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Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Seating


Still stuck in the 50’s and looking for some Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Seating for your patio area, the new Better Homes and Gardens Arlo conversation set can satisfy the look you need.  With an oval coffee table and clean lines of the steel frames and thick brown cushions, this set will look great by the pool or patio looking over the beach.

This patio furniture set will work for those looking for a clean look also, the lines of this furniture with the addition on the puffy cushions will give you and your guest hours of comfortable sitting.

Now let look at the details and see if this style will work with your outdoor decor.


Price when article was written: $487.65 Free Freight Shipping


Arlo Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Seating

What do you get in the box


The love seat, two chairs and coffee table will have steel frames that are powder coated in a dark brown color.  The table will have a powder coated wood grain looking oval steel top.

Chairs will be 29 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 25 inches tall.  Love seat will be similar in measurements to the chairs with a 60 inch width. The short wide seating will be very comfortable, may be difficult to get out of for older people or those with mobility problems.

The cushions will sit on a sling fabric on the seat and a strapped plastic material for the seating backs, this material is very similar to the resin wicker material used in most patio furniture today.  A polyester fiberfill will be covered with a brown polyester fabric cover.  There are straps that hold the seat cushions in place.

Arlo Coffee Table top woodgrainTable will have an oval top with a wood grain finish.  Four straight legs will give you that real clean mid century look.  The table will be 40 inches long, 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall.  A little lower than the standard coffee table, this goes with the lower seating positions of the chairs and love seats.

This set will work great for those looking for the Mid Century look in their patio furniture.  The clean lines and lower seating will give you a great look and feel for you and your guest.  Total weight of this set is under 75 pounds, it will be easy to relocate to another area in your outdoor space or when you need to store it for the winter months.

Assembly and care of your patio furniture


Arlo cushion strapAll seating pieces will come with assembled frames with clean looking welds holding pieces together, you will just need to add cushions to start using them.  The table will need the legs added to use.  By the time you get the items out of the box to using your set can be as little as 15 minutes.  This does not include picking up all of the packing materials and box.

As with any patio furniture with a powder coated finish, Do not use any harsh chemicals when cleaning the painted surfaces.  Even using a glass cleaner on the table top will start the paint to fade and peel.  Use a mild soap and water or just a damp rag for cleaning the painted surfaces.

Cushions should be stored when not in use, see some of my storage solutions in my post here.  When your cushions get minor stains, only use mild soap and water, any harsh chemicals will start your fabric to start to fade and come apart.


  • Clean looks and oval table
  • Only table needs assembly
  • Light weight easy to move


  • Cushions will need storage when not in use
  • Table top will require great care to keep the wood grain look
  • Some will find the lower seating hard to get out of


For more of this mid century look in your patio furniture, follow the link below

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Arlo Conversation set seat structure

My final thoughts on this patio set


The Arlo conversation set will have great looks for your Mid-Century Outdoor Seating needs.  Some will not like the lower seating, the look of this set will far out weigh the trouble of trying to get out of the thick cushions.  For older folks this might be more of a problem or if you had too many adult beverages.

The clean lines will be what gets the most attention for this patio furniture set.  If this is the look you are after this is the set for you.  Just have a storage solution for the cushions to make this set last for many years.

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