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Outdoor Patio Loveseat with Cushions


If you like the industrial look and a splash of color, the Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor Patio Loveseat with Cushions maybe the patio conversation set that you are looking for.  With the galvanized steel coffee table top and bright blue finish on the frames of the seating pieces, this set will give you both.

With seating for four and cushions for extra seating comfort, this set can give you hours of seating comfort for you and your family.  For the low price (at this time) of under $110, this set will not break the bank and fit well on most smaller outdoor spaces like a balcony or builders grade of deck of your new home.

Let us look at the details of this set and see what features will work best for you.  For other styles of patio conversation sets, see my post here for the best 10 sets with seating for four that will be available for this spring, get yours before the weather breaks.



Mainstays Seaton Creek Mainstays Seaton Creek chair with the Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions setProduct: Mainstays Seaton Creek patio set

Price when the article was written: $109.97

Where to get for the best price online:



What do you get in the box


Mainstays Seaton Creek chair from the Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions setTwo chairs, a coffee table, and a love seat will come in the box for this set.  The frames of the set will be made from steel with a blue powder-coated finish.  The top of the coffee table is a galvanized steel plate with the sides turned down and riveted for the industrial look.

Seating pieces will have statted seating and backs, you can use this set without the cushions, your buns will not care for it after a short time.  Gray cushions will be used for the seats and back for long term sitting.

The cushions will have polyester fiberfill with Olefin fabric covers.  The Olefin fabric is one of the best for outdoor patio furniture, it will still need a storage solution to last more than a few years in outdoor conditions.

The coffee table will have four straight legs, one at each corner, that are painted the same blue powder-coated finish as the seating pieces.  The top is galvanized material that will take outdoor conditions very well with little upkeep.

This set will fit in a smaller outdoor area that is at least 6 feet by 8 feet.  The love seat is 45 inches wide, 29 inches deep, and 34 inches tall.  The two chairs are the same with only being 23 inches wide for one butt.  With the industrial top, the coffee table is a standard size at 40 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 20 inches tall.

This set is rather lightweight at 28 pounds for the love seat, 19 pounds for each chair and a hefty 26 pounds for the coffee table.  The weight will make this set easy to move or store if needed for just one regular-sized person.


Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions



Mainstays Seaton Creek seating piece from the Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushionsAssembly and care of your patio furniture


Assembly of this patio set can be done by one person if they have some mechanical skills, if not you may need an assistant.

Seats and backs of the seating pieces will need to be attached to the arms one at a time with the enclosed hardware.  Some of the brackets were damaged in shipping, may need to look at this area before starting your assembly.  Add the cushions and you are ready to sit.

The coffee table will only need to add the four legs to the top with the proper hardware.  For the average person, this set should only take a half hour to assemble.

Care of your patio furniture should be to just use a mild soap and water mixture to clean all metal parts.  Do not use any harsh chemicals, such as a glass cleaner, they contain things that will cause the powder-coated finish to fade and peel.

One other recommendation to make to get your patio furniture to stay looking like new is to use good car wax on it once a year.  This will protect your painted surfaces against rust or corrosion.  Clean your furniture and apply the wax as you would on your car.



  • Easy assembly
  • Seating pieces can be used without cushions
  • Can fit on smaller patios


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • Some customers had damaged parts when received
  • Not all will like the plain look of this set

Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions coffee tableWhat do I think of this metal patio furniture set


The industrial look of the Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions set will appeal to some but not all.  This patio furniture seating set will be best for those who looking for entry-level furniture or just have smaller outdoor areas.

I like the easy assembly and care of this set, those who don’t want to spend a lot of there leisure time cleaning and taking care of their patio furniture will love this set.  I have written many posts on other patio furniture sets that will seat four, look at my recommendations for this spring here.

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Mainstays Seaton Creek Outdoor patio Loveseat with cushions