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Bistro Sets for the Garden


For those with smaller outdoor areas, one of these Bistro Sets for the Garden may be the solution for your seating needs.  Seating for two and a smaller table will allow these bistro sets to fit in smaller spaces.  We will look at cast iron, wood, metal, folding and wicker bistro sets in this article.

I have several small bistro sets in my outdoor spaces, on the front porch at home and on the deck at the lake.  When I want to have a cup of coffee or tea and relax, I will gravitate to this space to get away from things in the home.  It is a getaway without leaving the house.

If you have an area at least 4 by 6 feet you can use one of these bistro sets for the garden to sit and enjoy your outdoor space.  With the smaller size of these sets, you can move them around your outdoor area to enjoy a small meal or just a cup of coffee with your favorite person.

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My top 10 bistro sets for the garden


Mainstays Sand Dune Bistro Set

Mainstays Alexandra Square Bistro Set

Alpine Peacock Feather Bistro Set

Malibu Wood Bistro Set

Parks Wicker Bistro Set

Mainstays Belden Park Bistro Set

Esme Acacia Wood Bistro Set with Cushions

Omni Tulip Flower Cast Aluminum Bistro Set

Rimax Casual Folding Bistro Set

Mainstays Dundee Ridge Bistro Set

Mainstays Sand Dune tall bistro setMainstays Sand Dune Bistro Set


The bar height is not for everyone, it looks great next to the pool or if you want to see over a deck railing with ease while sitting.  Steel frames will have a brown powder-coated finish.

Seats and backs will have a tan-colored sling material for comfort.  I like this material for outdoor furniture, as it last very well in outdoor conditions with little or no care.

No hole in tabletop for an umbrella to add shade to this bistro set.  For more information on the Mainstays Sand Dune Bistro set, see my post here.



  • Bar height for around pool areas
  • Sling seating will not need storage
  • Lightweight, easy to move


  • Glass in tabletop may be hard to replace if broken
  • No hole in tabletop fro umbrella
  • Sling material hard to replace if damaged by wildlife

Mainstays Alexandra Square bistro setMainstays Alexandra Square Bistro Set


A more traditional set with cushions for the seats and throw pillows for extra back support.  Backs of the chairs will have a sling-type material for support.  Dark brown powder-coated frames will keep the rust away.

Cushions have an orange striped color to add a spice of color to your patio area.  Lumbar pillows will have a butterfly pattern that will add to the color of this set.

The square table will have a tempered glass top.  For more information on the Mainstays Alexandra bistro set, see my post here.



  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Cushions and lumbar pillows included
  • Clips to hold cushions in place


  • Glass for tabletop will be hard to replace if broken
  • Cushions will need storage solution when not in use

Alpine Peacock Feather Bistro setAlpine Peacock Feather Bistro Set


If you need to store your bistro set when not in use, this folding bistro set will work well and the Peacock Feather design for the backs of the chairs and top of the table will give you a great look also.  Made of durable iron material and painted for outdoor durability.

The chair seats will have a mesh design that will not hold water, I have a similar chair at the lake and made round cushions for longer sitting with comfort.  Chairs will fold flat for storage in a closet when not needed.

The table will have a feather design that will match the chair backs.  The table will also fold flat for storage when needed.  Total weight for this set is under 35 pounds, easy for even the smallest person to move when needed.



  • Lightweight design
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Peacock design for chair backs and tabletop


  • May not stay in place in strong winds
  • Could use some cushions for long term sitting
  • May need a repaint to last more than a couple of years outside

Malibu wood folding bistro setMalibu Wood Bistro Set


Want the great look of eucalyptus wood and need to store your bistro set in a closet, the Malibu bistro set is for you.  Made of Eucalyptus wood that will last very well in outdoor conditions with little care, just treat the wood every year with oil and your set will look like new when others are purchasing a new set.

I have a similar set that I use when I need to set up quickly for tea with someone that did not call before coming over.  Works great for smaller spaces or apartment balconies.

The slatted design of all the flat surfaces will look great.  Add some cushions for longer sitting.  Just fold up for storage in a closet or other small space.



  • Folds for easy storage
  • Eucalyptus wood very durable in outdoor conditions
  • Lightweight for easy moving


  • Metal hardware can rust
  • Could use cushions for long term sitting
  • Smaller seat than most sets

Parks Wicker Bistro SetParks Wicker Bistro Set


For those who like the look of wicker, the Parks wicker bistro set will look great.  A steel frame that is covered with a brown woven resin wicker material that looks like rattan wicker for a lot less.  The resin material lasts very well in outdoor conditions.

Roundtop table will have a glass insert and shelf that doubles as leg support.  The shelf has a rim around it, nothing should fall out.

