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Outdoor Backless Benches


If you are looking for extra seating for dining or just relaxing by the pool, look at one of these Outdoor Backless Benches for a solution.  You can pull it up to a dining table to seat your guest or move to any area in your outdoor space that needs seating.  They all have different qualities, some will have storage, different color styles or just the style of the seating area.

Each style will fit a certain decor style, you will have to look at each style and see what works best for your patio seating needs.

Now let us look at the two major wood types of outdoor backless benches in this article.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is found in Australia and most of Asia, it is a very plentiful wood supply.  It will last very well in most outdoor weather conditions and will withstand mold, mildew, fungi, termites, and will be rot, and decay-resistant.  Once a year treatment with tongue oil will keep your finish looking like new.

Eucalyptus Wood

Eucalyptus wood is mainly grown in Australia.  It is grown on plantations for its wood value.  The Koala uses this tree for its main diet, it is a very hardy tree in Australia, it is only grown on farms in other countries.

As with Acacia wood, it will tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions very well.  Bugs and other vermin do not like to chew on it either, so it will only need to be refreshed once a year with a recommended good oil.


Now let us look at the nine designs of benches for your outdoor needs.  If you want to look at other outdoor garden benches that are available, look at my post with this link.

Better Homes & Gardens Delahey Wood Outdoor Backless BenchesBetter Homes & Gardens Delahey Slatted Wood Outdoor Bench


Price when this article was written: $82

This bench is made with FSC mixwood (this is a nonspecified wood) with a dark brown painted finish.  Slats will run front to back with a slight bow to cuddle your backside.  A band of wood will surround the slatted wood to make up the top of the bench.  Four straight legs will support this bench.

The bench is 47 inches long, 16.5 inches deep, and 17 inches tall.  It will weigh 27 pounds and hold up to 500 pounds of weight.



  • Easy assembly
  • Slatted seat area for water draining
  • Curved seat for comfort


  • Non-specified wood type
  • The painted surface may be hard to fix
  • No storage area


Ty Acacia Wood outdoor backless benchesTy Acacia Wood Outdoor Bench


Price when this article was written: Starting at $108.06

The Acacia wood bench will have metal legs and supports.  It will be available in two different color combinations, White metal frames with dark brown Acacia Wood or Black metal frames with driftwood colored Acacia Wood. The end legs will be angled and have a lower bar for support, a longer bar runs from one end to the other.

The bench will be 63 inches wide, 14.75 inches deep, and 17.5 inches high.  It will weigh 32 pounds so it should be easy to move when needed.

This bench is for those looking for the rugged metal frames with a wooden bench to sit on.


  • Two-color combinations to choose from
  • Acacia wood seat
  • Heavy metal frames


  • No storage
  • Painted metal may rust if scratched
  • No weight limit is given



Katia Acacia Wood outdoor backless BenchesKatia Acacia Wood Outdoor Bench


Price when this article was written: $116

This bench will have an Acacia wood seat and steel legs with an adjustment rod.  The rod will keep the legs tight as they are angled out away from the middle.  A bar will connect each leg at the ends, this bar will anchor the adjustable rod that goes end to end.

The wood bench will be made of Acacia wood running from end to with slat openings to let moisture go thru so water does not puddle on the top when it rains.

The bench is 63 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep and 17.75 inches tall.  It will weigh 32 pounds so it will be easy to move.



  • Acacia wood seat
  • Metal legs for heavy-duty support
  • Adjustable rod for legs


  • Not all wood construction
  • Metal may rust if damaged

5-foot Eucalyptus Outdoor Backless BenchesEucalyptus Wood Backless Bench


Price when this article was written: $109.57

This eucalyptus wood bench will have a curved seat for better comfort for your buns.  Slats on the top run from one end to the other without any other framing on top.  The end legs will have lower support between them with support running the length for extra support.

The bench will be 59 inches long, 19 inches deep, and 18 inches high.  It will support 550 pounds and there is room for three butts on this bench without too much trouble.  It will weigh 31 pounds, so it will be easy to move if needed.

This bench will work well for those looking for simple extra seating by the pool or at a table.


