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Hanover Orleans Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture Collection


It does not matter if you have a small balcony or a large back yard with a pool and patio, the Hanover Orleans resin wicker outdoor furniture collection will have a solution for you.  From a single piece of a lounger to the larger patio sets with a fire pit, you can mix and match pieces from this patio furniture collection to fill your outdoor seating needs.

I will give details of each piece and you can decide what will fit for your outdoor space. Each piece will have a metal frame that is powder coated for maximum outdoor exposure. The frames will have a loosely woven resin wicker finish. Cushions color will vary from set to set, you can get direct replacements for the lounger and porch rockers.

Now lets look at each of the sets in the Orleans resin wicker outdoor furniture collection and see what will work best for you.


If you would just like more information on where to get for the best price, use the following link

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Orleans 3 piece chat set3 piece swivel chat set


This chat wet will have two swivel chairs that will have some forward and back motion, not true rockers and a side table. The cushion is available in three colors when this article was written, navy blue, crimson red and Sahara sand.

Chairs are 34.25 inches wide 31.3 inches deep and 37 inches tall. They will swivel all the way around and have a gentle rocking motion due to metal bars at the base of the seat. Each chair will support 250 pounds.

Side table will have a clear tempered glass table-top. Top is 24 inches across and 22 inches from the floor.

This set will be great for smaller patio or outdoor spaces, any space over 6 foot by 6 foot should work. Smaller spaces may feel too crowded.


Lounging set in the Orleans resin wicker outdoor furniture collection4 piece lounging set


The lounging set will include a three seat love seat, two swivel rockers and a coffee table. The coffee table will come in two styles to match your outdoor decor needs, a smoked glass insert or a scrolled metal top. Thick cushions will give you seating comfort with the addition of two throw pillows.

Chairs will have the rocking motion and will swivel 360 degrees for additional comfort. Chair will support 25 pounds of weight. Love seat will have three seating positions for a light 400 pound weight capacity.

Coffee tables will be 43.3 inches long, 25 inches wide and 22 inches tall. It is larger than most coffee tables that come with conversation sets, this may be because of the three seat love seat. Glass top table will have a resin wicker shelf built into the leg support while the metal top table will have an open leg support.

For more information on this 4 piece lounging set, see my post here.


Orleans resin wicker swivel chair2 swivel rocking chairs


The rocking chairs that come in the sets can be purchased in sets of two for additional seating. Depending on your seating needs you can add these chairs to give you room for more butts.


You can place these rocking chairs on your front porch or add to other seating solutions from this collection.



Orleans love seat with glass top coffee table2 piece lounging set, love seat and coffee table


For a different seating needs you can purchase a three position love seat and coffee table. The coffee table is available in both the glass top and metal top for your decor needs.

Love seat will be 74.8 inches wide, 34.25 wide and 36.8 inches tall. 5 inch thick cushions will aid in your seating comfort, add two throw pillows for comfort.

Tables will be the same as the chat set above.

This set will work for those who just want a love seat or want additional seating to one of the other sets in this collection..


Orleans 3 seat love seat with gas fire pit2 piece lounging set, love seat with gas fire pit


This is the same style of three seat love seats as others in this collection. Same color combinations for cushion and pillows is available.

It is available with a choice of two gas fire pits. A 30,000 or 40,000 BTU fire pit is available. Each fire pit will have a choice of tile inserts for the top, a wood grain or a slate tile. Fire pits will have a drawer for the 20 pound propane tank (not included) to sit on for easy changing when needed.

This set will give you a great seating and heating solution for smaller areas. Just have to have at least 5 foot side clearance and 10 foot overhead clearance for the fire pit.

With the gas fire pit you can use it on any out door decking material, composite or wood without any heat protection.


Orleans conversation set with gas fire pit4 piece conversation set with gas fire pit


This conversation set will include a three seat love seat, two swivel rockers and a gas fire pit. This set will work for larger patio areas that could use some heat in the cooler months to extend your time outside.

