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Bar Height Bistro Patio Sets


When you are looking for a bistro set for your patio and want one of the Bar Height Bistro Patio Sets, look at the Mainstays Crowley Park in this article.  The table will fold away when not needed to let you use the space for other things.  Two chairs will allow you and a guest to sit and sip your favorite adult beverage or just enjoy a quiet diner outside.

A simple set that will cost less than $80 will not break the bank, and give you the look than everyone will talk about.

Now let us look at the details of this set and see what see if it will give you the space saver set you are looking for.

Price when the article was written: $123.97



Crowley Park Bar Height Bistro patio SetWhat do you get in the box


You will get two bar height chairs and a fold-down table that mounts to the top railing of any deck, balcony, or terrace.  Frames are made of steel with an Espresso brown powder-coated finish for outdoor durability.

Chairs will have four legs with bottom support for stability.  The seat and back will have a polypropylene-covered polyester sling material for comfort.  I have several chairs in my outdoor space with this fabric and it holds up very well in outdoor conditions and is comfortable for long term sitting.  With the low back of these chairs, some found it uncomfortable for long term sitting.

Each chair will be 20.5 inches long, 15.8 inches wide, and 32.7 inches tall at the top of the back.  They will support 250 pounds of weight each.

The top of the table will be 40 inches long and 20 inches wide, this is about the same size as most coffee tables.  The height will depend on the top railing that you mount it to, clamps will be used to mount the table on each leg of the support.  The table will have a clear tempered glass top that has a pebbled look.

Adjusting the table for level can be done with the adjusting knob on the bottom of each support pole.  A catch is on each side of the angled support to lock your top in place and with a quick push, you can lower the top for more space on your outdoor area.  Angled support is back far enough to let you sit close to the table when needed to eat.

Your deck railing will dictate how high your table will sit, please check this height before you order as some customers had a low railing and the chairs would not fit under the table after mounting.

If you choose this Bar Height Bistro Patio Set for your outdoor area, you will not be disappointed.  The biggest complaint was the comfort of the low back chairs, some said that they would replace them in the future.  With the low cost of this set, it would be in the budget.


Crowley Park Table levelerAssembly and care of your patio furniture


Most of the assembly of this patio bistro set will be in the table.  You must follow instructions as some of the table pieces can be put together upside down and the table will not fold down.

Some have found it difficult to assemble the table, here a few of my simple steps.  Attache the down legs to the lower support bar, the hangers on the top must face the same direction and the lower leveling bar holes to the outside.

A screw on each side will attach the upper “U” shaped support to the lower straight arm supports.   A lock for the support will be attached about 3 inches below this connection so make sure the straight supports are positioned correctly.

Attach the tabletop with a screw and nut on each side.  The lower support will be attache with four sets of screws and nuts.  Make sure the “U” shaped piece is on the top for proper alignment.

Attach the lower leveling bar with a screw on each side, then add adjusting screw with a rubber end on each side.  The top of each hanger leg will get an adjusting screw also to tighten on the top rail of your deck.

These are my simple instructions, hope this helps someone get their table together.  Make sure that you lay things out before starting as most parts only will go together one way for everything to work correctly.

If you need assembly instructions, phone: (877) 539-7436 or email:, and they should be able to supply them.

A simple adjustment of the screw on each side after mounting will level your table so your grapes will not roll off when you are snacking.

Clean your patio furniture with mild soap and water only.  Any harsh chemicals even some glass cleaners will damage the powder-coated finish and it will fade or start to peel.




  • The table can be folded away when not needed
  • Table level can be adjusted
  • The table can be removed for storage when not needed
  • Chairs have durable sling material for seating
  • No storage of cushions needed


  • No high back for the chairs
  • Must have a railing to mount the table
  • Chairs do not fold or stack

For more information on this bar height bistro set, follow the link below

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Crowley Park bistro set with table folded down

What do I think of this bar bistro set


When looking at Bar Height Bistro Patio Sets for your balcony, deck, or other outdoor areas that has a railing, this Mainstays Crowley Park set will work for many.  With a price tag of under $100, it will fit most budgets for a patio bistro set.

You must have a high railing of your patio area for this set to work best.  Having a table that folds out of the way when not needed will give you more room in your outdoor space when it is not needed.

If you have one of these Patio bistro sets or have a question, please use one of the forms below to leave me a comment.  I will get back to you shortly with a response.