overhead clearance).

Almost all of the gas fire pits for your patio will have the propane tank hidden.  This will give you a clean look, no stacks of wood or messing with ashes after your fire.  Some of these fire pits will have a cover for the burn area when not in use and you can use it for a side table for snacks and drinks.

Now lets look at these seven styles and see what you think will work best for you and your outdoor decor.

Blue Rhino gas fire pit fullBlue Rhino Gas Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $210

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What do you get in the box

This square Gas Fire Pits for a patio will have a tile shaped design in the metal painted top.  One panel for the side opens for tank and control access.  The igniter and control knob are on a panel behind the door.  The doors have a woven wicker look.  Four adjustable feet will help with small uneven surfaces.

Fire pit will be 32 inches across and 27.5 inches tall.  Lava rocks are included for the burn pit, some customers replaced with glass rocks for better lighting and looks, this would be an extra cost.  Puts out about 30,000 BTU’s at burners full volume, tank will not last as long, will last about 8 hours on a low setting.

Care and assembly

Just wash with a mild soap and water for cleaning.  Some customers complained about the paint pealing on the top after a short time, this could be from using to harsh of a cleaning material.  Have to keep burner cleaned of lava dust, will keep your fire pit from lighting sometimes.  Getting glass rocks helps.

Assembly took little time for most customers, just four sides, base and top.  Getting tank in bottom can be a chore without a slide or rollers to help.


  • Propane tank and controls hidden behind a door
  • Nice square design


  • Lava rock dust may block burner holes
  • Hard starting


Blue Rhino gas fire pit fullUniFlame Gas Fire Pit  for Tabletop

Price when article was written: $79.99

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What do you get in the box

This is a smaller gas fire pit that can be used on a table, I would use a small table if you want any benefit from the heat.  As the heat will rise, having the burner at eye level will not leave you with any heat from this unit.

Propane tank 1 poundIf you have a balcony or small patio, this fire pit will be great.  Smaller spaces are where it will excel.   The top will be 11 inches across and it will be 15 inches tall.  10,000 BTU’s will be produced from this fire pit and its one pound propane tank (not included).  Each propane tank last about 2 hours on high setting.

This fire pit is very portable, weighing only 18 pounds without the propane tank.

Care and assembly

Simple washing with a mild soap and water will keep your unit looking like new.  Any harsh chemicals will harm the painted surfaces and they will start to peal.

Minor assembly required, putting burner and controls together.  Some found putting tank on a little hard as it screws into the valve regulator combination without a flexible hose.


  • Very portable, can even be taken on a camping trip
  • Great for small patios or balconies
  • Black glass for burner area


  • Only 2 hours of use on high setting
  • Table top use will give you little or no heat
  • Tank a little difficult to change



Better Homes and Gardens rectangle propane fire pit

54 Inch fire pit

Better Homes and Gardens Rectangle Fire Pits

Price when article was written: starting at $242.92

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What comes in the box

Two different versions are available for the rectangular fire pit from Better Homes and Gardens.  Both will have a steel frame with a powder coated painted finish.  The sides will be made with a woven material that looks like a wicker finish.  The tops are steel painted that have the look of slate material.  Both will have a steel cover for the burner included.

Fire can be started and adjusted without having to open doors or panels.  This is OK if you do not have any little ones around when you have a fire.  Tank on the 54 inch unit sits on a shelf behind a door, the 60 inch unit has a pull out shelf on one end that the tank sits on.  The tank is much easier to change on the larger unit.

The smaller unit is 54 inches long, 31 inches wide and 25.5 inches tall.  Larger unit is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide and 25.5 inches tall.

Lots of heat from these two units 42,000 BTU’s for 54 inch and 46,000 BTU’s for the 60 inch.  Both units have glass for the burn area.

Better Homes and Gardens rectangle propane fire pit top cover

60 inch gas fire pit with burner cover installed

Assembly and care

Both units will require quit a bit of assembly.  You will need extra hands and about 1 hour of time.  All tools needed are included in the hardware pack.  Burner and controls are already attached to the table top on both units.

Care will be needed when cleaning, only use a mild soap and water mixture, as any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.

Better Homes and Gardens rectangle propane fire pit controlPros

  • Comes in two sizes 54 and 60 inches long
  • Has metal cover for burn area, can be used as table
  • Roll out propane tank for easy changing on 60 inch unit


  • Can see the controls and tank
  • Controls can be turned by kids without opening a door

Uniflame gas fire pitUniFlame Ceramic Tile Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $247.59

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What do you get in the box

You get a square gas fire pit with black glass for the burner area.  One row of tiles (about 6/.5 inches square) surround the burner for drinks and snacks.  Door on one side for access to propane tank and fire controls.

Top will be 32 inches across and 24 inches tall.  Has a large burner area (16 by 16 inches)  that will put out 30,000 BTU’s of heat on high setting.  Has chains for securing Propane tank in place and tank sits on a drawer like shelf that slides out for tank changes.  No burner cover is included in this fire pit, only a thin vinyl cover for storage.

It will take two times as much glass rock or other medium to fill burner bowl because of the size.

Care and assembly

Only use a mild mixture of soap and water to clean any of the painted surfaces.  If you need to deep clean the tiles, please remove them from the unit to protect your paint.  Use the included vinyl cover when this unit is not in use.

