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Wrought Iron Bicycle Planter


When you are looking for something that will stand out in your garden area this year, one of these wrought iron bicycle planters with a solar light should be on your list. With two buckets for plants in the back and a flat rack for more plants.


Smaller garden bike on rack

Smaller garden bike at Walmart


I was in my local store and saw one of these on the rack. If you have an area in your garden for climbing or potted plants, this bicycle will work for you.


To see the details of this bike, click on this link

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Now lets look at the details and see if this will work for you.


Solar Light for garden bikeWhat is a bicycle planter


Made from wrought iron and painted a pale blue color, this looks like an old girls bike from the 50’s. The wheels have spokes and wind mill like vanes on both ends. The wheels nor the peddles move around. The peddles will retract if you are putting next to a wall or other object.

Welded on stand will keep your bike upright on a flat surface. Flat metal seat could hold a planter, would not hold your butt. the back has a carrier for pots to sit on. The carrier is flanked by two round pots for plants, I would find a pot to insert to keep from rusting.

Solar LED light is mounted to the front to light your way. A remote solar panel is mounted by the handle bars, did see a couple broken off in the store, this may be a weak point of this light. One rechargeable battery is included and the sensor will turn on the light at dark for about 6-8 hours of light for each day of sunlight.

This bike is 53 inches long, about 30 inches tall. A smaller one was available at the store, it was not listed on the website.


Planters on back of garden bikeWhere can I use my planter


You can use this planter anywhere it will sit out of the way. In the middle of a garden or side of a path for a conversation piece. The peddles retract for placing closer to a wall or other object. A welded on stand will keep your bike upright when placed on a smooth surface.

I like the idea of using on a wall, you can retract the peddle and mount on a solid surface or fence.


Plants in pots on the back of garden bikeWhat plants will work well


You can use any potted plant on the back of this bike. Two metal pots and a wire shelf will hold several plants. If you have some vine plants that will not grow very fast, they will work well on the rest of the bike.

I would use annuals and change them with the seasons. You can plant spring flowers or ever blooming plants. Make sure that they get enough water as the metal pots can get hotter that a regular ceramic pot. This could cause the water to evaporate quickly if the bike is in the sun to get power for the light.

Artificial plants would also look good on this bike.  You can change the colors for the seasons, just add lights at Christmas time for additional decorations.

Succulents could work well in most gardens or on this bike, they will not have the color of blooming plants.  They will not need the amount of water that a regular outdoor plant would need.


How to take care of your planter


This planter will be painted to survive in outdoor conditions. If rust starts to appear, just sand it down and repaint.

Solar light will need little care. The rechargeable battery will need to be replace every two years or so. The solar panel will need to be cleaned, depends on the amount of debris it collects. Just a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes most of the time to keep the light working properly.

Taking care of the plants will take most of your time after this bike is placed in your yard. Making sure they have enough water will be your passion to make sure you have some color during the warmer months.


Front view of garden bike with solar lightPros


Set it in the garden and plant your flowers

LED light will give some lighting after dark

Will add to most outdoor decors




Will need a lot of water

Solar panel easy to break at mount



To get your bike for your garden area, click on this link 

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Solar panel for garden bikeConclusion


This wrought iron bicycle planter with solar light will look good in any garden or outside pathway. The simple design and multiple ways to mount to a surface will make this easy to fit into any outdoor decor. I like the idea of having a piece that looks like it has movement, this piece has that.

If you have had purchased one of these planters or know one who has, leave me a comment below on your thoughts.

Any questions, please use the forms below and I will bet back to you shortly.