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Storage for Patios

There are three major brands of cushion Storage for Patios that I would recommend.  The Keter, Lifetime or Suncast brands have been producing storage solutions for many years.  I will show you several examples of each in different styles to give you a good chance to make a proper choice the first time.

The two big styles of outdoor storage solutions are Vertical, one that looks more like a gym locker or Horizontal, one the looks more like a foot locker at the end of your bed.  Your choice will depend on your outdoor space, storage size needs and if you want a dual purpose storage container.

Now lets look at some details of each type and brand of storage solutions to see if I can give you the details you are looking for.

Vertical vs Horizontal


Lifetime vertical storage shed accesoriesVertical storage cabinets are just that, they look like an old gym locker on steroids.  Today’s cabinets are a bit more filled with options and better looking.  A bigger model will have a few options like locking doors, shelves, peg hook holes and better water resistance due to the doors being on the side.



For a good look at my information on the Lifetime Vertical storage shed, see my post here.  This option will have many options for outdoor storage of most of your goods.  You will need a large floor space to use this cabinet in your outdoor area.  For other Vertical storage solutions on this website, follow this link.


  • Can handle most items for your outdoor needs
  • Most have locking doors
  • Shelving or peg hook options on bigger containers
  • Can be dryer in wet conditions that a top door storage container


  • Most will be very large
  • Will not fit on some smaller patio areas
  • May take several people to assemble and move if needed




70-gallon-storage-box-with-benchHorizontal storage boxes will give you the opportunity to have a dual purpose storage solution.  Many benches are available with storage under the seating position.  If you are looking for extra seating or a storage solution that does not look out of place in your patio area, this is a perfect solution.

If you need more storage or have large item to store, some of the bigger horizontal storage solutions will have doors on the front side that opens big enough to put a bike or push mower in with out lifting it.  In this article the main subject is cushions.


  • Small footprint
  • Some can be used for extra seating
  • Looks more natural in smaller spaces


  • Lids can leak water when it wet outside
  • Cannot store large or long handled items
  • Some larger cushions will not fit without folding




Keter offers several styles of box or bench type of storage for you patio things, also a front door small shed is available.  A bench with a cushions is available for extra seating in your patio area.

Different finishes are available also, a wood plank look or resin wicker look to match some of your present patio furniture.

Several color combinations should help match some of your patio decor that you have now.




Several options are available including seating, front loading small sheds, large cabinet storage.

The Suncast line will have several seating solutions if you are looking for both storage and extra seating.  No cushions are included in any of their seating storage solutions.  You can chose from seating for one up to seating for three.

If you have a lot of stuff or just want some extra seating, Suncast storage could be you solution.



Lifetime 130 Gal storage for patiosLifetime

Lifetime offers several storage boxes, Vertical sheds and several color options.  They offer the most in bigger vertical storage solutions with a lot of options.

Not many seating solutions in the Lifetime collection of storage boxes.  The box type of containers will be available from a 80 cubic foot to a 150 cubic foot model, with several sizes in the middle.

They have a very good outdoor durability record with its hard plastic construction.  Several beige and brown color combinations are available to choose from.

Vertical sheds are available form a small version that will fit on a deck, to larger models big enough to almost park a car in.


Final thoughts on these patio storage solutions


When you are looking at Storage for Patios to protect you things, several options are available.  You will have to choose the look, size and type of storage solution that works best for you.

I have a small vertical storage cabinet that is on wheels for easy moving in my sun room.  I can store at lot of stuff out of site and it still fits in well with the other patio furniture that I have out there now.  There are a lot of Lego’s that are in the cabinet from time to time, it still can hold some of my outdoor things that I do not want out in the weather.

What is your storage solution for your patio cushions or other stuff.

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other article on my website, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.