Assembly will require about an hour of time, you will only need the tools included in the hardware kit.  Attach corners and three solid sides to top frame.  Connect drawer slide frame to bottom of assembly, add tank cage.  Add door and feet to assembly.  When sitting on the feet, add tiles, burner assembly and rocks.  Once you have added a propane tank, you are ready to enjoy.


  • Controls and tank hidden behind door
  • Adjusting feet for uneven surfaces
  • Vinyl cover included for weather protection during storage
  • Tank is stored on a drawer shelf for easy changes


  • Tiles not a regular size, hard to replace just one if broken
  • No cover for burner area, only a vinyl cover for whole unit
  • Not a very big area for drinks or snacks


Endless Summer Uniflame Gas Fire Pits for a patioEndless Summer UniFlame Gas Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $166.60

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What do you get in the box

This square top gas fire pit will have a one piece slate top, metal frame and a door to access the controls and propane tank.  A cross weave design on the sides and door will give a small view of tank (tank covers are available).

Top is 30 inches across and 24 inches tall.  Fire bowl is 17.5 inches across.  You will get about 30,000 BTU’s of heat from this fire pit when on high setting.  Lava rocks included for the burn area.  Have to keep dust from blocking the burner holes for easier lighting.

Care and assembly

Just use a mild soap and water for cleanup.  You will have to keep burner cleaned of lava rock dust to have quick lighting each time.  Replacing the lava rock with glass rocks is an option, just not recommended by vendor and it will be extra cost.

Assembly will be installing corners to top, then three sides.  Add tank shelf and door, turn over on its feet.  Add lava rocks and tank and you are ready for your first fire.


  • Vinyl cover included to protect this unit when not in use
  • Controls and tank behind door
  • Cheap price


  • One piece slate top may be difficult to repair or replace if broken
  • Lava rock dust may block holes in burner
  • No included cover for burner to use as a table



Xtremepower gas fire pitXtremepower Patio Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $149.95

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What do you get in the box

If you are looking for the most amount of heat from a small gas fire pit, this is your answer.  The 46,000 BTU’s that this unit puts out on high will keep most warm on those cool nights.

All metal construction with a black satin powder coated finish will match most outdoor decors.  The square top with square fire bowl filled with glass rocks will enhance your evening.  A door will hide the tank, while the control is on the side panel (not so good if you have small kids).

Square top is 30 inches across and 25 inches tall.  Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.  Glass rocks included for burner area, better than lava rocks (just my opinion).


Care and assembly

With the powder coated steel construction, only use a mixture of a mild soap and water for cleanup.  Any other cleaning materials may damage the painted surfaces.

Assembly will be done with included tools in the hardware pack.  Attach corners and sides to top, add base and door.  Control will need to be attached to side panel when installing burner.  Add glass rocks and tank and you are ready.


  • Less expensive than other options
  • Propane tank hidden behind door
  • All steel construction with a black powder coated finish


  • Shorter propane tank life if on high setting
  • Controls on side panel
  • No cover for burner area to make a table


Eden 38 inch gas fire pitEden 38″ Perforated Bronze Gas Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $321.73

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What do you get in the box

You will get a very clean looking square gas fire pit that has a solid metal cover for the burner area when not in use.  Two doors will somewhat hide the tank and controls.  Holes in sides and doors will allow you to see the tank and doors if you look hard.

Top will be four steel pieces with an oil rubbed bronze finish, this is a very clean look.  Glass beads are used in the burner area.  Holes in each side will look very well with wicker patio furniture.

The top is 38 inches across and a rather tall 29 inches off the floor.  It is tall enough to use as a bistro table when the burner cover is used.  Sitting in a lounge chair, this would be a little high to use for drinks or snacks.

Controls, burner and hose are one unit.  Propane tank will sit in a ring for stability, rack does not swing or move for easier tank installation.  This fire pit will put out a impressive 40,000 BTU’s of heat on high setting.


Care and assembly

Care is not much different that others, just a mild soap and water.  Any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.  Getting a cover for the unit when not in use could extent its life outdoors.  Painted surfaces will have to be protected from any harsh weather.

Assembly will take some time, if you have an extra set of hands it will go a lot better. All tools needed are included in the hardware pack.  Bottom frame will attach to corners, sides and doors are installed.  Top will have to be assembled before it is attached to rest of assembly.  Then add the burner and glass rocks.  Tank will be the last thing needed.


  • Controls inside attached to burner
  • Solid top to cover burner when not in use
  • Nice contemporary look


  • Very heavy, hard to move
  • Can see propane tank through holes in sides
  • Tank can be a little tricky to install


Need more information on these and other gas fire pits with seating, follow this link for details

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My final thoughts on these gas fire pits

Any of these Gas Fire Pits for a patio will work better than a wood burner if you have a wooden or composite deck.  The amount of work to get a fire is simple, just turn on the gas and hit a button in most cases.  No cleanup after the fire and no wood chips laying around your fire pit area.  For about a dollar an hour for the gas use of one of these fire pits, you cannot beat the value.

If you don’t have any patio furniture in your outdoor area and need a full set with fire pit, look at some of my examples in my post about patio furniture with a fire pit here.

Having looked at these 7 examples of gas fire pits, I would have to first look at how much heat you need, what style would look the best in your outdoor area, what would match my outdoor decor, do I need an extra table when not using the fire pit, how much space do you have (table top model would work best for smaller areas), what kind of material do I want in my fire bowl (lava rocks or glass rocks).  Just a few of the questions you would have to answer before making a proper decision.

If you still need help with your gas fire pit decision or just want to let me know if this article helped, send me a note using the links below or share on any social network.