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Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set

Have an outdoor area that could use a patio conversation set, look at the simple Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set for a solution.  With love seat, two straight leg chairs, and two ottomans that can be used for a coffee table or two side tables.

The resin wicker design is more open than other designs and will drain water quickly after a rain.  Cushions are available for the tops of the ottomans for seating, they can be easily removed to use as a table.

Now let us look at the details fo this conversation set and see if it will work for you.  If you would like to see some of my other articles on resin wicker conversation sets for patios, see my post here.



Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set

Product: Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set

Price when this article was written: $497

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What do you get in the box


You will receive five pieces of furniture in this set, a love seat, two chairs, and two ottomans.  Metal frames will have a powder-coated finish with a woven resin wicker cover.  Your patio area will define how you use this set as you can arrange it in so many ways.

The ottomans are 22 inches across and 14 inches tall without the cushions.  The tops will be a slated metal design to prevent water from staying on the top after a rain.  Four straight legs will support each ottoman, one at each corner.  You can use the ottomans for extra seating if needed.

Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set chair and ottomanChairs have straight legs and no motion.  They will be 23 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 29 inches tall.  No arms for the chairs of this set, if you want to nap use the love seat.

The love seat will be 59.5 inches wide, 30.7 inches deep, and 29 inches tall.  The extra depth will allow the chairs to be stored under the ends of the love seat when this set is not in use.  Each seating position will hold 250 pounds of weight.

Square cornered cushions will cover all seating areas, with pillow-type cushions for the backs of the chairs and a love seat.  Fabric for the cushion covers is Olefin, good fabric for outdoor patio furniture.  Clips will hold the seat cushions in place while seating or during moderate winds, no clips are included for the back cushions.

Each piece will have feet on the legs to protect your floor from metal scratches when moving your patio furniture.

Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set chairs and ottomans stacked for storageWhen you are ready to store this patio furniture set you can remove the cushions, push the chairs under the ends of the love seat, put the ottomans upside down on the seat of the love seat, then stack the cushions on top.  Once you have done this, you can cover the entire set with the included canvas, poly cover to protect it from the sun and rain.

The cushions will last longer if placed in a dry storage area out of the sunshine.  See some of my storage solutions here.  You should not rely on the cover to protect your cushions from vermin or wet weather, as these are the two things that will ruin them quickly.

Assembly and care of your patio conversation set


Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set covered for storageThe one large box, 61 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 32 inches deep, will need a big SUV or a pickup if you pick it up at your local store.  Once you have this box at home it will take you little time before you are ready to enjoy your patio furniture.

Once you have opened the box, you will find that very little assembly is needed.  Just add the feet and cushions, you are ready to use your patio set.  Finding the best arrangement for your patio furniture will take longer than getting your set out of the box and ready to use.

Taking care of this set will be with a damp cloth or a mild soap and water mixture.  Any harsh chemicals will damage any powder-coated finish of your patio furniture.

When your set is not in use, push the chairs underneath, stack the ottomans and cushions, then cover with the included cover.  I would still prefer to store the cushions elsewhere, out of the wet weather for long term storage.


  • Stacks for easy storage
  • Poly cover included
  • Cushions for long term sitting comfort


  • Not a close weaved wicker
  • Comes in one large box
  • Cannot be used without cushions



Where to get the current pricing and information on this patio furniture set, click the link below


Mainstays Ayden Park


Mainstays Ayden Park Wicker Patio Set chair without cushionMy final thought on this patio set


When looking at a versatile resin wicker patio set, the Mainstays Ayden Park set will be on a lot of lists.  The reason I like this set is the fact that you can store it easily and it comes with a cover, this makes it very easy to take care of.

The cushions will make for great long term seating, and the ottomans can be used for side tables or put together for a coffee table.  The resin wicker finish will give you the look of a more expensive set.  There are not a lot of negatives about this set except for the giant box it comes in, once put together you will enjoy this patio furniture.

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