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Solar Powered Bollards Walkway Lighting



Looking to light a pathway up your driveway or entrance to your home? Solar Powered Bollards Walkway Lighting will illuminate an area for about 6 hours after the sun goes down in the evening.  They can give light to those guest who come or go after dark.

The advantage to solar power is that you do not have to run any wires or dig up anything.  Just remove the battery protector and plant them in the ground.  The first few days you will not get the full use of these lights as the rechargeable batteries will need to be charged a couple of times to get the most out of them.

Product: Pure Garden solar Bollard lights

Price when article was written: $21.96

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Solar Bollard measurementsWhat do you get in the package

You get six bollard lights with durable stainless steel body and plastic frosted lens.  Each assembly will have a steak to put into the ground and a solar panel on the top to charge the rechargeable solar batteries.  Each unit will have one  AA 1.2 V600 mAh- Ni-MH.battery 

You will be able to put these fixtures in any order and distance apart for your landscaping needs.  You can line your driveway or sidewalk without digging for wires or having a power supply.  You just need to have ample sunlight for your solar panels to collect the suns energy during the day.

Each fixture will give out about 6 hours of light after turning on at dark with a full day of sun.  Each installation could provide different results.

Use this link for more information on Solar Bollard lightsSolar panel for Bollard lights


How does your light work

The photo cell charges the rechargeable batteries.  At dark the photo cell turns on the light.  The light will stay on until the batteries are discharged.  All lights may not go off at the same time, this is due to the battery charge each fixture gets.

No service is required regularly for these fixtures.  You will have to replace the rechargeable batteries every couple of years when the lights are only on for short periods of time when getting plenty of sun.


Installation process


Each light and solar panel will have its own ground stake. Just make sure that you do not try to power the ground stake into something that will cause damage to the stake.  You can play around with the distance these fixtures are set apart.  Some will want them to be closer to get more light or if you are just wanting to lightly illuminate an area you can spread them farther apart.

This set of 6 solar bollard lights will light up an entrance path for your home when needed.   No extra work digging for wires, having to mess with connecting wires or looking for a power source. 

Use this link for more information on Solar Bollard lights


  • Lights up a walkway with out running wires
  • No cost after setup
  • Can be set up in any pattern


  • Needs plenty of sunlight to work properly
  • Can break off stake if not careful when installing


My final thoughts on these solar lights

If you do not have a power source or do not want to dig up for a wire run, these Solar Powered Bollards Walkway Lighting would be a perfect solution.  Just put the stake in the bottom, make sure the battery is connected and plant in the ground.  You can have these installed in under 15 minutes.  After a couple of days you may want to move the locations to change the illumination of your pathway.

If you have any questions or comments on using or installing these solar lights, leave me a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.