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Weather Resistant Resin Wicker Furniture

Have a larger, at least 10 foot by 10 foot outdoor space and need seating for four or five, I will give you the details of this Weather Resistant Resin Wicker Furniture selection from the Davenport patio furniture set and see what you think. The tables are made from Acacia wood, it is as durable as teak and will outlast any other wood with proper care.

The seating pieces can be moved into any arrangement to fit your space or sitting needs. The tables can be put together as a coffee table or used as end tables. If you need more seating, extra chairs are available in pairs for under $200. This set will meet many outdoor space requirements and look great for the price (under $600).

Now lets look at the details of what you get.

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Product: Better Homes and Gardens Davenport Sectional

Price when article was written: $589 with free freight delivery

Where to get for the best price online:

Davenport Resin Weather Resistant Resin Wicker Furniture

What do you get in the boxes

After your purchase of this Weather Resistant Resin Wicker Furniture sectional set, you will need to get some man power together to move the boxes. Your set will come in two large and heavy boxes, if you pick up at a store bring a pickup, large SUV or trailer. Box one is 39.5 inches long, 34 inches wide and 25 inches tall, box two is 48 inches long, 30 inches wide and 28 inches tall. Boxes will weight 95 pounds and 82 pounds. Get your big boy pants on for these boxes.

Davenport resin wicker chairWhen you get your furniture home, you will get four different types of seating that you can arrange in different formats. You will get two straight chairs with no arms, a left armed chair, a right armed chair and a corner chair. Each chair will have a sloped back for better comfort, the corner chair has a slopped back on both sides.

Chairs will have steel frames that have a powder coated finish. The trim, arms and seat backs will be a resin wicker weave. The seats will be a sling material.

Cushion covers will be made from an Olefin material, it will last very well in outdoor conditions. Cushion are held in place by ties. The cushion cover is rated for 1200 hours of UV light. I would still recommend having a storage solution for cushions when not needed, this will extend their life and your enjoyment of this set. See some of my storage solutions here.

Two small tables are included that can be used as end tables or next to each other as a coffee table. They are made of Acacia wood that is very durable. It is hardwood, bug resistant, weather resistant and you will have the choice of how you want it to age. Leave it go and it will turn grey, treat it will linseed oil every six months and it will keep its original color.

Davenport side tableChairs will be 29 inches deep, 26 inches tall, corner chair has a square base, arm less chairs are 23.5 inches wide and armed chairs are 24.5 inches wide. Tables are 20 inches square and 18 inches tall.

Assembly of your furniture

Allow at least an hour to put this set together, all the tools that your will need will be included in the hardware package. Assembly is not very hard, having an extra set of hands will make it go easier.

Chairs will need the backs attached with four Allen screws. Adding cushions is all that is left. When you have the furniture in the layout you desire, plastic clips install to the bottom of the frames to hold the pieces together.

The tables will require two sets of legs to be attached to the top, then a cross brace to bottom of the legs.

Davenport resin wicker YarnTaking care of your purchase

A simple solution of mild soap and water will clean up most droppings on this furniture. Do not use bleach or any other cleaner, as it will damage the powder coated finish.

The table can be treated with linseed oil every six months or let it weather into a patina grey color, this would look good at the beach or around the pool.


  • Extra chairs and chat set available
  • Can rearrange in different layouts
  • Acacia wood tables will last a long time in outdoor conditions


  • Cushions will need storage when not needed
  • Tables must be treated every six months to keep their original color
  • Large boxes are hard to handle

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Davenport seat without cushionMy final thoughts on this set

If you like the ability to rearrange your furniture, this resin wicker outdoor section patio furniture set​ is what you are looking for. The rich look of resin wicker and the Acacia wood tables will make this set last for many years.  The Olefin cushions covers are one of the best materials, rated at 1200 hours of UV.  I would still store them when not needed, this set may last many more years if you follow the care instructions.

I would recommend this set for any one with a medium to large space outdoors, any thing smaller that 10 by 10 feet will be crowding this furniture.  Having the ability of getting extra chairs in pairs will expand your seating with the same style. To see my other post on resin wicker conversation sets, click this link.

Have you purchased this set or a similar set, send me any email with some pictures with your thoughts.

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