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Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 10 x 10


Looking for that shade solution for your patio or yard space and do not like the idea of a table umbrella, this Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 10 x 10 Abilene design will look great. The open-top will let the light and sun in, when the sun is not directly overhead the slated top will give you a good amount of shade.

Made from solid cedar, you will get a product that will look great and have a great aroma.  The cedar will be able to be cleaned with a power washer on a light setting and treated once a year to keep it looking like new.  You can also let the wood age if you wish, I prefer the new clean look and the wood will last longer.

I have an arbor made from this material, it has been outside for several years with little care and still looks like new.  I like the look of the wood and it looks better than the white plastic material that some pergolas and arbors are made of.  The wood will not crack or turn yellow in the sun like the plastic will.

Now let us look at the details of this pergola and see if this wooden pergola will be a great solution for your patio or outdoor space.

Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 10 x 10

Product: Backyard Discovery Abilene Cedar Pergola 10 x 10

Price when the article was written: $525.00 plus
                                                  $49.97 freight shipping
Where to get for the best price online: Walmart

What do you get in the box


This item will come in a very large box that if delivered is only promised to the curb of your yard.  The box is 91.25 inches long, 22.25 inches wide and 11.25 inches tall. It will weigh 249 pounds.  Getting it from the curb to a place for final assembly may take a couple of people or a cart of some kind and several helpful friends.  The other way to do it is how I did my shed, I carried it several pieces at a time after opening the box.

Your Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola will be a great looking piece after it is put together.  Assembly will be covered below.  Four legs will support a series of cross pieces on the top.  Braces will keep your top and legs at right angles.  All hardware is steel painted with a matte black finish.

Top cross pieces will hold back some of the sunshine during the early and late part of the day.  Having the bigger lower pieces facing north and south will give you more shade during this time of the day.

Albeline Cedar Pergola middle bracketsThe top is 10 feet across on each side, the base is 8.5 feet across on the outside of each leg.  Inside dimensions will be about the same as an 8-foot square deck.  It will be 7 feet 10 inches tall on the very top.  There enough headroom for all but the very tall people, with an inside height of 6 foot 7 inches.

Base plates for the bottom end of each leg will allow you to attach the pergola to a solid surface to keep it in place during windy conditions.  With the cross upper structure and braces on the top of each leg, this pergola will be very sturdy during most conditions.

Side and top curtains are available for extra shading needs.  They are retractable and removable for storage when not needed.  If you have a sunning side that is a problem, this is one solution that will not cost a lot of money or time.

This cedar pergola will be a great addition to any outdoor space that is at least 10-foot square and has a flat level surface.  If you have a four-piece conversation set or a small dining set, you will find this a great place to sit and relax in the shade that is provided.

Abeline cedar pergola top on the inside

Assembly of your cedar pergola



You will need several extra hands during assembly.  Some power tools will also be needed, Cordless drill with a 1/8 inch drill bit will be a great help when assembling this kit.  Other tools that will help in the assembly are a six-foot ladder for each worker, ratchet wrench with 1/4 and 5/16 inch sockets, hex head driver for the Phillips screws, tape measure and any drill bit that you will need to attach your pergola to the floor surface.

There is an app for you to follow to assemble your Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola.  To find it on your mobile device, type in BILT in your search bar in your store.  You will find 3-D instructions for all Backyard Discovery products on this app.  Just look up your model number and get going.

The app will provide step by step instructions with 3-D pictures.  Each step will tell you what hardware will be needed.  You can get close up looks by pinching the view and changing the size.  Customer service is just a touch away with the app, via phone number.

Make sure before you start assembly, you have your spot picked out and cleaned off.  You will have to assemble this pergola on the spot that it will sit when finished.


Abeline Cedar Pergola foot for mountingCare of your pergola



The arbor that I have that is made of Cedar still looks like new after two years in the yard.  I just coat it with a cedar wood sealant once a year.  This takes about an hour from start to finish, it may take a little longer for this pergola.  If you do this and remove any stains with a mixture of mild soap and water you should be happy with your work.

If you get large stains or it has been several years since you took care of it, you may want to power wash the surface on a low setting before putting on the sealant.

Light to moderate winds will not be much of a problem for this arbor.  If mounted to the surface, you may find that it will handle a little more wind.  Once in place, this pergola will be a load to move.


  • Can provide shade during early and late hours of the day
  • If you mount this pergola, if will be easy to add lighting
  • Big enough to for a conversation set or small dining set
  • App for mobile devices for assembly and warranty


  • Assembly is time-consuming and will need several people
  • Once in place, will be hard to move to a new location without taking apart
  • Will need resurfacing once a year to keep looking like new


For more information on this Abilene Pergola from, use the following link

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Final thoughts on this pergola

The Abilene model of Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 10 x 10 will be a great way to add shade to any big outside area.  Assembly and moving the big box it comes in are the biggest hurdle to overcome.  Once put together, little or no work is needed to keep looking great.
I like this option better than the vinyl versions, They each have there own look.  I just like the wood look for my outdoor spaces.  Add some curtains or top fabric to have additional shade, you will get a lot more use of your outdoor space that is on the west side of your home.
If you have any questions or would like to add a comment, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.