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Best Replacement Cushions for Wrought Iron Furniture



A lot of people like the retro look of the wrought iron furniture for their patio areas. I have several sets of wrought iron patio furniture myself. The big problem is long term sitting comfort on the flat steel mesh seats. Having Replacement Cushions for Wrought Iron Furniture that you can use to extend your comfort should not be that hard.

Depending on your abilities, most will not be able to make their own cushions. getting the right cushions should not be that hard in today s online world.

Now let me list the types of furniture and give you some solutions to keeping your back side happy while sitting on your wrought iron furniture.

Just want pricing and availability of you cushion selection, use the link below

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Cushion options for great looks


Flowered patio chair seat cushionsMost of the cushions will be reversible, some will have the same design on both sides. I would look at some that have a different design on each side, this will give you two cushions in one.

Edge design will also be a choice for you. A knife-edge will have a single seam that the top and bottom material will meet at one point. A flat edge will have a seam on the top and bottom of all the edges of the cushion.

The flat edge design may look thicker than the knife-edge, both can come in the same thickness for comfort. You will just have to make sure you are getting the look you are after.

Flowered patio chair cushionsTypes of ties are an option on most cushions. Having Velcro or just material that you can tie in a bow are different designs. Looking at different ways to tie your cushions to your patio furniture will be the difference between fast installation and hold them in place when the kiddos slide into a seating position.

Having not ties will make your cushions venerable to high winds, taking them in for storage when not in use will be the best option when no ties are used.

Color combinations are a great way to change your decor needs quickly. Having cushions that have a different color style on each side is the best value for your money. My cushions that I purchased have the dual style, the ones that we made are all one color pallet. This is your choice.

Types of fabric covering your cushions will determine how good they look and how they will last in outdoor weather conditions.

Polyester covers will need the most attention and storage for the outdoor elements. Most are set up with UV ray protection and will last in shady and dry conditions. Fore sunny or damp conditions, this material will need storage any time they are not in use.

Round flowered patio cushionsOlefin fabric covers will be one of the materials I look for in cushions. It comes at a good price and handles the outdoor conditions a little better than polyester covers. I would still store this type of material when not in use, you will get many more years of use by storing and taking care of these cushions.

Sunbrella fabric will be one of the best fabrics for patio furniture. It will come with the biggest price upfront. These cushions will still need storage, they will last the longest in extreme outdoor weather conditions. If you are looking for long term
Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Cushions for the price, the Sunbrella fabric will be the one you will need to look for.

Now lets look at the sizes for each size of patio furniture so that you can make a great choice when getting better comfort for your and your guests backside.

Patio bench, swing or love seat reversible cushionCushions for benches, swings or love seats


The seat for love seats, swings and benches are very similar. I have a glider bench at the lake house that I purchased a cushion for to extend my comfort while relaxing by the lake. I like the ties that hold it in place and all the color combinations that are available.

First step you will have to measure your width and dept of your seat as the bench cushions come in a variety of sizes, you do want it to fit properly. My first time I did not measure and purchased one that was too big. After you have chosen the size of your cushion, you will have to select your color.

Look at the different styles of fabric that are available for your style of furniture, this will be the factor that will keep your wrought iron furniture matching your outdoor decor.


Cushions for chairs


Reversible Replacement Cushions for Wrought Iron FurnitureI have two different styles of wrought iron chairs in my outdoor areas. I have a bistro set at the lake that have a round seat, at my home I have a couple of chairs that have a rocking motion due to springs on each side. Each will take a different size and style of cushion. Make sure that your chair cushions will match you seat of your chairs.

My cushions for the round bottom chairs we made at home, I just have someone who is real handy with a needle, not me. Many round cushions are available.

My motion chairs will have the possibility of two styles of cushions. You can just get a seat cushion or get a seat and back cushion in one piece. The latter is the style that I have, it gives comfort for your back and shoulders as well as your butt. I think the seat only cushions would work better in chairs with no motion, just my thoughts what do you think.


Reversable lounger cushions Cushions for loungers


I don’t own a wrought iron lounger at this time, the cushions for this furniture will add to your comfort level. Most loungers are used to sunbathe or lounge around the pool. The time you spend on your lounger will be extended with the right cushions.

Make sure that you measure the length and wide of the base of your lounger. Many will have cushions that will fit without any trouble. One of the biggest things I would look for is the method of attaching your cushion to the lounger.

As most loungers are adjustable for the back angle, this will make the cushion slide down to your feet unless it is attached somewhere. You do not want to wake up from your nap and have your cushion gone. Most of the good cushions will have a tie on the top portion and where the lounger will bend, this will give you the best results.


Follow the link below for selecting your style and design of patio cushions

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Lifetime vertical storage shed accesoriesStorage for your patio cushions


All Replacement Cushions for Wrought Iron Furniture should be stored when not in use to extend their outdoor life expectancy. Sun and extreme weather will be the biggest thing that will destroy your patio cushions. If your cushions are under a cover in the shade, you will only have to worry about somebody chewing on the fabric for nest materials.

A good storage solution that keeps your cushions out of the weather, protects them from bugs and varmints is the best way to go. Most outdoor storage cabinets will only keep your stuff somewhat dry, keep the big pest out and only keep the insects that your spray for out. Choose wisely to protect your investment.

I have written many article on storage solutions, see some of my ideas here. Having the right solution for your decor and that meets your needs for storage will be your choice. If you need more help in this area, leave me a note with your needs, I will get back to you shortly.


What do I look for in my cushions


Depending on what style of patio furniture that you have, I hope that you have gotten some information on the Best Replacement Cushions for Wrought Iron Furniture that are available today.

I look for the cushion thickness, style and fabric material for my cushions first. Comfort for your butt will be in your hands. I have several styles of wrought iron furniture in my outdoor spaces, each style needs it own cushion type. I made the cushions for my bistro set, purchased the cushions for my glider and rocking chairs.

All of my cushions that I purchased have reversible styles, a different style on each side. This gives me two color combinations with the purchase of only one cushion. My rocker cushions only have fabric ties at the bend between the seat and back, it works very well to keep them in place.

Any comments on my content or questions, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.