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Acacia Wood Patio Sets


When shopping for patio furniture, the Acacia Wood Patio Sets should be on your list.  This furniture has a great style, easy to take care of and you can choose what direction your want the finish to look like in a few years.  The Acacia wood will last longer that most of its owners if cared for properly, treating with the proper oil based product just once a year.

The Acacia wood patio furniture will be a great addition to any space that needs fine furniture for seating for two or more for a relaxing time.  Seating solutions for your patio area will be what we will talk about in this article.  From the simple two chairs and a side table to the sets with section pieces that can be arraigned to match any patio area size.

First step in finding your right patio furniture set for you and your guest is how many butts do you need to sit.  Having the right number of seats that will sit your guest and not overfill your area, the worst thing you can do is have too much furniture for a given space.

Why would you choose Acacia wood furniture for your patio, This type of wood would be one of the best choices for long term outdoor furniture.  If taken care of properly, a cleaning and coating with the proper oil once a year, this wood will last longer than most of its owners.  The cushions of these sets will be the weak point and should be stored for more than a couple of seasons of use.  See some of my storage solutions in my post here.

Now lets look at some Chat Sets in seating sizes, how many butts do you intend to sit, how big is your patio area.  Answer these questions first before you purchase your patio furniture

Patio Seating for Two


Manor Park Acacia Chat SetManor Park Chat Set


The two chairs with side table will have a slated wood design on the backs and sides.  Arched arms will aid in seating comfort along with the seating cushions.  Wood can be purchased in three different finishes, Brown, Dark Brown or a Grey Wash if you want that beach look without the wait.

Chairs will be 24 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 37 inches tall.  Each chair will have a Polyester material covered cushion with a foam filling for long term seating comfort.

Four straight legs will support a square top with a slated top.  The top will be 20 inches across and 18 inches tall.

This set will work well for those looking for options wood tone color and wanting seating for two.  For more information on this Manor Park 3 piece Chat Set, look at my article here.

Better Homes and Gardens Fayette Chat Set

Better Homes and Gardens Fayette Chat set with leg rest


Looking for comfort for your lower legs, this chat set with slanted ottomans will be your choice.  The frames are made from Acacia wood with a multi colored resin wicker material for the seats, back and top of the ottomans.

The chairs and table have angled supports to match the angled ottomans.  This gives a real modern look to this set.  The ottomans will store under the chairs when not needed or for storage.

Each chair will be 26.2 inches wide, 31.5 deep and 38.6 inches tall.  Straight top arms will give you a place to relax your arms while sitting.  Ottomans are 20.9 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 20.3 inches tall.

Square side table will have a slatted top design with four legs for support.  Top will be 20 inches across and it will be 20.9 tall.

For those looking for extra leg comfort, and a modern design this set will work well.


Aubriella Faded Gray Chat SetAubriella Chat Set


Looking for a small set for that smaller patio area, this chat set will work well.  With two small chairs and a small side table it will fit even the smallest patio or apartment balcony area.  Finish on this set will be a faded gray that will look great if you are looking for that beach look without waiting for the wood to fade.

Each chair will be 23.75 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 35.5 inches tall.  Two slates will cover the back and three slates will cover the seat, adding some seating cushions will enhance your long term sitting comfort.  I have a similar set of chairs that are very comfortable for short term sitting without cushions.

Square top table will have the same cross brace design for the legs with a slat top.  The top will be 18 inches across and 18 inches tall for your snacks and drinks.

This chat set will work well for those with smaller areas that could use a seating solution for two people.

Laney Chat Set with MotionLaney Chat Set with Rocking chairs


Looking for some motion in your small seating patio set, this set will give you a rocking motion in the chairs plus cushions for extra seating comfort.  Flat arms will give you comfort fro your arms while sitting.  Two color combinations are available, lighter wood with gray cushions or a darker wood tone with off white cushions (shown).

Each rocking chair will be 26 inches wide and 36 inches deep, this is because of the rockers, and 36.75 inches tall.  The cushions have both a polyester material for covers and a polyester filling.

Rectangular topped table will have curved legs, much like a camel saddle.  Top will be a slatted design that is  19 inches wide, 15 inches deep and 19.25 inches tall.

If you are looking for movement in your patio furniture, this rocking set will work best for you.


Patio Seating for Four


Sparks Acacia wood conversation setSparks Chat Set


This traditional patio chat set will have two chairs, a love seat and coffee table.  A slatted look for the backs, sides of the seating pieces and the ends and top of the coffee table.  A small arch will add comfort to the arms of the seating pieces.

A light brown color to the wood will give you the look of a start to fade to a light grey color.  Cushions are included for the seats and back positions.

