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3 Piece Conversation Patio Sets


When you have a small space and want seating for you and a guest, one of these 3 Piece Conversation Patio Sets may work for you.  Each will have its own method of motion for comfort, some will have full cushions, while others will have none.

The thing that makes a chat set is a pair of chairs or seating and a small table for drinks or snacks.  Leisure sets will need more space and have ottomans or a separate piece for your legs to rest on.  For more information on Leisure sets, see my post here.

Now lets look at the details of each of these seven Conversation sets for your small patio space.

Lynnhaven Park patio chat setBetter Homes & Gardens Lynnhaven Park 3 Piece Outdoor Chat Set


Price when article was written: $199


Steel frames will have a dark brown powder coated finish for outdoor weather durability.  Chairs will swivel 360 degrees, they will not rock.  Cushions for the seats and lumbar pillows are included.

Square table will have four straight legs, one at each corner.  Top will be 18 inches across and have a slated design for the top.

Solidly mounted post will give you the swivel for the chair.  Straps will support the cushions for the seat, the backs will be a woven resin wicker look.

This patio chat set will work well for those not wanting to spend a lot of money, just want a good looking comfortable set for their small patio space.  For more information on the Lynnhaven Park collection, look at my article here.


Better Homes and Gardens Chauncey patio chat setBetter Homes & Gardens Chauncey 3-Piece Patio Chat Set with Navy Cushions


Price when article was written: $389


With a little different movement than others in this article, the chairs will swivel a full 360 degrees and have bars to glide forward and backwards. Frames are made from steel with an Espresso colored powder coated finish.

Thick Navy colored cushions will give you plenty of comfort for long term sitting.  Cushions have an Olefin fabric cover and are held in place with Velcro straps.  The big drawback to these chairs is the sitting height, it is lower than most even with the thick cushions, some older people may find it hard to get up from the lower seating position.

Small round table will be 17 inches across and have legs that meet together about halfway down.

This Chat set will be for those who want the ultimate in movement for their chairs with both swivel and gliding motions.  The table is smaller and the seat height are things to concern people with this set.


Englewood Heights II Chat setBetter Homes & Gardens Englewood Heights II Aluminum 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set


Price when article was written: $349


Frames are made from cast aluminum with a powder coated finish.  Chairs will both swivel and have a rocking motion via a bar between the seat base and chair base.  A seat cushion will give you comfort with a lumbar cushion also for each chair.

Square table will have a smoked tempered glass top with a scroll type of design for support.  Four curved legs will extend from each of the corners with a round lower leg support bar.  Top will be 22 inches across.

Each chair will have a seat cushion with an Olefin fabric cover.  The seat cushion will sit on vinyl straps.  Back of the chairs are a web looking design made from a resin wicker material, it is not an open weave.

This chat set has a lot of options with Swivel rocking chairs, resin wicker backs, seat cushions and lumbar cushions for seating comfort.  For more information on the Englewood Heights chat set, see my post here.


Clayton Court Bistro SetBetter Homes and Gardens Clayton Court Motion Outdoor Bistro Set


Price when article was written: $149.37


Looking for a wrought iron set with motion, this set will have the rocking motion supplied by the coils that go between the seat base and chair base, it will give a bigger rocking motion than the ones with the bar motion.  The steel frames will have a black powder coated finish.

Cushions are included for the seat portion of the chairs, you can use this set without cushions, it will not be as comfortable.  Ties for the back of the cushions will hold them in place while sitting.  Cushions will have a Jacquard fabric covers.

Round top table will have a wrought iron finished top with a decorative skirt around it.  Four curved legs will meet at a lower support for stability.

This chat set will be for those looking for the simple look of wrought iron and want a little motion.  The Clayton Court collection has other fine matching pieces for your patio furniture needs, see my post here for more details on this collection.




Azalea Ridge Resin Wicker Chat SetBetter Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set


Price when article was written: $239.77


This chat set will have the rich look of resin wicker and the comfort of thick cushions.  All steel frames will have a powder coated finish to keep looking like new in most outdoor weather conditions.

This cushions with Olefin fabric covers will last very well in outdoor conditions, a storage solution should be available for these cushions as they are hard to replace when they go bad.  Included lumbar pillows will have a polyester fabric cover.  Cushions are available in two colors, a burnt orange or green.

Round table will have a tempered glass insert for the top, all steel frames are covered in the woven resin wicker material.  Top will be 24 inches across with a round lower leg support.

The chairs will swivel the full 360 degrees and have a rocking motion supplied by the bar that attaches the seat base to the chair base, not a full rocker.

This set will be for those looking for full motion and the rich look of wicker.  Many other sets or pieces are available in the Azalea Ridge patio furniture collection, see my post here for more details.


Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge bistro setBetter Homes and Gardens Bailey Ridge 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set


Price when article was written: $269

This is a bigger set with a lot of motion in the chairs.  It will swivel and have a rocking motion via the mounting plate under the seat.  Not a full rocker, just enough motion to be comfortable.  The frames for this set are made from aluminum with a powder coated finish.  Cushions will have a pillow type of top for extra head comfort.

Table will be  little bigger than most in this article, you will be able to have a small meal or lots of snacks on the round top table that is 30 inches wide.  A smoked tempered glass top will set in the frame with four legs and a lower leg support ring.

Chairs will have high back Olefin fabric cushions, full swivel and a rocking motion via the mounting plate for the chair bottom.  Vinyl straps will support the cushions on the chair seat, will have a designed aluminum back for cushion support.

This set will be for those looking for total comfort in their patio chat set choice.  Just find a storage solution for the cushions for this or any patio seating set that you purchase, to make cushions last more than a couple of years.


Mainstays Wesley Creek Bistro setMainstays Wesley Creek 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set with Swivel Chairs


Price when article was written: $219


The steel frames of this patio chat set will have a powder coated finish to have the best durability in outdoor weather conditions.  The seat and back will be a vinyl sling material that does very well in outdoor conditions.  I have a similar set of chairs on my front porch for almost 10 years with little or no wear.

The chairs will full 360 degree swivel motion, no rocking motion as the swivel post is solidly mounted to the chair base. Round base will give this chair its stability when in motion.  Arched arms will give yo a nice resting place while you enjoy your outdoor space.

Square table will have four tiles inset in the top, you can replace to get a different color pallet or when one of your tiles does get broken.  The table is 27 inches across and has four legs with a square lower leg support.

Looking for a patio chat set that will need little work to keep looking new, this set will be for you.  No cushions to store and easy cleaning of the sling seating and tile top table.  This collection has many pieces and sets, it is also available in a bar height chat set, see my information here.


Need more information on one of these Patio Chat Sets, follow the link below.

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My final thoughts on these chat sets


Having small outdoor spaces for your patio furniture should not keep you indoors, just look at these 3 Piece Conversation Patio Sets for some inspiration.  Each will have some motion in the chairs for comfort.  You will have to choose what style and comfort level you are looking for.

I have a set similar to the LynnHaven Park set on my front porch, I just have the chairs and a small side table.  It has been out there over 8 years with little upkeep, I like the sling material for outdoor sitting, you can add cushions if you want more comfort or just use them without, you will not need a storage solution for patio cushions.

Any of your ideas on chat or small conversation sets for outdoor spaces, please share with my readers with the forms below.

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