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Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture



When looking for the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor space, you should put the teak outdoor patio furniture in sets on your list. The upfront cost is a little higher, the quality of the furniture and the ability to handle most any outdoor conditions will make this type of patio furniture outlive most of its owners. I have a post on teak wood and why it makes great patio furniture material here.

Look around at the major resorts and look at their poolside furniture, it will be made of Teak furniture if it is a high-end place. I have an article on what is Teak wood is all about, it is one of the best woods for outdoor furniture.

If you like the look of the wood patio furniture like this, plain wood that will need to be painted will be the base cost. Treated wood furniture will be twice the cost of plain wood. If you upgrade to cedar, your cost will double from the treated wood. Redwood will double the cost from treated. Now comes Teak wood furniture, this will double the cost from redwood furniture. Now you see the cost difference.

The big difference of Teak wood patio furniture will be that you will only have to treat the surface with an oil finish once a year to keep the natural wood color or if you desire you can leave it to go to a gray patina for an antique look. This type of furniture is used at beach houses and will last very well in salty air conditions.

If you need patio furniture and want some that will last a lifetime, look at the following Teak furniture options.


Conversation sets


Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Get a full set of Patio Furniture Sets in TeakModway Marina Patio Teak Sofa Set


If you have that extremely large outdoor space and want to make it look like an indoor room, the Modway Marina sofa set will fill that place with seating. This set can be purchased in several layouts and will fill the largest outdoor spaces.

The pieces available are Chairs, with and without arms, Ottomans and sofa pieces, You can get end sofa pieces with arms on one side if you do not rearrange your patio furniture often. My patio furniture moves too much for this type of end piece.

Both styles of chairs are 32.5 inches wide, 31.5 inches deep and 31.5 inches high. Use the armless chairs to make a sofa, armed chairs to stand alone.

Ottomans are 21 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep and 11 inches tall at top of cushions. The sides will have an arched teak wood arm in the same style as the chairs. This will help keep cushions in place.

Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Modway Marina teak coffee tableA matching coffee table is available in this style. It will be 47 inches long, 23.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall. It will have the slatted look from end to end with a wood border and central crossing piece. Straight legs on each corner will support this table.

These pieces can be purchased in the quantities that your seating needs desire. Add a lounger available below and you can fill that big outdoor space with plenty of comfortable teak patio furniture seating.

This set will work best for those with very large outdoor areas. Mix and match furniture pieces to fill your space.


Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Teak 4 piece conversation setModway Marina Teak Conversation set


Looking for just a four-piece conversation set for your patio or deck area, this set will have two chairs with both arms, a love seat and a coffee table. This traditional conversation layout will fit in medium-sized outdoor spaces.

Love seat will be the same style of the chairs.  Coffee table will be the same table as included in the sofa set above.

This set will work well for those with smaller areas that could use seating for four.  The teak wood will last very well in any outdoor conditions, cushions should be stored when not in use, to prolong their outdoor life.


Chat sets


Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Teak straight leg bistro setNewham Teak Wood Armchair


Available in two styles these teak chairs will give you seating for your outdoor space. Made out of teak wood you will have the choice of a straight leg chair or a folding chair. If you want to hide your chairs away when not needed, the folding chair will is a great option.

The straight leg chair will be made with a slated design for the seat and back. Solid arms will give you a place to rest your arms while sitting. Slats will go top to bottom on the back and side to side on the seat. The front of the seat will have a slight downturn for additional comfort.

Add some cushions to this chair will increase the comfort level of long term sitting. At 23 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 35 inches tall you will get a standard-sized chair to add to your outdoor seating.

Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Teak folding bistro setIf you choose the folding chair you will get a smaller chair that can be stored very easily. I have an older set that is very similar to this chair and it holds up very well in outdoor conditions, I use it sometimes on my front porch when I have to put chairs out there quickly for someplace to have a casual sitting place outside.

The chair will be taller, with a smaller seat. The chair will be 26 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 43 inches tall. Slats will go in the same direction, front to back, on the seat and back.

Each of these chair designs will become a chat set with the addition of a side table.

The side table for the straight leg chairs will have an open barrel design with four legs that meet on the bottom. It will have slats that are turned every quarter of the top. It will be 27.5 inches across and 29.5 inches tall, a great size for most bistro tables.

The table for the folding set will be 24 inches across and 28.75 inches tall. It will fold flat for easy storage. Two sets of legs will have a swivel halfway down for folding. A more open slatted top will have the same pattern for the whole top with a teak wood under the frame. It is not too open to let your glass tip over.

Choose your style for your smaller outdoor space. Either of these two options will look good on a balcony or front porch.


Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Furniture Sets with Gas Fire PitBraelyn teak chat set with fire pit


This five-piece set will give you a great place to sit and relax on those cool nights. The Gas fire pit will look like an old pirates’ chest with a round burner and lava rocks in the burn area. Four straight leg chairs with nice off-white cushions will give you a place to sit and relax in comfort.

Each of the four chairs will be 28 inches wide, 28.25 inches deep and 32.75 inches tall. Acacia wood will be the base for these chairs with a slate-style back and straight arms. Polyester cushions will cover the seats and back for comfort and durability. Cushions should be stored when not in use, to last as long as the wood.

The fire pit has the look of an old chest with the weathered wood and black metal highlights. The flame is powered by a 20-pound propane tank (not included) that will fit under the table. A door will allow access to the tank and controls.

Square fire bowl will have a round burner. Lava fire rocks will enhance your heat source. This fire pit will keep you warm during moderate cooler temperatures. The fire pit will be 32 inches across and 23.75 inches tall. No cover for the fire pit is included.

This set will work well for those needing a heating solution to their outdoor space extending the amount of the year they can use it.


Other Teak patio seating solutions


Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Modway Marina Teak LoungerModway Marina Teak Chaise Lounge


Adding a lounger to your outdoor space to catch some sun rays by the pool will is a perfect addition to most outdoor spaces. With a teak wood frame, small wheels for mobility, adjustment arms for the back and thick cushions for comfort, you will spend many hours relaxing on your lounger.

The lounger is 79 inches long, 29.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall at the top of the cushion. The cushion is held in place on the back with a strap that goes across the back.

This lounger will sit on four solid legs with arched arms to match the armed chairs of this collection.

This piece will is a great addition for those looking for a relaxing place to catch sun rays during the summer.


For more information on any of these teak patio furniture solutions, use the following link

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Why do I like Teak patio furniture sets

Teak Patio Outdoor Furniture-Teak folding chairs with table top wine bottle holder

Click the picture for more information on the Wood Tabletop Wine Rack


I have a set of folding chairs that I use all the time, see the photo above. I can take them to the lake and sit them out in the yard in minutes. These patio furniture sets in teak will offer great solutions for those looking for seating solutions in their outdoor spaces that will last a lifetime.

You will never need to replace any of these patio furniture pieces if you take care of them with a coat of teak oil once a year. If you like the more beachy look of driftwood, you can leave the wood to age to a gray patina. You have the choice of how your teak patio furniture will look after a few years outdoors.

Want patio furniture that will never need replacing or a lot of upkeep, this is your solution. At a higher cost for purchase, you will buy several other sets before the teak patio furniture will need much care. It is will work in the most extreme outdoor weather conditions.

If you would like to add to this post or just have a question for me, drop me a line with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.