Chairs will be 24 inches wide, 27.75 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall.  The love seat will be 55 inches wide with the same other measurements.  A light beige polyester fabric cushions will give you extended seating comfort, cushions are also available in a dark or light blue.  Cushions will need a storage solution to last more than a couple of years in outdoor conditions.

Coffee table will be a standard size at 40 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18.225 inches tall.  The ends will be closed in for a stronger look and feel.

Cascada Acacia wood chat setCascada Chat Set


A four piece patio conversation set with a little different style.  The backs, sides of the seating pieces and the top of the coffee table have a spit slat design.  Arms are angled out a little to make room for the backs that are wider at the top than the bottom.

Chairs will be 27.5 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 33 inches tall.  Love seat will be 58.75 inches wide.  Light blue polyester cushions will be included for the seating pieces, I would recommend a storage solution for the cushions to prolong there life in outdoor conditions.

Coffee table will have a lower shelf that has open slats for extra storage, some smaller items may not sit well on the widely spaced slats.  The table is standard size at 40 inches long, 24 inches wide and 18.5 inches tall.

This patio set has extra storage and style with the arched looking back to the seating pieces.

Mercado Acacia Wood conversation setMercado Chat Set


A little more style in this chat set, cushions for both the seat and backs for extra comfort.  Arms will be arched for arm comfort with a cross weave design for each arm.  Table will also have a cross weave design on the ends with a support running between the end pieces for extra support.

Each chair will be 26.5 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall, with the love seat 54.25 inches wide.  Each sitting piece will have one cushion for the seat and one for the back in a off white color.  Storage when not in use is recommended for the cushions.

Coffee table is 40 inches long, 24 inches wide and 18.5 inches tall.  The top will be a almost closed slatted design to keep your drinks steady and still allow moisture to fall through.

This is a great looking and comfortable set for your patio furniture needs.


Hipali Acadia wood conversation setHipali Chat Set


Looking for a closed look in your Acacia wood patio furniture, this set will work for you.  The boxy look will give you a fully enclosed look with the slats running full vertical on all sides.  My opinion is looks like something made from used pallets, just a lot better wood quality.

All seating positions will have a cross design on the outsides of the arms for more details.  Storage is available under the seats via a hinged back to the seat bases, the storage is not water proof.  Each chair is 32 inches wide, 32.25 inches deep and 30.75 inches tall.  Love seat is 54.33 inches wide.  This set will seem to take up more space with its closed look, it is not that much bigger than others in this article.

Seating and backs will have white cushions to extend your seating comfort.  I would find a storage solution for them to make them last more than a couple of seasons.   Although seats and backs are the same slatted design, it would not be very comfortable to use this set without the cushions.

Coffee table is 41.33 inches long, 22.5 inches wide and 17 inches tall.  It is slightly larger than the average sized coffee table for patio sets.  No real storage is available with out lifting the table up and putting things under it.

This set will work best for those looking for a more closed design for their patio furniture.


Emilia Acacia patio conversation setEmila Chat Set


This is a simple Acacia wood patio conversation set that can be used with or without the included cushions with the wood slats for the seating positions.  The seating pieces will offer a slanted back for more seating comfort.  In a honey oak colored wood tone with an off white cushion, this wet will fit most decors for your sitting needs.

Each chair will be 23.6 inches wide, 26.75 inches deep and 36 inches tall, with the love seat 47.25 inches wide.  Cushions will have ties to hold them in place when they are in use, they should be stored when not needed out of the extreme weather conditions outdoors.

Coffee table is 35.5 inches long, 17.75 inches wide and 17 inches high.  This is smaller than standard size, great if you have a smaller space for your patio area.  Four straight legs will support the table at each corner.  A closely spaced slatted top will allow drink glasses to be stable while sitting on the top.

This set will be for those with smaller outdoor sitting areas and still want a full conversation set.

Manor Park conversation set with two love seatsManor Park Chat Set


The Manor Park patio conversation furniture will come in two styles, one with two love seats or one with a love seat and two chairs.  This will give you two choices of seating styles that can make your choices easier, both will use the same coffee table.

Slats will cover most solid surfaces and cushions will cover the seating portions.  Cushions will be a light white color and be made with polyester material covers,  For more than a couple of seasons of use, storage out of weather will be needed.

Manor Park wooden conversation setThe chairs will be 20 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 37 inches tall.  Love seat will be 48 inches wide with the same other measurements.  Each sitting piece will have slightly arched arms for your seating comfort.

Coffee table will be a little larger at 50 inches long, 20 inches deep and 21 inches tall.  Four legs, one at each corner will be stabilized by a lower shelf that has the same style of slats as the top.

