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Patio Furniture Set with a Fire Pit


Looking for total seating comfort with your patio conversation set and be able to use it most of the year, the Hanover Newport patio furniture set with a fire pit will work for your outdoor space. With two chairs, a love seat, two ottomans and a gas burning fire pit this set will give comfort in almost any outdoor conditions that are dry.

Having a gas fire pit will allow the use on decks with a composite or wooden decking material without any protection for the surface. Hidden propane tank will give you plenty of heat for those cool nights that most people will spend indoors.

You will need at least a medium space in your patio area to get the most out of this set, 10 foot square or larger. Smaller areas will cramp your furniture and you will not enjoy it.

Now lets look at the details of this resin wicker patio conversation set and see what will work best for you.


Newport patio furniture set with a fire pit


Price when article was written: $1926.99

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Newport resin wicker Love Seat

What do you get in the box


The steel frame will have a powder coated finish, with a woven resin wicker finish. This cushions will cover all the seating and back sections. Cushions are available in three colors Cream, Navy Blue or Red (looks like rust to me). Tile on the top of the fire pit will come in two styles wood grain or stone to give you some choices for your decor.

Straight leg seating will give you no motion, thick cushions will give you plenty of long term sitting comfort. Arched deigns will be in view in most of the surfaces in this set. The arms, backs of seating, bottom skirting of seating sections, sides of fire pit and top of resin wicker on the ottomans give this set this gentle moving design.

Newport resin wicker chair with ottomanChairs will be 35 inches wide, 30.25 inches deep and 35 inches tall. Each chair will support 250 pounds of butt. Downward curved arms will give you comfort while sitting.

Love seat will match the size of the chairs, it will be 64 inches wide and will handle tow people with ease as long as they weigh no more than 450 pounds total. Each seating position will have a square throw pillow to add to your comfort, they will be a contrasting color.

Ottomans will provide extra seating (need to be lightweight as capacity is 150 pounds) or just a place to prop your feet after a long day a work. They are 21.5 inches wide, 28.25 inches deep and 16.5 inches tall at top of cushion.

Cushions will have Olefin fabric covers, this material is good for outdoor conditions. Storage should be made when not in use to prolong the outdoor life of these comfort items. For storage solutions see my post here.

Newport resin wicker gas fire pitFire pit will have a choice of tile finishes, wood grain or faux stone to give you different looks. You can replace these tiles for a look that matches your decor for an extra cost, six 1 foot by 2 foot tiles will be needed and they will have to be cut to fit.

All the Hanover collections use the same base gas fire pit. The top inserts are the big difference. Sides will be a woven resin wicker material with a flat table-top. Fire pit will be 44 inches long and 36 inches wide. A square burn bowl will have a metal cover that will allow you to use this fire pit as a table during the warmer times when you do not need extra heat.

A sliding shelf will open from one end that will allow the 20 pound propane tank (not included with purchase) to be changed with ease. Burner controls and igniter are behind the panel of the door to protect them from children s fingers. This is a great child safety feature.

Round burner will be surrounded by red fire rocks. Rocks can be replace with glass rocks of different colors for an extra cost.  The fire on high heat will produce 40,000 BTU’s of heat, enough to warm an area about 15 foot around your fire on most nights.

This set will work well with those with larger areas and needing heat on those cooler nights to extend their time in their outdoor patio space. Any area smaller than 12 foot square will seem crowded.

This set can also be purchased with a coffee table in the place of the fire pit, it is only available in cream colored cushions in this setup. Follow this link for information on the less expensive set in this collection.

For those looking for other options in patio furniture set with a fire pit and like the Hanover collections, I have a post that covers all the Hanover conversation sets in a post here.



Newport resin wicker chairAssembly of your conversation set


This set will not require a lot of assembly, all tools are included in the hardware packs. With the large size of the love seat, an extra set of hands will make the assembly go easier.

Seating pieces will need the seat base attached to the back with legs part. Make sure all hardware is started then sit on the feet before final tightening of the hardware. Add the cushions and pillows and you are ready to relax.

Fire pit will need the top attached and then the tiles added. Add the fire rocks to the burn bowl. Pulling out the sliding drawer to add the propane tank for your first fire.

Ottomans will come assembled, just add cushions.


Newport natural stone gas fire pit tile

Taking care of your patio furniture


As with most outdoor patio furniture, just use a mild soap and water to clean your surfaces. Any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces, they will start to peel and lose their color if they are damaged.

Cushions and pillow will need storage when not in use, this will increase the longevity of these items in most outdoor conditions. Getting furniture covers if you live in an extreme outdoor conditions, it will be well worth the money. See some patio furniture covers in my post here.


Newport woodgrain tile top on gas fire pitPros

  • Six choices of color combinations for matching most outdoor decors
  • Choice of a cheaper set with a coffee table
  • Cushioned ottomans for extra seating and comfort
  • Gas fire pit can be used on any decking surface


  • No motion in the chairs
  • Storage will be needed for the cushions and pillows


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Hanover Newport patio conversation set

Final thoughts on this patio conversation set


When a woven resin wicker patio furniture set with a fire pit is on your list, the Hanover Newport Patio Conversation set with Gas Fire Pit will work for those with a medium to large outdoor space. With seating for six, gas fire pit that can be converted to a table and thick cushions for comfort this set will work well for a lot of people.

I personally like the addition of the fire pit and ottomans in this set, you will get extra seating, comfort and the ability to heat your outdoor space on those cool nights. With the controls behind the door on the fire pit, this will be a kid friendly fire pit as well.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have anything to add to this review or just have a question, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.