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Patio Furniture Dining Sets


Want to entertain and eat a meal in your outdoor space, you will want to look at some Patio Furniture Dining Sets.  The Mainstays Westmont Hills patio dining set will be a great solution with the powder-coated frames, seating for four and provisions for a patio umbrella (not included).

Chairs will have motion and sling material to keep you comfortable for long term sitting, play cards for hours after you are done eating.  Just get a lighting solution for after dark and you will enjoy this set well into the night.  See some lighting solutions here for patio umbrellas.

My chairs for my patio dining set are very similar to the ones in this set, they have lasted for over 15 years outside and still look good.  My dining chairs do not have the swivel base, my chairs on the front porch do.  I find that you do not need cushions for hours of comfortable seating.

Now let us look at the details of this set and see if it works well for your outdoor furniture needs.  If you would like to look at some of my other patio dining solutions, see my post here.



Product: Mainstays Westmont Hills

Price when this article was written: $474



Mainstays Westmont Hills Patio Furniture Dining SetsWhat do you get in the box


In the box, you will get four chairs and a square dining table.  The chairs will have a swivel point between the seat and chair base.  A flexplate will connect the two pieces to allow a little forward and back motion.  I find this very comfortable for long term sitting in my chairs.

Fabric for the seating and back is a beige sling material.  This material lasts very well with a little care, mine is over 15 years old.  I do store mine during harsh winter weather.  Water freezing on any fabric can lead to faster decomposition and failure.  The curved design of the frames for seating and back will add to the comfort of this chair.

Mainstays Westmont Hills Patio Furniture Dining Sets ChairsFrames have a dark powder-coated finish, this will help it last very well in most outdoor conditions.  Just watch for any deep scratches as they may start a rust spot and the paint will peel off.

The table will have a tile top.  Four tiles will lay in a steel frame that is powder-coated.  If you break one, you may have to cut and replace all four as matching the color and design may be tough.  The table will be 40 inches across and 28 inches tall.

Umbrella hole in the middle of the table will come with a plug that matches the metal centerpiece.  The lower leg support will have center support for the umbrella also.  This table will make it easy to add a shade solution.

Each chair will be 25 inches wide, 31 inches deep, and 42 inches tall,  The chairs will support a total body weight of 250 pounds each.

This patio dining set will look good in most outdoor decors with the dark frame, beige fabric and tile top table.  It will add to the modern look of your outdoor space and will not need a storage solution for cushions.  Care will be easy just mild soap and water for those nasty birds and animals in your outdoor space.

Warranty: 3-Year Warranty against defect in manufacturing and workmanship.

For those looking for more in a dining set for their patio area, see some of my dining sets with seating for four here.

Mainstays Westmont Hills Patio Furniture Dining Sets chair detailsAssembly and care of your patio dining set


For those will mild assembly skills this set will be ready to use in an hour or so.  All tools needed will be found in the hardware pack, just don’t break a tile unpacking the table.  Chair seats will come in one piece making for a large box, the table will come in a flat box the size of the table.

A base plate will attach to each seat base, this will slide into the chair base and attached by a screw on the bottom.  Each chair will take longer to set up than to assemble for most.

Mainstays Westmont Hills Patio Furniture Dining Sets table detailsThe table will require the most work.  You need to place the tabletop upside down on a surface that will not damage it, I use the box it comes in.  Attach legs loosely, then attach the lower leg support with the included hardware.  Set the table upon its legs on a level surface before the final tightening of the hardware, this will ensure the best results. The tiles just sit in the tabletop frame, then you will have to add the center umbrella plug if you are not using a patio table umbrella.

Now you are ready for a cool one and a snack.  This set can be assembled away from the area that is will be used, it can be moved with ease by a couple of people.

If you get a stain or your patio set sits in an area with heavy bird traffic, wash all debris off and clean with a mild soap and water mixture.  Harsh cleaning chemicals will damage the powder-coated finish of the frame, it will peel and turn a faded color if you use them.  I find this kind of fabric does not need a lot of work to keep looking good, your results may be different if you have pets or heavy traffic.


Mainstays Westmont Hills Patio Furniture Dining Sets dining tablePros

  • Easy care sling fabric
  • Swivel and rocking motion chairs
  • Tile top for the table


  • Tiles may be hard to replace if one is broken
  • Not a full rocker
  • No other patio furniture in this collection



Mainstays Westmont Hills Dining set




Outdoor Sling Swivel Rockers

My chairs on the front porch

What are my final thoughts on this patio furniture set


This Mainstays Westmont Hills dining set is a great solution when looking for Patio Furniture Dining Sets for your outdoor space.  With simple seating with the sling material and great-looking tile top table, this set will look great in almost any outdoor decor.

I have similar patio furniture in my outdoor space, almost the same chairs on my front porch.  They are very comfortable for sitting for hours and take little work to keep looking good.  I do not have a tile top table in my patio area, mine are all just mesh steel table tops.

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