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Patio Furniture Without Cushions


Looking for Patio Furniture Without Cushions for easy care and a simple look, the Walnew patio conversation set with sling seating material will fit most needs.  The Iron frames are thin and small in design to not make this patio furniture set seam bulky.

Seating for four with a standard-sized coffee table with a tempered glass top will give you a great looking set for smaller patios or decks.  You will only need a 6 by 8 foot area for this set to fit, a larger area will give you more room to move around or arrange the seating pieces.

Large weight capacity of the Iron frames and sling material will allow bigger people to sit with the comfort of knowing they will not break the seating pieces down.  If you would prefer a conversation set with cushions, see some of my examples of patio furniture with cushions here.



Product: Walnew 4 piece conversation set

Price when the article was written: 129.99

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Walnew 4 Piece Patio Furniture Without CushionsWhat do you get in the box


You will receive two chairs, a love seat, and a coffee table in the box for this patio set.  The straight legs will connect to arms for comfortable seating.  The sling material is available in four colors, Black, Brown, Beige, and Gray to give you a small color choice to match your outdoor decor.

The coffee table will have a tempered glass top insert.  If it is broken, you can take measurements (33.8 by 18 inches) to a local glass shop to have another cut to fit.  The glass top fits tightly into the frame and sits on cushions to help with the stability of the top.    Table will be 35.6 inches long, 19.8 inches wide, and 16.2 inches tall.

Each chair will be 22.5 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 30.5 inches tall.  The love seat is 38.5 inches wide, with the same other measurements.  Each seating position will handle over 300 pounds of butt, the seats are not quite wide enough to take on one this big.

Sling material is a very durable material, I have several sets of patio furniture with this same type of material.  It takes outdoor weather conditions very well with little or no upkeep, just clean up the bird poop before sitting with a camp cloth, this is my biggest problem.

All pieces will have plastic inserts in the bottom of each leg to keep your patio furniture from scratching any surface, this also keeps moisture down on the inside of the frames to keep them from rusting from the inside out.  Each assembly screw will have a plastic cover matching frame color to keep them invisible and stop rusting also.


Walnew Sling Material Patio Furniture Without Cushions


Walnew coffee table glass details for Patio Furniture Without CushionsAssembly and care of your patio set


Assembly should only take one person less than an hour if they have some skills, others may need an assistant and a little longer time.  All tools and hardware should be found in the hardware package.

The table will need the four legs to be attached to the top frame.  Final tightening of legs should be done with the table sitting upright.  The tempered glass top should just be placed into the top frame and sit on the plastic buttons.

Seating pieces will need to have arm pieces attached to the seat and back frames with the sling material.  I have had some difficulty putting this style of patio furniture together with some bending of the frames during shipping and handling.  As long as the painted finish is not damaged, you may need to adjust the alignment a little to get hardware to fit properly.

Walnew fabric for Patio Furniture Without CushionsThe care of this patio furniture set will be with a mild soap and water mixture only.  I just use a damp cloth on mine with great results.  Do not use glass cleaner on the tabletop as this will damage the painted surfaces quickly, they will start to peel and discolor.

This set with the sling material will handle most outdoor weather conditions very well, I would get a cover for the whole set if left out in the weather all year round.  This will protect the painted metal frames from staying wet, this will prolong the life of your patio furniture.  For more information on patio furniture covers, see my post here.



  • No cushions needed for the sling seating material
  • Available in four colors
  • The glass top is just an insert


  • Sling material hard to replace if damaged
  • Glass in tabletop may be hard to replace if broken
  • Seating width not in line with the weight capacity



Walnew sling seating details for Patio Furniture Without CushionsMy final thoughts on this patio furniture set


When looking for comfortable Patio Furniture Without Cushions, this set from the Walnew collection of patio furniture should be high on your list.  The sling material for seats and backs is one of the best for most outdoor weather conditions.  I have found that you can sit for hours at a time and not have your butt get tired of sitting.

The design of this set will allow it to look good with little or no upkeep, just a simple wipe with a damp cloth when you get some spots from birds or other wildlife in your area.  The glass top is an insert that sites on plastic buttons, it will easy to replace or remove when needed.  For those looking for other styles of patio furniture sets, see my posts here.

Any questions or comments on this information or other information on my site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.


Walnew Sling Material Patio Furniture Without Cushions