  • Eucalyptus wood frames
  • Slated seat for fast water draining
  • Curved seat for more comfort


  • No storage area

Solid Wood Outdoor Backless BenchSolid Wood Outdoor Bench by Manor Park


Price when this article was written: Starting at $199

This Acacia wood bench will have slats from one end to the other, this will help it not to hold water after a rain.  The legs at each end will have a support bar towards the bottom.  The top border will have a finished look and the benchtop will be flat all the way across.

This bench will come in a choice of three finishes, the standard wood color, a darker brown finish or a weathered light gray finish that looks like it belongs on a beach somewhere.

The bench is 53 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 18 inches tall.


  • Acacia wood frames
  • Three wood color finishes
  • Clean lines of the seating area


  • No storage area
  • No weight capacity is given
  • No end stops on the top of the bench


Malibu Outdoor Backless Garden BenchesMalibu Hardwood Garden Bench


Price when this article was written: $79.98

This eucalyptus wood bench will have a front to back slatted top and curved legs for design.  The curved legs will have extra support with wedges at the corner of the seat and two bars between each of the end legs.

The bench will be 50 inches long, 17 inches deep, and 18 inches off the ground.  It will support 400 pounds of weight.  The weight of the bench is 27 pounds, one person could move it by themselves.

This is a great simple design that does not cost a lot, it will last as many years as you take care of the finish.



  • Eucalyptus wood frame
  • Low price
  • Open slat seat will not hold water


  • No storage area


Manor Park Chevron Acacia Wood outdoor backless benchesManor Park Chevron Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Bench


Price when this article was written: $187.27

The acacia wood for this bench will come in two colors, brown and dark brown.  The top will have a herringbone insert to give it a rich look.  Full-length slates will give you storage on the bottom shelf. The ends will be raised with a straight leg design.

The bench will be 48 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 16 inches tall.  Lower storage is 10 inches tall.  This bench will support 500 pounds on weight.

This bench is for those who want a great look with storage under the bench.


  • Storage shelf on the bottom
  • Herringbone insert in the top
  • Acacia wood finish in two colors


  • Storage area not closed in


For a video presentation of this article, use the link below


Renaissance Outdoor backless benchesRenaissance Garden Bench


Price when this article was written: $118.50

This acacia wood bench will have a slatted deck for seating and legs at each end for support.  The look is more like a Cleopatra type bench with the raised ends.  The acacia wood has a faded finish in a light gray color.

The bench is 59 inches long, 17 inches deep, and 18 inches tall.  The extra width will let three people sit on it, you still will only be able to sit a total of 550 pounds of weight.

This bench is best for those looking for the faded color and needing seating for three.


  • Holds three butts
  • Acacia wood frame
  • The slatted top will not hold water


  • Will not hold three full-sized adults
  • No storage area
  • Some will not like the faded look of the wood


Branco Outdoor Backless BenchesBranco Acacia Bench with Storage


Price when this article was written: $179.21

This Acacia wood bench will have an open design for the front of the storage areas.  The white-colored cross supports and post will complement the slated top and shelf bottoms in a dark gray color.

The bench will be 51.2 inches wide, 13.8 inches deep, and 18.1 inches tall.  Each storage cube will be 22.8 inches wide, 10.2 inches deep, and 13.8 inches tall.

The bench will weigh 26 pounds and will support 450 pounds of seating weight.  This is a great bench for those looking for extra storage and contemporary design, it does look more like a sofa table than a bench.



  • Storage on the bottom shelf
  • Slatted seat design
  • Painted finish


  • Open to the bottom only on one side
  • Only available in the white and gray color combination
  • Items in storage not out of the weather


For more information on a garden bench for your outdoor space, use the link below

Outdoor Backless Benches


My final thoughts on these benches

You will find many uses for one of these Outdoor Backless Benches when you get one you will use it all around your outdoor or indoor space.  It can double for extra seating for your dining table or just in the entranceway to your home for putting on shoes before going out.

Having the choice of one of the many styles of benches in this article will let you match your current decor or start something new.  For more ideas for seating or benches for your garden area, see my post here.

Any questions or comments on this or any other article on this site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.