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LED Lighting for Retaining Walls


Let us look at Landscape LED lights for retaining wall.  The 3-LED light with mounting bracket is a small fixture that will blend into your landscape.  These lights are referred to as hard scape lights with brackets.

What is in the box when you receive your lights

Landscape LED With Bracket by Kichler

Three light LED Fixture

You will receive a light fixture with a 3 inch deep bracket to mount your light. The bracket will fit between retaining wall blocks to hold it in place.  Bracket can be removed to mount under cabinets or similar area.

The fixture will have three .75 watt LED lights.  These lights will be good for about 40,000 hours of use.

There is a 70 inch wire lead  to use with the cable connector that is included.  This will allow a greater distance between the transformer and lights.

What you will need  to install these hard scape lights


This light fixture will not include the transformer or the wire that will run from the transformer to the lights.

You will need to determine the total wattage of the run of lights to find out what transformer will work for you.  The total wattage should not exceed 80 percent of the output of the transformer.

Line wire size will be determined by the number of lights and the distance.

How easy to install

The following video will cover the installation of Hardscape Kichler lights.


LED lights for retaining wallLandscape LED lights product features


Very bright fixture with 3 LED lights.  Has a outside finish of your choice.  The bracket is made of bronze, to make it more durable in the weather.  All metal design with no plastic parts to break.

Can be used anywhere that you can mount with or without the bracket.  Can be used under cabinets for highlighting a kitchen area.

In the daytime the light will not be noticeable to most people.  When the sun goes down you will get a light that illuminates the wall and the ground.


LED lights will last for 40,000 hrs or more.  Never a need to replace the bulbs.

Will work on retaining walls where other landscape lights will look out of place or not properly shine on the area to be highlighted.

Easy to install while building retaining walls.  Can be installed by a do it youselfer.

Will use 75{96f33b858e93d952285e8b3613cda120f6f3c7bc4d8324032c36c2b960be5b97} of the energy of a halogen bulb.



Does not come with complete kit.  Have to buy a transformer and wire to connect.

More difficult to install on an existing retaining wall.  Have to remove or unstack some of the wall blocks.

Flat stack retaining wall blocks will have to have a channel in them to make the wire safe. This process will require a circular saw with a concrete blade.




While these type of lights will make your landscape come to life, it is much easier to install when the wall is being built.

Thanks for reading my article.  If you have any questions or comments use the form below.