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Square Gas Fire Pits


When looking at the selection of Square Gas Fire Pits for your outdoor space, the Mainstays Laurel square gas fire pit will work great for a price of under $200.  Add your 20-pound propane tank and you are ready for a relaxing fire.

The look of a fire pit that could be used as a table when a fire is not needed.  The metal cover will give you a place to have a snack and your favorite adult beverage when a fire is not needed.  On those cool evenings, just remove the cover and light your flame.

Follow along and I will give you some great information to get the most out of your new fire pit.


Mainstays Laurel gas fire pit for outdoor useProduct:Mainstays Laurel square propane gas fire pit


Price when the article was written: $164

Where to get for the best price online:




Mainstays Laurel Gas fire pit hard coverWhat do you get in the box


You will get a fire pit that weighs about 47 pounds without a propane tank.  All steel construction with a stainless steel burner, will give you a solid feel after assembly.  It will sit on four legs that have a small amount of adjustment for those slightly uneven surfaces.

The top will be 28 inches across and 25 inches tall.  A control panel with flame adjustments and the pilot light will be on one side.  Another side will have a full-sized door for access to the propane tank.

The output will be 48,000 BTU’s on the high setting, good for warming you up on those cool evenings.  Because this is a gas fire pit, warming your toes will this fire pit will be something you will have to look elsewhere for.  All of the heat will be going up beyond the top.

Burn pit will be filled with lava rocks, these will radiate heat very well.  I did not see any recommendation for adding any glass rocks to this fire pit.  Not all lava rock fire pits will make the transition to glass rocks.

No provisions to use Natural Gas with this fire pit.

Mainstays Laurel gas fire pit doorAssembly of your unit


Some assembly is required.  Make sure that you assemble on a softer surface like a rug or towel, metal surfaces can be scratched easily on rough surfaces.

Attaching sides to top, then the bottom tank rack will be the majority of the assembly.  One person can assemble this unit, four hands will make the job go so much faster.

Make sure that the thermocouple connection is secure or you will have lighting troubles.

When adding lava rocks, do not cover burner as this will hurt flame production.


This fire pit has a thermocouple that will have to be hot before the fire will stay lit.  Some customers complained about the flame not staying lit.  This is a safety feature that most home gas appliances have.  Holding the down on the lighting button for at least 15-20 seconds even after the flame has started will help alleviate this problem.

Lava rocks will crumble over time.  Make sure that the dust does not cover the burner holes, this will cause full flame issues.  Taking a brush or rag to the burner before use will help with this issue.

This unit comes with a hardcover for the burn area, no weather cover for the unit when not in use.  Storage out of the weather will extend the life of this fire pit.

Cleaning should only be with mild soap and water, any harsh chemicals can destroy the painted surfaces.


Mainstays Laurel gas fire pit control KnobPros


  • Uses standard 20-pound propane tank
  • The tank hides behind the door
  • Has metal cover for burn area when no fire is needed




  • Advertised as natural gas, uses propane gas
  • Comes with lava rocks, some customers had trouble lighting with glass rocks
  • Some customers had trouble getting it to stay lit, has thermo-couple that needs to be heated to stay lit

For more information on this or other gas fire pits, follow this link

What do I think of this fire pit


When looking at the Square Gas Fire Pits for your patio, this Mainstays Laurel gas fire pit for under $200 is a great buy.  Having a top that makes it into a table will be a great bonus.  Need to see more options for gas fire pits with a  tabletop, look at my post here.

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