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Round Fire Pit with Covers


What does it mean to have a woodburning Round Fire Pit with Covers?  In this article, I will cover two examples of what it means to me.  A cover for your fire pit should offer some protection for your burn bowl when not in use.

The first cover will be a poly cover that will protect the entire fire pit from any weather situations.  It will cover the entire fire pit and most will have a drawstring on the bottom to tighten around the legs to keep it from coming off in windy situations.  I have used this type of cover for most of my wood burning fire pits with a great amount of success, keeping the bottom of the bowl from rusting through after a couple of years.  My fire pit is over 10 years old with some rust starting to show now.

The second cover type will be a solid metal cover of the burn bowl.  This will be convenient for those who like to use their fire pit for a small table when no fire is needed.  It will provide some protection for the bottom of your fire pit by keeping out excess water when it rains.

Now let us look at the details of each and see what works best for your patio heating needs.  If you want to see more of my wood burning fire pit ideas, follow this link to my other articles.


Pure Gardens Crossweave Round Fire Pit with CoversPure Garden Crossweave Fire Pit


The open lattice design on the sides will allow the fire to be viewed all the way to the bottom of the burn bowl.  Four stout steel legs will support this fire pit.  It will have a ring around the fire bowl to help with moving when still hot.

All steel parts are finished with black powder-coated paint to keep the outside looking fresh after years of service.  A double forked poker will allow the lifting of the spark screen while hot and assist in turning your wood to keep a good fire burning in the burn bowl.

The fire pit will be 32 inches across on the outside with the bowl being 26.5 inches across.  It will be 18 inches high off the ground without spark ember cover installed and 24 inches with the cover on.  Burn bowl will be 9.5 inches deep, big wood pieces may not fit well in this fire pit.

This Pure Garden fire pit will weigh about 33 pounds empty, it will be easy to move with the built-in handles by two people even if warm or hot.  After the fire pit cools you can add the poly cover for protection from the weather.

This type of fire pit with cover will work best for those who store their fire pit during the summer months and just want some protection during the cooler months when it is in use.  Poly covers will last only a few years, the wind and sun will take its toll on this type of cover quickly if the weather conditions are very severe.  I did purchase a new cover for mine for under $10 when my cover bit the dust.


Pure Garden Crossweave fire pit accessories for Round Fire Pit with CoversPros

  • Poly cover to protect your fire pit when not in use
  • Open sides to view fire below the top
  • Poker and spark screen included


  • Must be cool to install poly cover
  • Cannot be used on a wood or composite deck
  • Smaller burn bowl may not hold larger firewood



Woodburning fire pit



Mainstays Millbrae Grove Round Fire Pit with CoversMainstays Millbrae Grove Fire Pit


This round fire pit will have a closed lattice design for the exterior wall.  The fire pit will include a log poker that can be used to remove spark screen while you have a fire, spark screen, and flat metal cover for the fire bowl.

The fire pit will be 30 inches across and 18 inches tall without the spark screen attached.  The bowl is deep enough to take logs up to 24 inches long.  A black powder-coated finish will keep the exterior fresh with just a little work.

A Steel flat cover will cover the fire pit burn bowl when not in use to convert to a side or coffee table for your patio furniture.  A handle in the center will let you adjust or remove this cover with little effort.

A domed spark screen will allow larger logs and keep embers from starting the grass on fire.  The poker will let you use the round ring on top to remove the spark screen when it is hot.

Four legs will support this fire pit, they will have plastic adjustable legs to level your fire pit on uneven surfaces.  This will keep your fire pit from damaging some surfaces when moving.  At 44 pounds this fire pit should be easy to move while cool by just one stout person.  If you are smaller, you may need somebody to help while moving this fire pit.

This type of Round Fire Pit with Covers will work best for those who a looking for a patio fire pit that can be used year-round.  The ability to be used as a small table during the warmer months will keep this fire pit in the middle of your outdoor activities.



Mainstays Millbrae Grove Round Fire Pit with CoversPros

  • Steel cover to make a small table
  • Poker and ember screen
  • Deep bowl for larger wood


  • No poly cover
  • Must wait for the fire pit to cool before putting on the top
  • Cannot be used on a wood or composite deck


My final thoughts on these two fire pits


My wood-burning fire pit came with a poly cover.  This cover lasted for several years before the weather took its toll.  The cover started to crack and cam apart.  I purchased a new cover for less than $10 and keep a cover on my fire pit, it has lasted for over 10 years outside with this type of protection.  I have less experience with hardcover, it will provide for extra storage of your drinks and snacks during your time outside during the warmer months.

Each style will have its own advantages, I prefer to have a poly cover.  You can add a poly cover to any fire pit for less than $10 if you size it up and visit your local store that sells fire pit accessories.

Thanks, for reading my information and if you have any comments or questions, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.


Woodburning fire pit