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Outdoor Garden Tools Storage


If you need storage for larger items and do not have room for a shed, this smaller Outdoor Garden Tools Storage Shed may be an answer.  With winter approaching many people will have things that they purchased during the summer months for their outdoor space and now need to store them.  Great for Pool toys or garden tools.

I have a small portable cabinet on my deck that holds a lot of the things that will not weather very well over winter.  I have a larger shed for all of the yard tools.  If you do not have a shed, this storage solution will be able to store pool supplies, garden supplies and tools, BBQ supplies and diner supplies.

Lifetime Outdoor Garden Tools Storage shedLets look at the style and size of the Lifetime Outdoor Cabinet and see if it will work to solve your outdoor storage problems.


Lifetime Vinyl Vertical Storage Cabinet

Price when article was written: $299.99

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What you get in the box

You will get a large vertical storage shed that is made from High Density Polyethylene.  Steel reinforcement will keep your shed very stable.

Shed has a heavy duty floor and slanted roof to shed water.  Doors that will be as tall as the shed with handles and metal latches will make your shed easy to use and secure.

Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed with door openHow big is it


The cabinet is 56.5 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 68.7 inches tall on the outside.  Inside storage space is 53.6 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep and 67.7 inches tall.  It will hold 53 cubic feet of stuff.

It will weigh about 104 pounds and will need some weight in it to keep it stable in high winds.  Stability will improve with the shed being installed against a wall.  Drilling a couple of holes in the back and using some lag screws to attach can also help with stability, this is not recommended by Lifetime.

This vertical storage shed is big enough to hold most yard tools, as shovels will fit nicely standing up.  Could use provisions for hooks for long handled items.

Assembly and use


Assembly is not recommended for one person, some parts will need to held in place during assembly.  Only need a screwdriver for normal assembly. Power driver not recommended, if you have to use it put on the lightest setting. A lot of screws will hold this unit together, most will screw into steel reinforcing rods for stability.

Lifetime Vertical storage shed door lockThe doors have a provision for a lock in the handles.  Left hand door will have two slide locks to hold it in place, you will have to unlock them to open this side door.  This makes this shed more secure, I have the same type of system on my wooden storage shed in the backyard.  Three steel hinges support each door.  Each door will have a big handle.

No wheels are provided or can be installed in this unit.  Once assembled the unit can be moved, you will just have to unload before moving as there are not handles on the sides.

Weather Proof, will not keep out bugs or other small pest.  Customer comments state that they store towels without a problem of them getting wet.  Each outside storage area will be different.

This storage cabinet will be great for storing your garden supplies (soil, digger, seeds with proper sealed container or any long handled tools), pool supplies (floats, squirt guns, balls and towels), yard tools (trimmers, blowers and weed killers) and BBQ and diner supplies (BBQ tools, plates and eating tools, place mats).

No provisions for shelves in this model, Lifetime does offer shelves at an extra cost.  You can cut your own and use the notches on the side.  This method is not rated for supporting any weight.

Lifetime vertical storage shed accessoriesPros


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be attached to a wall for stability
  • Customer service is very easy to use




  • No wheels for mobility
  • Not completely waterproof
  • No shelf included in this cabinet


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When you have items that you need to tuck away for a while in your outdoor space, look at this Lifetime Outdoor Garden Tools Storage shed for your solution.  It will handle most long handled items and you can stack smaller storage containers.  Although not water proof most customers stated that they stored items and they did not get wet during rain.  For other storage solutions look at my post here.

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