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Metal Gazebo with Canopy



If your BBQ grill is out in the sun in the evening, when most grilling occurs, getting one of these Winmark Metal Gazebo with Canopy for grilling from Better Homes and Gardens will give you relief.  With a roof that is open for heat to escape and give you protection from rain and sun.  This gazebo will also look great in your outdoor space.

If you want to secure it to the ground, it does have mounting holes on each leg, you can use it to cover a small patio area for sitting or dining also.  The metal look will give a more modern look.

Now let us look a the finer details of this garden grilling gazebo and see if it is the right choice for your outdoor shade and weather protection.


Price when the article was written: $329.99

Winmark Metal Gazebo with Canopy for grilling

What do you get in the box


You will get one large box that will contain a lot of small parts.  The black polycarbonate top panels will be attached to a steel frame that has a black powder-coated finish.  This finish will last very well in all outdoor weather conditions and the polycarbonate panels will not rust and are mildew resistant.

Each side support will have a place to put extra supplies for grilling.  Hooks under a shelf on one side will let you hang tongs, spatula or forks for grilling.  On the other side, a bar will have three cans that can hold your favorite adult beverage or grilling spices.

Steel frames are made of square steel bars.  The bottom of each leg will have a flat piece with a hole to attach to a solid surface for extra security.  This will help keep your gazebo in place during moderate winds.  During high winds, the frame is not strong enough to hold the gazebo upright with the top attached.

Winmark gazebo roof lineThe top will be in three major pieces, Polycarbonate panels will attach to the top frame.  The two panels on the outside will be in three sections, this will protect the outside of the gazebo.  The top panels will be in three sections on each side, they will be a little higher than the outside panels to let heat and smoke escape.  Some smoke will stain the upper panels over time.

The gazebo will be 95 inches from side to side, 59 inches front to back and 97 inches to the top of the roof.  Most of the biggest grills will fit under this gazebo and still allow you to be out of the sun or rain.  If you do not attach to the ground you can get a friend and move this gazebo without much trouble.

This metal-framed gazebo with a polycarbonate roof will work well for those looking for some protection from the sun or rain while being outside.  It can be used with a grill or small patio seating set.  If you live in a windy environment, you will need to find a way to secure the top from being damaged.  You cannot remove the top as easily as a soft-top gazebo.


How to assemble your gazebo


Winmark gazebo accessory hooksAssembly of this gazebo is quite the ordeal.  Directions state to have four people to hold while putting together.  Tools required for assembly are included in the hardware pack.  Find a big flat surface to lay out the parts before assembly, with so many parts you may want to study the parts and assembly instructions for a little while before starting.

The lower frame is constructed first.  Two legs are attached to a top panel, an upper leg is attached to the top of each leg.  Repeat for the other side.  Attach each side at the top.  Add cross brace on to of each side.

Nest you make the top frame for the upper roof.  Four legs will be attached to the top cross brace.  Then attach this assembly to the bottom frame, you may need a ladder to secure the hardware for this part as it is rather tall.  While you have the ladder out secure each top panel to the top frame.

Add side braces with cups and hooks.  Add lower legs and plates for mounting on the bottom, this is where having four people will be the most help, just get them their favorite adult beverage while waiting for their turn to help.  Mounting plates must be attached to a surface before the legs are secured to them, the hole for attaching is in the middle of the plates.

Now you are ready to use your gazebo, make sure you secure it to the floor at this time if that is your wish.  You and your three friends can sit back and look at the assembled Winmark Metal Gazebo with Canopy for grilling and admire your work.

Winmark gazebo cup holdersHow to take care of your gazebo


With the powder-coated finish, any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.  Do not use glass cleaner or any other normal cleaning material, only use a mild soap and water.

During the time you are expecting high winds you should remove the top panels to keep your gazebo from getting damaged.  If attached to the ground this could be even more of a problem as the gazebo will have little give during high winds.


  • Can be attached to the ground for windy conditions
  • Cups and hooks for grilling accessories
  • Great protection from most weather conditions


  • The top cannot be removed as easily as the soft tops
  • A thin frame may not handle extra windy conditions well
  • Birds may nest under the top if you let them

Click the following link to get more information on Outdoor Metal Garden Gazebos to protect your grilling area

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Why do you need a hardcover gazebo


Anyone who has gone outside to start their steak or brats will know that the weather can change at any moment.  Getting one of these Winmark Metal Gazebo with Canopy for grilling will protect you from getting wet or burning up in the hot sun if you are on the west side of the house as I am when I grill.  This protection will allow you to grill without having to schedule your parties only on sunny days.

I like to grill year-round, the idea of having a cover when the weather is not the best will give me the chance to grill when I want, not when mother nature says its OK.

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