The gas fire pit will have the same options as the above set. This set will work well for a base set and you can add some other pieces for the really large outdoor areas.

I do have some more details of this set in my post here.


Orleans resin wicker porch rocker2 wicker rocking chairs


For those who are looking for comfortable seating for two and have at least a 4-foot by 6 foot area these two rocking chairs will look great. They have a little more style than the average porch rocker with the resin wicker finish. No cushions are included with this set, they is available in the Sahara sand color to fit the seating portion of the chair.

The chairs are 24.5 inches wide,36 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Seat is 2.5 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 16.5 inches off the floor. Woven resin wicker will cover the seating and back sections of this chair. Cushions is available for more seating comfort.

When assembling this set, some customers complained of the holes lining up. This is a problem with most patio furniture that is shipped in a box. Some adjusting may be needed to properly assemble this set. Extra hands will be helpful.


Orleans porch rockers with side table3 piece porch rocking chairs


This is the same two rockers as above with the addition of the glass top side table. This will work of those who have the need and room for a side table for drinks and snacks.

The chairs will rock and work well on a small patio area or as additional patio furniture to other pieces in this resin wicker outdoor furniture collection.


Orleans resin wicker loungerResin wicker lounger


Need to catch a few sun rays by the pool or just want to relax after a hard day at work, this resin wicker lounger will work for you. Back will have three positions for additional comfort. This piece can also be purchased with a cushion or you can purchase cushion if you already have the lounger. Just see cushions below.

Some people have stated that if you lay the back to the flat position, you will have to get a cushion as the frame cross brace will be in your back just below your neck.

The lounger will be a total of 78 inches long, great for tall people like me. The lower seating section will be 24.5 inches wide, 37 inches long and 14 inches off the ground.

Lounger will require no assembly, just take out of box and use. It will weigh 42 pounds, it will be easy to move for most people. Weight capacity is 250 pounds of butt.

This piece will be a great addition to the pool side or just to add to another set from this collection. With adjustable back, easy to move and the available cushions, this will be a great addition to any of your outdoor casual seating needs.


Orleans resin wicker rocker cushionCushions


Two types of cushions is available with the Hanover Orleans patio furniture collection. You can purchase a cushion for the porch rocker or the chaise lounge furniture pieces.

At this time they is available in the Avocado Green dolor only. If you have any porch rocker or chaise lounger that will need cushions, this is a great solution.


Orleans 5 piece chat set with 30,000 BTU gas fire pit5 piece chat set


This chat set will have four of the swivel rockers with a choice of a tempered glass top table or a 30,000 BTU gas fire pit. The same swivel rockers that is available in other sets will be included in this set. The only gas fire pit option is the smaller 30,000 BTU model.

You will have the choice of the tempered glass top coffee table that is available in the conversation set above. This will give you a little extra outside storage with the shelf built into the leg support.

The gas fire pit will have a metal cover for the burn area so that it can be used as a coffee table when a fire is not needed. The 20 pound propane tank (not included) will sit on a roller base that can be rolled out of one end when the door is opened.

This fire pit will require a lot of assembly compared to the 40,000 BTU unit sold with the conversation set. The sides and top will have to be put together before use.

This set will work great for those looking for a seating solutions and want a choice of tables and four chairs. An outdoor space that is at least 10 foot square will be needed for the most comfort. This set will look great by the pool with an additional love seat and table set if you have the space.

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What are my final thoughts on the Hanover Orleans collection


Whether you are looking for seating for two or more on a small balcony or a big area by the poll, there is a solution for your in the Hanover Orleans resin wicker outdoor furniture collection. From a simple set of porch rockers or a lounger to the full conversation set with a gas fire pit, there is a set for your outdoor space in this collection.

I like that you have a lot of choices with the tables, color and styles of seating solutions. You can fill up that large space by the pool with matching patio furniture without have a lot of different styles of finishes.

If you have a comment about this post or just a question, please use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.