This style of Acadia conversation set will give you two choices of seating styles for your patio area.


Patio Seating for More


Sparks double conversation setSparks 8 Piece Chat Set


This set is just two of the Sparks four piece conversation set.  If you have a larger area that needs seating, you may want to look at getting this double set that matches.  With cushions for extra seating comfort you will have seating for eight to sit around your patio or pool area.

This set will be great for those who have parties or large families to entertain often.

Park Acacia wood conversation setPark 4 piece Chat Set


If you are looking for a contemporary patio furniture in the Acacia wood line, the Park conversation set will be for you.  With the smooth lines and styling this set will make your outside space shine.  Not easy to set up in many ways, it fits better in a corner as the cushions and wood pieces are made to fit together in only one main pattern.

Where the cushions are the slates are wider apart and are close together where no cushions are, like the ends of the seating and top of the coffee table.  Legs are at an angle to add to the contemporary look.  Cushions will have a polyester cover in a sandblasted color, they will need storage out of the weather when not in use.

Coffee table is 27.5 inches square with one corner cut at an angle, the table will be 14.5 inches tall.  Top will have a close slat to keep your drinks steady.

This is a very elegant patio conversation set, if you are looking for a more modern design, this set will be great for your outdoor decor.  The worst part of this set is the fact that it will only work if you set it up like the picture, you cannot move the pieces around for different seating arraignments.

Brendon 6 piece Acacia Wood Chat SetBrendon 6 piece Chat Set


This set will have a Love Seat, four Chairs and a coffee table, seating for six of your guest.  The wood is finished in a gray tone that has a weathered look with the cream colored cushions it will give your patio area the feeling of the beach side resorts.

Wide slates will fill the backs, seats and under the arms for the seating pieces.  Ties will keep your cushions in place while your sit.  Cushions will have a polyester cover that will require storage if they are to last more than a couple of years.

Chairs are 24 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall, the love seat is 55 inches wide to fit two butts.   Seating pieces will have cushions on the seats and backs, you could use this set with the seating cushions only, it would still be comfortable to sit on.

Coffee table is 40 inches long. 24 inches wide and 18.25 inches tall. Tight slats on the top will keep drinks steady, with slats similar to the seating pieces on the end panels.  A lower support post will stabilize the leg pieces.

This patio chat set will work great for those looking for seating for six and want the ability to move the furniture around when needed.


Jenny 8 piece Acacia Wood Patio Chat SetJenny 8 piece Chat Set


Have a large space and need the ability to seat 8 people, this set will work for you.  Just like a double regular conversation set, you will be able to arraign your patio furniture in many ways.  The wood will have a little patina, still in a brown color.  Cushions will be a dark blue color with polyester covers, as with the others in this article, storage is recommended when not in use for prolonged outdoor life.

Each of the four chairs will be 24 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall.  Love seat will be 55 inches wide.  Blue cushions will cover the seating and back positions, you can use this set without the back cushions if needed.  Cushions will have ties for all pieces.

Coffee table will be 40 inches long, 24 inches wide and 18.5 inches tall.  They will look very similar to the Brendon coffee table above with the slatted ends and bar connecting them.

This set can be arraigned in many fashions and the coffee tables can be put together for a large table, too low to eat a meal but a great place to store a lot of food, drinks, snacks or reading material.


Teak Wood StagesTaking care of your Acacia Wood patio furniture

The Acacia wood will need a yearly application of an oil to keep the color that you start with.  Each manufacturer will have their own oil for the finish, tongue oil is the most recommended.  Your purchase may have their own oil to keep the warranty in effect.  If you do not apply this yearly, your wood should start to weather to the faded beach look, some like the look of the light grey.

Cushions for each of these sets have polyester covers, this is not the best fabric for outdoor patio furniture. It will last a few years if left outside without storage, you can prolong its outdoor usefulness by storing your cushions in a dry environment when not in use.  I do have some storage solutions in some articles here.



Teak folding chairs with table top wine bottle holder

My Teak folding chairs with a table top wine bottle rack

What I like about these premium wood patio furniture sets


When looking for a premium and great looking seating solution for your outdoor area, the Acacia Wood Patio Furniture Sets in this article will handle most smaller spaces that need to sit from 2 to 4 people.  Several options are available from movement, extra storage or cushions for longer term sitting comfort.  Your choice will depend on the look you are after and the amount of butts that you need to store.

I have a set of chairs that are very similar to the Aubriella chat set, my chairs do fold for storage when not needed and I do not have a side table with mine.  These chairs are quit old and still look great and sit well.

If you have any questions or comments on these or other items on this site, leave me a comment with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.