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Moonrays Richmond Solar Light 91754


When looking or bright solar lights for your walkway or driveway, the Moonrays Richmond Solar Light set model 91754 in a set of 2 will be a great addition to your outdoor space.  The bright light, three rechargeable batteries per fixture will give a great deal of light and last most of the night if you had a bright sunny day.

This is a set of two 30X lumens for great output at 360 degree coverage for each light. The Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar lights will stand at approximately 14 inches tall (depending on how deep you drive the mounting stake) and will light up and area of 36″ to 48″ for each light.  This solar light produces a very bright white light.

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Product: Moonrays Richmond Solar Light 91754

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Moonrays solar lights Richmand 91754

What do you get in the box


You will get two fixtures that will require minor assembly.  Plastic stakes will support the head unit that includes three 1500 MaH rechargeable batteries per head unit.  The top of the unit will have a solar panel for collecting sun energy during the day and a sensor that that detects light to turn the unit on when the sun goes down.  The light will shine until the batteries discharge.

The only care that your unit will need after it is installed is cleaning the solar panel when it is dirty and replacing the rechargeable batteries when needed.  I only have to replace mine every three years or more.


How does your solar light will work


The top of your solar light will have all of the working parts.  The solar panel captures the sunlight and converts to an electric current to charge the three 1.2 volt-1500 mah batteries per light fixture.  The amount of time the light stays on after the photo sensor next to the solar panel turns on the light will depend on the amount of sunlight it receives during the daylight hours.  There is not an off and on button for this light.

If you are having troubles with your lights working at night, look at some of my information on what to do if one of your solar lights does not work.


Replacement batteries


Moonrays Rechargeable BatteriesWhen your lights no longer give you the performance and needs batteries, the 97143 replacement batteries are what is recommended.

The batteries will power two .35 watt LED for each light that will emit light that will be deflected by the reflector inside the glass sconce 120 degrees up and down.   The light will cover about 36″ to 48″ around each fixture.


Assembly and Installation of your Moonrays solar lights


These lights come in four pieces that will require a little assembly.  The top head assembly with all of the working parts will twist into the glass sconce.  The metal tube connects the sconce to the plastic ground stake.

Take great care with the ground stake when putting it into the ground as many people have broken or mangled this piece with a hammer.  You may have to make a pilot hole in the ground with another object before attempting to drive your ground stake in.  If you mushroom the top of the plastic ground stake you may not be able to attach the top portion of the light fixture.


  • Puts out a great deal of light for the size.  Do not have to have as many to light up an area.
  • Easy to assemble.  Parts are easy to put together.
  • No additional cost after initial purchase.


  • Ground stake is plastic and can be deformed or broken if the ground is hard or you hit a rock while pushing into the ground.
  • When you replace your batteries it will require 3 batteries per light.
  • Up grade on batteries if it does not last all night with your sunlight amount.


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Conclusion and where to buy


The Moonrays Richmond Solar Light 91754 has a great output for a solar path light.  It out performs most in light output.  I have several types of solar lights in my outdoor space, they require little or no work once installed.  For some of my suggestions when you do have trouble, see my post on finding solutions for when one of your solar lights do not work.

The biggest problem most people did have with the Moonrays Richmond Solar Light 91574 set. was the plastic ground stake when installing it in the ground.  If proper care is taken on the install these lights will be a great  in vestment in your security and lighting for your outdoor space.

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