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Patio Set for Small Spaces


Have a small outdoor area that you would like to use for entertainment or just sit and enjoy the outdoors, look at a Patio Set for Small Spaces for a solution. I will look at several outdoor areas and give you some clues on what will look good, give you the best fit and let you relax without spending your life savings.

Each type of home, apartment, condo or business will have its own type of outdoor space. The small spaces I will write about here will give most people some ideas on what type of furniture that will fit in their space.

Let’s get started.


Some apartments or condos will have a small balcony. Most will not be very deep or wide. The space I will talk about here will be at least 3.5 feet deep and 6 feet wide. This is a pretty small space, but big enough for a bistro set or a two seat conversation set called chat sets.

Most bistro sets will have a table that is 24 inches across or less. This will give room to get by the table to the chair on the other side. Get a table too big and you will only be able to use one side of your tables. I have several articles on bistro sets, use this link for that category.

A chat set will have two chairs with a small side table, if you have a small balcony you will have to face them towards the edge of the balcony, most of the time you will not face the person in the other chair. I have some further information on chat sets in my articles here.

Most bistro sets will not come with a hole in the table for an umbrella. This creates a problem for balconies that are in the sun. Two solutions are available, a retractable awning (very expensive) or a half umbrella. I have written a post on half umbrellas and stands click here for more details.

Builders Grade Decks

If you had a house built and got the builders deck with your home purchase, it will most likely be just an 8 by 8 deck sometimes without steps to the ground. These decks are fine for a small table, just not big enough for a conversation set or four seat tables.

I built a small deck for my camper at the lake, it is big enough for a metal bistro set. I can enjoy my morning coffee on my deck while looking at the peaceful sunrise over the water.

You will be able to put the same type of furniture in this area as the balconies. If you do not have any stairs to the ground, you may be able to put a larger set as you will not block the ability to get off of the deck, some will have room for a four seat conversation set or a four seat dining set.

Front Porches

If you are like me and have a really small front porch (5 foot by 4 foot without walkway), you will have room for two chairs and a side tables. These types of sets are called chat sets if purchased together. I purchased two chairs and use different side tables during the year to change the look.

The other type of furniture that is used in this type of space is a hanging swing. You must have a strong structure to hang your swing from. Depending on this size of your space, you can fit a one or two person swing. You can see some of my information on hanging swings here.


Dining Table with two Swivel Rocker ChairsYard areas

I have a small area in my back yard that I made flat with large paver stones. This gives me an area to place a table with four chairs for dining or a bistro set, I have also had placed a two person bench for seating. I have an article with several styles of seating and dining for this patio here.

If you have an area in your outdoor space that you would like to convert to a patio area, just need to make it as flat as possible so that the furniture will sit flat. I chose to use pavers, just having a flat surface with rocks or mulch can work also.

Having a remote spot in the back yard will give you a space to get away from your daily grind.


​People with a big back yard sometimes have a pathway from one area to another.  on these paths you can place a bench, swing, arbor, chat set or a combination of these.

Choosing a location where you can have a view or just be in one with nature will make your experience.

Having some solar lighting to highlight your path at night will let you use it when you can make it a romantic getaway.



For more information on your furniture choices, use the link below to see my information.

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Final thoughts on small spaces


​I have several of these small spaces in my personal outdoor space.  I would like to see what kind of patio set for small spaces you have used in your outdoor spaces, just use the form below to send me an email with pictures.  If you want I can share them here for you.

If you have a small space in your outdoor area and are looking for some guidance on what to use for your furniture choices, use the form below to send me an email.  I can look at your specific area and give you my thoughts.

Thanks for reading my article, if you found this information helpful, please share on your social networks.