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Solar Powered Hanging Patio Lights


Looking for some mood lighting for your patio, try one of these Solar Powered Hanging Patio Lights to give it to you.  Each will have a solar panel and rechargeable battery to give you some lighting after dark, they will not provide lighting for reading or playing games.

Each will have some qualities that will make your outdoor space a place to relax after dark and give a little light.  I do have a mason jar light and two hanging cages with solar flickering candles in my outdoor space.

Now lets look at the details of each of these fixtures and see what you can use for upgrading your lighting and the ambience of your outdoor space.  For more of my information on solar lighting solutions, see my articles here.


Better Homes & Gardens Solar Butterfly LanternBetter Homes & Gardens Solar Butterfly Lantern


Price when article was written: $14.38 store pickup only


This metal with a painted panel on each side will give you a little light and some great color for your patio area.  The top will have a solar panel, rechargeable battery and LED light for lighting up your color panel that is hand painted.

Fixture will be 6.3 inches wide, 3.7 inches deep and 9.3 inches tall with out the hanging handle.  The 5 lumens LED bulb will last about 8 hours on a full charge.

This lantern is also available in a Hummingbird design for those who prefer this to Butterflies, or just get several of each.


Sunnydaze Outdoor Antique Hanging Solar LanternSunnydaze Outdoor Antique Hanging Solar Lantern with LED Light and Candle, 12-Inch


Price when article was written: $20.76 free shipping for orders over $35


For the look of an original lantern with solar power, this fixture will be for you.  With two solar panels in the top, a 3.2 volt rechargeable battery and 8 hours of illumination, you will get plenty of use out of this lantern.

It will be 4 inches across the base, with bars sticking out to 7 inches and 12 inches tall without the hanging handle.  It will be made of metal and glass for an original look.

This fixture will work great for those looking to capture the look of an old time lantern for a great low price.



Better Homes & Gardens Small Solar Jar LanternBetter Homes & Gardens Small Solar Jar Lantern


Price when article was written: $4.94 store pickup only

This is a very simple design that you can do your self, but not for the price that you can purchase one for.  The mason jar will have a solar panel and light in place of the lid.  The rechargeable battery will fit inside this assembly.

The size of the jar is 4.2 inches across and 5.8 inches tall.  I have a clear jar just like this that you can put anything you want to illuminate in and sit out to collect sun during the day.

This is a great light for just a conversation piece, it will not provide enough light for anything else.

Solar Powered Lantern with LED CandleSolar Powered Lantern with LED Candle


Price when article was written: $19.99 free 2 day delivery if you order 2


This unit has a Plastic box, solar panel on top and a flickering LED candle inside.  It comes in two colors the brown shown and a natural wood like a light maple.

The top is covered by a stainless steel plate with the solar panel and rechargeable AA 300 Mah 1.2 volt battery.  If you wish to use inside you can provide a regular AA battery for use without the sun, you will have to cover the solar panel to operate indoors.

Fixture is 7 inches square and 11 inches tall.  A rope handle will give you a sturdy hanging structure.  The candle will flicker to mimic a real candle.


For more information on Solar Powered Hanging Patio Lights, follow the link below

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What solar powered hanging fixture do I like


I have several solar powered lights in my outdoor space for lighting up areas, paths or just to provide a look that is relaxing.  I have at least two of the Solar Powered Hanging Patio Lights in this article.  My caged candles hang from hanging plant stands and my mason jar is on the ground at this time.

These types of solar lighting fixtures will add a certain lighting that will create a great mood for your outdoor space and may be the spark of a conversation when friends or family is over for a drink.

If you are having trouble keeping your solar lights working, I have an article on troubleshooting solar lights to keep them working here.

Let me know what works for you or if you have a question or comment, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.