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Outdoor Electric Patio Heater


How are you going to stay warm during the cooler time outside without a fire pit, try the Hiland Parasol Outdoor Electric Patio Heater for a solution?  With three heating elements, mounting on an umbrella pole and the ability to be hidden away when not needed to give this heater a few advantages over a floor fire pit.

Heating your outdoor space should be different than trying to heat your indoor space.  Without walls your heat will have to be closer to the occupants that having central heat indoors.  The Hiland Parasol heater fits this description if mounted properly and used as per directed.

This heater can be used in many locations, it is not easy to move or mount.  The amount of heat will be perfect for those wanting to play cards or games outdoors in the cooler weather.  If you are trying to heat a large area, get a fire pit that meets your needs, see some of my examples of fire pits in these post here

Let us look at some of the details and see if this type of heater is right for you.



Hiland Electric heater for umbrella postProduct: Hiland Parasol Electric Patio Heater

Price at the time of this article: $97.19

Where to get for the best price online: Walmart


What do you get in the box


In the box you will get a heater with three arms that fold down for storage.  On each arm is a Halogen bulb in a cage to protect against things touching the hot bulb while it is glowing.  The bulbs provide heat along with a little light for your guest.

The center hole in the fixture will mount to a pole.  The manufacturer describes mounting to an umbrella pole, you can mount to any pole that is between 1.25 inches and 2.25 inches in width.  You should leave about 21 inches above this heater for safety use to protect items above, like your fabric of your umbrella shade,  from heat damage.

Each of the arms will have a 500-watt halogen bulb. The arm will be 22 inches long, the total width of this unit is about 36 inches.  This unit will take up about 8 inches of room on the mounting pole.

A switch will let you choose the amount of light and heat you get.  Two switches, one that turns on one light bulb and the other turns on two light bulbs.  Turn both switches on and you will get the maximum heat at 1500 watts.

A latch will hold each arm in place, once the arm is cooled, it will get up to 300 degrees when the bulb is lit, you can fold them down for storage and lowering the umbrella.  Safety first on this, make sure the fixture is cool to the touch before you lower your umbrella as the fabric can burn easily if not, don’t want to burn the house down.

Halogen bulbs can be replaced, they will generally cost almost as much as a new fixture.  An eight-foot power cord is attached to the center portion on your fixture and plugs into a regular 110-volt power source.  If you need to use an extension cord, make sure that it is properly sized for the amount of current flowing the distance of the cord.

The cords must be properly secured to not come in contact with any of the arms so that you do not have a short or start a fire.  Some customers preferred to secure them to umbrella post, run them through the umbrella hole in their table and then connect to an extension cord that ran to a house power source.

The heater is not weatherproof, must be stored and used protected from the elements.  Do not use on a pole without a cover and leave it outside, this will shorten the life of your heater to little more than one use.

This patio heater will produce heat that will warm up to a 15-foot radius.  This will depend on weather conditions such as wind and humidity.  Heater has an anti-tilt feature that will keep the heater from working after falling over, this makes it impossible to mount on a wall.

Hiland Parasol mounting instructionsMounting of your electric patio heater


Mounting your Highland Parasol Outdoor Electric Patio Heater will just take a few minutes after you decide how you want to use it.  If you are mounting on an umbrella pole, you will need to remove the plate to slide the heater on the pole.  Replace the plate and tighten the adjuster to keep your heater in place.

This heater can be mounted on any pole that is between 1.25 inches and 2.25 inches wide.  Hanging this heater from the ceiling of your patio area will only take mounting the pole to a location to properly support the 10 pounds of weight.

Some people have used a mounting plate that can accept a pole to hang from a ceiling support.  This will allow the heater to be mounted to the ceiling, do not hang it too high as the heat will never get down to you or your guest.


Hiland Parasol heater informationCare of your heater


This heater will need little or no care when used according to directions.  Do not use any chemicals or water on this unit when it is still hot as this will damage the unit beyond repair.

Make sure the heater is cool to the touch before moving or folding down to protect you from being burnt or catching things on fire.  Lowering the umbrella after using this heater should also be done with caution.



  • Folds down for storage
  • Mounts on an umbrella pole or can be mounted from the ceiling
  • Gives light and heat


  • Only heats a small space
  • The power cord may be hard to hide
  • High cost of replacement parts


Hiland Electric heater for umbrella postIf you have a smaller space and way to mount this patio electric heater, follow the link in the picture to the right I have provided to purchase this product.











Hiland Parasol Heater ceiling mountWhy purchase this Patio Heater


Two things to keep in mind when purchasing the Hiland Parasol Outdoor Electric Patio Heater, one is the location that you are going to mount it and the other is how you will connect the power cord to an electric source.  This patio heater can be mounted in many ways, via an umbrella post to a pole from the ceiling.

Care should be taken when you are done with this or any other heater used indoors or outdoors.  This patio heater will be great for heating an area for up to four people sitting at a table.  As with any other patio heater, wind and other weather conditions will affect the heat output.

If you have any questions or comments on this patio heater or any other article on my site, please leave a note on one of the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.