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Red Patio Swing with Canopy


When looking for a three-person swing with canopy for your outside patio area, the Mainstays Carson Creek Red Patio Swing with Canopy should make your shortlist if red will fit your decor color.   This swing will have cushions for extra comfort and a canopy for shade when needed.  A stand will give you the ability to put it anywhere you have a flat surface.  Some people have used this swing with the stand on a covered porch, they just removed the canopy for better overhead clearance.

With the many swings available for your outside areas, it will be a hard decision what will work best for you, I will give you the full details of this item in this article.  For more of my information on any outdoor swings, use this link to my other post.  Many styles and sizes are available to match a decor or seating need.

Now let us look at the details.

Mainstays Carson Creek Red Patio Swing with CanopyPrice when the article was written: $196 with free 2-day shipping


What do you get in the box


You will need a flat almost level area at least 7 foot by 5 foot for the footprint of this Red Patio Swing with Canopy.  The matte colored powder coated A-frame will look like an old metal swing set for kids, just a little bigger and has a lot more style.  A fabric-covered canopy will connect to the top of the frame with two screws one on each end.  The angle of the canopy can be adjusted to chase the sun, it works best if the swing faces east or west.

Two legs on each end will have a bar running from front to back 2/3 of the way down to keep the legs in place.  Each leg will have a plastic foot to keep your swing from damaging the floor surface.  A bar running in the back toward the bottom will connect the two back legs for further support.  Top bar will be the biggest with hooks at each end for the springs to attach to, the swing will hang from these springs for dampening your swing.

The seat of this swing will hang from the top from the springs by two bars on each side that connect to the back of the arm and front of the seat frame.  Three Brick Red cushions will cover the seating and back area, they can be reversed to get double the life out of them.  The seatback does not fold flat like a futon to make a bed.  For a day bed swing combo for outside, see my post here.

The swing will be 78 inches wide, 49 inches deep and 70 inches tall at the top of the canopy.  It will weigh about 80 pounds, two people can move this swing easily if you unhook the swing first.  The swing is rated to seat 750 pounds of butt and other materials, no cup holders are available.  For a swing with cup holders and storage, see the big and tall model here, it will only seat two people though.

For those looking for a 3 person swing with a canopy that can be placed on any remote flat surface or porch, this swing will work well.  You will need to store the cushions and canopy when the weather turns rough to extend their outdoor life  The need for replacements for the fabric pieces will take you back to the manufacture at 1-877-539-7439.  They will advise you of the exact replacement availability.

The box is rather large at 77 inches long, 23 inches wide and 9 inches thick.  It will weigh 80 pounds, either have a large truck, trailer or take advantage of the free 2-day shipping if you purchase this swing.

The Carson Creek collection will include a bistro set and conversation set to match this swing for more seating or eating if needed.  The same red cushions and matte powder-coated frames will be included.

Mainstays Carson Creek swing mounting points

Assembly and care of your patio swing


Assembly of this swing will take a little time and an extra pair of good hands will make it a lot easier.  All tools needed will be included in the hardware pack.  You will need a large area for assembly as the end pieces will have to be assembled while laying flat on the ground.

Each outer leg will need to be assembled first, leave the hardware a little loose to final tightening after it is on its feet for best results.  The top bar is next to be attached to each leg, having someone to hold the parts as the other attaches the hardware will make this an easier task. Do the final tightening of all hardware before installing the swing seat.

The seat of the swing will be the next item on your list.  the arms will need to be attached to the seat frame with the hanging arms, having extra hands holding parts is going to make this task easier.

After hanging the seat from the springs you can add the cushions to the seat frame.  The canopy frame will need assembly next, then add the fabric.  Canopy is attached to the top rail frame with a screw-on each end.  If you loosen these screws, you can adjust the angle of the canopy.  This will allow you to chase the shade a little during the day.

Add cushions and you are ready for your first swing.

Care of your swing will be with a mixture of simple soap and water, any harsh cleaning materials will damage the powder-coated painted surfaces.  Fabric materials should be stored when not need to extend their outdoor life.  Cushions can be reversed if you get a stain that does not come out.

High winds can damage any swing with a canopy if you do not remove the canopy when you get the first warning.  If you live in a real windy area, a canopy swing may not be for you.  There are swings that hang from pergolas that are attached to a solid floor surface that will work better in windy conditions.  For more information on pergola swings, see my post here.

Mainstays Carson Creek seatPros

  • The canopy can be removed
  • A comfortable place for three people to swing in the shade
  • Other sets in this style are available to match your decor


  • Does not lay flat like a day bed
  • Cushions will need storage to last more than a couple of seasons
  • Canopy will have to be removed when high winds are expected

For current shipping information, follow this link below

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What are my final thoughts on this swing


For those looking for a Red Patio Swing with Canopy, this swing will work for your outdoor decor.  If this color does not fit by your pool or patio area, you may want to look at some of my other options for a 3 person patio swing with canopy here.

Having a powder-coated frame will add to this swings outdoor life, the cushions and canopy will need storage to last as long as the frame.  This swing does not lay flat like a day bed, for under $200 it is still has a good purchase price.

If you have any experience with this or other patio swings or just a question before you lay out your hard-earned dollar, leave me a not on the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.