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Outdoor Patio Sectional Furniture Sets


Having a large outdoor space that needs some seating, you may find the one of these Outdoor Patio Sectional Furniture Sets for solving your needs.  The steel powder coated frames will have a resin wicker weave that looks much like the rattan wicker that has been used in outdoor furniture for hundreds of years.  If you take care of this furniture properly, you will never have to replace the frames or wicker material.

There are three styles of sofa sets in this article, one should fit your sitting needs.  You can use this furniture indoors or outdoors, it will fit nicely in both environments.

Now lets get to the details of each set and see what will work best for you.  If you would rather just look at the pricing and availability of these sets without reading, use the link below to go directly to the vendor.


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Baner Garden 4-Piece Outdoor Furniture Complete Set, Black

Price when the article was written: $509.99

Where to get for the best price online:

Baner Garden Outdoor Patio Sectional Furniture Sets

Details of this set

You will receive four pieces of furniture with this set, two end pieces that will sit two with arms on one end, a corner piece and an ottoman.  A black wicker skirt will go around the ottoman and on the front of the long sitting parts.  Arms and backs will also have a wicker skirt to the top.

Baner Garden black sofa set as conversation setThe ottoman will have a glass top to be used as a coffee table or you can place the cushion on the top for the ottoman effect.  It is square at 25.5 inches across and 12.75 inches tall without the cushion.

Corner sitting piece is 29.5 inches square and 27.5 inches tall.  Each of the long sitting pieces is 27.5 inches tall, 51 inches long and 29.5 inches deep to match the corner piece.  Each long piece will have an arm on the opposite end.  Each sitting piece is rated for 350 pounds.
Flat cushions for seating and top of the ottoman will be complimented with pillows for the backs and each arm.
Setting up as in the second picture you can increase the number of people who can use this set.  Just don’t let the person sitting with the piece with no arm have too many adult beverages, they may fall off.


  • Resin wicker material is very durable
  • Can be set up as conversation set
  • Can be used without the back cushions


  • Parts do not lock together
  • No storage under table
  • Knees will be close in the corner


Baner Garden Sofa Couch Set, Black or brown

Price when article was written: $708.95 (brown) $648.40 (black)

Where to get for the best price online:

Baner Garden brown sofa with full skirt

Details on this set

This is the set you want if you like the full wicker look.  This set will have resin wicker panels all the way to the ground on all sides.  The bottom of the seating will not have any openings under it, the ottoman will have a panel on one long side that will lift up for storage, this will not be enough room for cushion storage.

An ottoman or table will be 35.5 inches long, 23.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall without the cushion.  It will have a glass top for the table and you can add the included cushion for the ottoman look.  One long panel on the side will have an open handle so it can be lifted for storage.  Cushion is included for this piece.

The long pieces will have an arm on each end and seating for two.  One corner piece will let you make this one big sofa or several other designs.

Each of the long pieces are 52 inches long, 28 inches deep and 26.75 inches tall.  Each will have an arm on the opposite end.  The corner piece is 28 inches square and 26.75 inches tall.

Flat grey cushions are used for all seating and back positions.


  • Storage under the ottoman
  • Full wicker skirt on all pieces


  • Pieces do not lock together
  • Cushions will need storage to last several years


Baner Garden Sofa Couch Set 6-Pieces

Price when the article was written: $900

Where to get for the best price online:

Baner Garden chairs as sofa with ottoman

Details of this set

This is the most versatile set in this article.  Each sitting piece will only hold one person, you can arrange in any sitting style, even using each chair as a separate sitting piece.

Chairs are 24 inches wide, 28.25 inches deep and 25.5 inches tall.  The corner chair is 28.25 inches square and 25.5 inches tall, it would be the only piece with an arm on one side if you sit it alone.

The ottoman is 28.25 inches square and will sit slightly higher than chairs with the cushion on top.  There is an open shelf under the ottoman for storage.

Cushions are 4 inches thick, they will need to be stored out of the weather to last for several years.



  • Unlimited sitting arrangements
  • Can be used as single chairs


  • No clips to hold parts together
  • No arms for sitting parts
  • Cushions will need to be stored when not in use

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My thoughts on these sofa sets

I like the versatility of these Outdoor Patio Sectional Furniture Sets, you can use as individual chairs or as a sofa.  The biggest drawback is that it does not have any arms, if you need arms to stay in place, use one of the other sets.  What are your thoughts?

With any of these sets, the weakest point is going to be the cushions and there ability to last in outdoor conditions.  I will always recommend storage for outdoor cushions when not in use, see some of my storage ideas here.

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