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Wicker Patio Conversation Set


When looking for comfortable seating for five for under $1000, the Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks Resin Wicker Patio Conversation Set should be high on your list.  With a sofa with seating for three, two swivel chairs, and a set of nesting tables for sitting your drinks or snacks on.

When looking for details on this Wicker Patio Conversation Set I visited my local store and one was on display.  I sat in the chairs and sofa, it was very comfortable with the thick cushions on seats and backs.  The swivel motion of the chairs will allow you to move around to another direction when someone calls your name.  The tables nested very easily and were light enough to move easily for end tables in any arrangement.

For more of the technical details follow my post here, for other ideas on a patio conversation set, see more articles on this site here.


Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Wicker Patio Conversation Set

Product: Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Wicker Patio Conversation Set

Price when this article was written: $894

Where to get for the best price online:

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Wicker Patio Conversation Set swivel chairWhat do you get in the two boxes


With the three-seat sofa, two deep seating swivel chairs, and a set of nesting tables that can be used as side tables or combine them to a large coffee table, you will find this conversation set very comfortable and versatile in any patio area.  Patio furniture covers are included for the sofa and two chairs to protect them when not in use.

The metal frames will have a powder-coated finish and will be covered with a light brown woven resin wicker finish.  The width of the resin wicker is larger than most, it does cover all outer surfaces of the chairs and sofas.  The chairs will swivel on their round bases, giving you some motion to increase your seating comfort.

Thick cushions will cover the seating and backs of all seating positions.  Squared off cushions for the seats and pillow type cushions for the backs.  Seat cushions fit very tightly in their seats, back cushions fit very loosely.  Cushions will have a polyester fabric covers with a polyester fiberfill.  This fabric is not the best combination for lasting in severe outdoor weather conditions, I would recommend a storage solution even though patio furniture covers are included in this set.

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Wicker Patio Conversation Set nesting tablesThe nesting tables will be able to be used in several formats.  The larger table is 28 inches across and 20 inches tall, it will have an opening in the lower frame to let the smaller table slide under it.  The smaller table is 20 inches across and 18 inches tall.  Use them together for a larger coffee table or move them apart for two side tables.  A round ceramic insert will top each table on its powder-coated aluminum frames.

The sofa will be 80 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 32 inches high.  Each chair will be 32 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 32 inches tall.  Each of the seating positions will support 225 pounds of weight.

Your conversation set will come in two large boxes, make sure that if you are picking up you have a large enough vehicle, a pickup or large SUV.  The Chairs will be in one box and the sofa with tables is in the other box.  The box with the chairs will weigh about 130 pounds and the box with the sofa will weigh about 140 pounds.

This is a great patio furniture set that will not take up much more room than a small four-seat patio conversation set.  The big plus is comfortable seating, covers for the seating pieces, and nesting tables.  For less than $1000, you will not find a better resin wicker patio conversation set.

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Wicker Patio Conversation Set furniture coversAssembly and care of your patio conversation set

For those needing assembly instructions, use the following links supplied by a reader Richard.



Nesting tables

BH49-092-099-02 (1)

Glider Chairs

BH49-092-099-02 (2)


Not much assembly for the seating pieces of this set, the nesting tables will require most of your time.  Most will be able to have this set together in less than 1/2 hour, this will depend on your mechanical skills and workspace.  All tools required for assembly are included in the hardware pack.

The nesting tables will need the three legs attached and top inserted.  The legs will attach to the top ring and bottom ring with two screws at each location.  Make sure that you lay all pieces out as the small and large tables are very different in sizes of legs and tops.  Make sure that your tables are sitting on a smooth level surface before the final tightening of the screws, this will provide the best results.  Add the ceramic tops to the table and you are finished.

The sofa should only require you to add the cushions to get done.  The chairs will need the base attached to the upper chair portion, then you can add cushions to get ready for relaxing.

Proper care of this set will require using a mild soap and water mixture to clean up any spots.  Do not use any harsh chemicals as they will damage the powder-coated finish on the frames, this could lead to peeling or decolorization of the finish.

Covers are included for the seating pieces and fit nicely with the bottoms pulling together to keep them on in most windy conditions.  The cushions should still be stored when you do not use your patio furniture set for a long time, like during the winter months.  For some of my storage solutions, see my post here.


  • Tables nest for storage
  • Sofa and chair covers included for storage
  • Chairs swivel for extra comfort


  • Cushions could use a storage solution out of the weather
  • The tabletops will be hard to replace if broken
  • Comes in large boxes that are heavy and hard to move


For current information on this patio furniture set from Walmart, follow the link below


River Oaks patio conversation set


Final thoughts on this patio conversation set


When looking at a resin wicker patio conversation set for your outdoor seating solution, the Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks set will work well for under $1000.  With comfortable seating for five, covers for when you need to store your furniture, and nesting tables.  I sat on this set at the store and it was very comfortable and the tables fit very well together.

The two big boxes will be hard to handle for most people, you will need some friends to get this set in the right spot.  The seating covers will protect your furniture in most regular outdoor weather conditions.

If you have any questions or comments on this patio furniture set, leave me a note on the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.