Chairs do not come with cushions, they are very comfortable without them.  You can sit for a long time and not get numb butt from hard seats.



  • Rich resin wicker finish
  • A shelf on the table for storage
  • No cushions to store


  • Glass top may be difficult to replace if broken
  • Could use cushions to make long term sitting comfortable
  • Not a true rattan wicker

Belden Park Patio Bistro SetMainstays Belden Park Bistro Set


The Belden Park bistro set will offer swivel chairs with thick cushions for long term sitting comfort.  This set will require a bigger area because of the swivel chairs, it may not be for those with small spaces.

The square table will have a tempered glass top, four curved legs with a square strap for lower leg support.

Steel frames will have a dark brown powder-coated finish for a long-lasting outdoor finish.  This set is bigger than others and will work well for the bigger butts that need a seat when sipping a nice cool drink after work.

I have a full review of the Belden Park bistro set here.  There are other matching pieces for this collection of patio furniture.



  • Swivel chairs
  • Thick cushions for seats and backs
  • Bigger chair size for bigger people


  • Cushions will need a storage option
  • Will require a larger area than straight chairs
  • Glass tabletop will be hard to replace if broken

Esme Acacia Wood Bistro SetEsme Acacia Wood Bistro Set with Cushions


The Esme bistro set will be constructed of solid Acacia wood, this is very similar to Teak wood, a very long-lasting wood for outdoor furniture.  You can treat once a year with the proper oil to keep the new look or let it age to a driftwood gray.

The round top table will have a closed slatted design.  With four legs connected on the bottom with curved supports.

Each chair will have a white cushion for the seat position and slats for the back.  The cushions will be held in place with straps.  Zippers on cushions to remove the covers for cleaning.  The chairs look like they fold, but do not.

This is a great set for those looking for a long term seating solution.



  • The durability of the Acacia wood in outdoor conditions
  • No glass top to break
  • Straps to hold cushions in place


  • Price is higher than other sets
  • Cushions will need a storage solution

Omni Tulip patio bistro setOmni Tulip Flower Cast Aluminum Bistro Set


This is a long-lasting design that has been around for over 100 years.  The aluminum frames of this bistro set will not rust and have an antique copper finish for that old-time look.

The round top table will have a hole for an umbrella for shade.  A smaller umbrella will do fine.  Lower leg support has a hole also to help support any shade solution that you desire.

Many different styles are available in the cast metal look, see one of cast iron bistro sets in my article here.



  • Cast aluminum will not rust
  • A hole for an umbrella in the table
  • A timeless look that has been around for a lot of years


  • The small seat may not be big enough for all butts
  • May need cushions for long term seating
  • Paint may need a refresh every few years

Rimax Folding Bistro setRimax Casual Folding Bistro Set


Sant an inexpensive bistro set that is easy to store when not needed, the Rimax bistro set will be for you.  Made from a polypropylene material that will require little work to keep looking like new.  This set will fold up for easy storage when not needed.

The chairs will have a slatted design for the seats and back.  Cushions can be added for longer-term sitting.

The round top table will have a solid top.  This bistro set will be great for balconies or small patios.  Easy to fold and lightweight to make it easy to carry to any location.



  • Folds for easy storage
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Lower price than other sets


  • May need cushions for long term sitting
  • Plastic material may not be for you
  • Tabletop may collect water after a rain

Mainstays Dundee Ridge Patio Bistro SetMainstays Dundee Ridge Bistro Set

This simple bistro set has steel black powder-coated frames that will last very well in outdoor conditions.  Off white cushions will give comfort to your bottom and back.

Straps will hold cushions in place.  The polyester filling will have Olefin cover material, very good material for outdoor furniture.  The cushions can be reversed when soiled on one side.  Each chair will support up to 300 pounds.

The square top table will have curved legs with lower support.  A tempered glass top will support your drinks and snacks.



  • Seat and back cushions for long term seating comfort
  • Ties to hold cushions in place
  • The capacity of each chair is 300 pounds


  • Cushions may need a storage solution
  • Glasstop on the table may be hard to replace if broken
  • No provision for umbrella


Folding Bistro set with wine rackMy final thoughts on these Patio Bistro Sets


I have several bistro sets for my outdoor space, a Folding set for quick setup, a swivel rocker set for the front porch in the warmer months and a bigger table bistro set at the lake.  When you are looking for the right Bistro Sets for the Garden for your outdoor space, one of these sets should work for you.

Just look at your space and the size will be the first thing to look at.  Smaller spaces will tend to like folding or smaller chairs better.  If your space is bigger, you can manage to fit the swivel chairs of the Belden Park bistro set.

Let me know what works best for you, or if you have a question use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.