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Best Patio Furniture for Outdoors


I have a couple of spaces that are bigger than a regular balcony or small deck. Lets look at what kind of furniture and accessories will be the Best Patio Furniture for Outdoors in medium spaces. Some of what will fit will be dining, sitting or lounging for these spaces.

Many people will want to use their outdoor spaces for different events during the year. Having some furniture that can be used for several different events can be helpful so you do not have to purchase furniture for each event.

Now lets look at what I have put together to help in your decisions.

Small oval patio with paver stonesWhat size is a medium patio

When I wrote about small spaces, I used the builders size of deck of 8 foot square. Anything bigger would be considered a medium-sized space.

I have a 6 X 12 oval patio and a 10 X 21 deck in my outdoor space, these would be considered medium spaces. I use the oval space for dining, the deck for relaxing and feeding the birds.

If you have a space around this size, this information will help you design what will fit.

Best Patio Furniture for OutdoorsWhat will fit well

In the oval patio space, I keep a 42-inch table with four chairs most of the time. You can also fit a four piece conversation set if you are looking for a relaxing space to unwind after work.  A sofa set or a set of loungers can also be used.  The left side of this area is used for a path to the rest of the back yard from the house, I have a Cedar Arbor that sits on the far side during the warmer months.  See all the types of metal furniture that I staged in this area in my post here.

In the deck space I can put several different things at one time. I have two chairs and a side table out there now, I have had a glider, bistro table and the same 42 inch table that is now in my oval space.  This space is big enough to have several sets at one time without being crowded.

Measure your outdoor space and see what will fit.  Don’t forget about windows, doors, steps and other objects that you cannot move when setting out your design. If you need some help with placement or what furniture will fit, send me an email with the link below and I will get back to you with my suggestions.

The oval patio has a path and trees on the left side, so all of the furniture sits on the right side.  The deck space has two doors, a bay window and a gate to the yard, these will have to taken into account when looking at furniture placement.

Bird and squirrel feedersWhat accessories do you need for your patio

​On my oval patio I have solar lights around the wall side.  These give enough light to find your way around after dark, not enough to play cards or games.

The deck area I used solar lights to top each of the deck railing post.  I drilled a hole in the post cap the size of the mounting post of the solar lights.  This allowed me to mount the light fixtures without any wiring or hardware.  To see more information on solar lights for your patio or outdoor area see my post here.

I use this deck area to feed the birds and squirrels.  I have two bird feeders and two areas for the squirrels.  I have written a post on the snowman bird feeder here.

To get more information on Furniture for you outdoor space click the link below for my ideas.

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Solar Light, Post light

Solar Post Light 3 out of 4 works

My final thoughts on medium outdoor spaces

​I have given you two examples of my outdoor patio designs for medium spaces.  This size of space can be used in a lot of different ways such as dining, conversation or just plain relaxing.

Let me see some of your designs for your outdoor spaces, send me information and photos in the email link below.

Any questions on this information, send me a note and I will get back to you shortly.