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Better Homes & Gardens Belfair Patio Gray Wicker Umbrella Stand Side TableBetter Homes & Gardens Belfair Gray Wicker

Price when this article was written: $69.99


This side table will have a steel frame with a light-colored driftwood gray resin wicker finish.  A flat square top will be held up with curved sided lower panels.  A small lower shelf will give additional storage space for your stuff.

A 1.5 hole with sleave will be in both the top and lower shelf, caps are included for when no umbrella is needed.  You will need to add an umbrella base to stabilize this base against moderate winds.

The base will be 20 inches across and 20 inches tall.  If you get an umbrella base it will need to be 18 inches across or less to fit nicely under this table.  This table will only weigh 13 pounds empty, it will be easy to move.



  • Great resin wicker finish
  • A small shelf for storage
  • Lightweight for easy movement


  • Need to add umbrella stand for stability
  • Cannot store big items


Hanover Outdoor Traditions Umbrella Stand Side TableHanover Outdoor Traditions Square Cast Aluminum

Price when this article was written: $199


This square top table will be cast aluminum with a dark bronze finish.  The top will be a cast aluminum also with a decorative weave that matches other Hanover patio furniture collections.

The table will be larger at 26 inches across, 22 inches tall and will weight almost 50 pounds.  The four sides do not open to store anything under the top.

The umbrella will be supported by a series of 2-inch holes in the top, under top support and bottom plate.  The under top support will have a set screw to keep the umbrella in place.  No extra weight will be needed with this table.  If you want to add extra weight, you must do it while putting together as the sides or bottom does not open.



  • Great bronze finish
  • No extra stand needed
  • Screw under the top to secure umbrella



  • Heavy, harder to move
  • No storage under tabletop
  • No way to add weight easily

Hanover round Umbrella Stand Side TableHanover 25 In. Round Umbrella Side Table with Tile Tabletop

Price when this article was written: $456.18

A great looking round table with a one-piece tile top with an aluminum body with a bronze powder-coated finish.  The four side pieces will have a great looking cross-weave design.

The 2-inch hole in the top and bottom plate will support your umbrella.  The over 100 pounds of weight will keep your umbrella stable in most moderate to light winds.

The top will be 25 inches across to handle drinks and a small meal if needed.  The sides do not remove without disassembly, if you need to add weight you will need to take the bottom off of this stand.

This stand will match many Hannover patio furniture collections.


  • Round design with tile top
  • Handle holes for easier movement
  • No additional weight needed


  • May be difficult to replace top if broken
  • No way to add weight
  • No storage under the tabletop


Hanover round tabletop Umbrella Stand Side TableHanover 25 In. Round Side Table

Price when this article was written: $234.99

Simple design with a round base, tube connection it to a round tabletop.  This table is made from cast aluminum with a bronze powder-coated finish.

Designed to look like a stand-alone umbrella stand with a round tabletop about 20 inches above the ground.  The top is 25 inches across, 19 inches tall and will weigh 30 pounds.  A 2-inch hole in the top and a tube that will handle a 2-inch umbrella pole will support the top.

This stand will work for light wind conditions, for moderate or high winds, I would remove the umbrella shade for best results.


  • Simple clean design
  • No need for extra weight


  • No storage under the top
  • No way to add any other weight
  • Not made for moderate or heavy winds


Better Homes & Gardens Harbor City Wicker Umbrella Stand Side TableBetter Homes & Gardens Harbor City Patio Wicker Umbrella Stand Table

Price when this article was written: $88.99

If you are looking to match the finish on your resin wicker patio furniture, this would be a great choice.  With a slated top and the four sides with a resin wicker design, it will work well with a lot of this type of patio furniture.

At 24 inches across and 18 inches tall it will give you a lot of tabletop space.  A 1.5-inch hole in the tabletop will let your umbrella slide in.  The table will weigh 28 pounds and will not need to have additional weight for light winds.  If you would like to use this table and stand in heavier wind conditions, add weight to the bottom.  The side do not remove with ease, you will have to lift up to add weight.



  • Simple design
  • Resin wicker will match a lot of patio furniture
  • Can add umbrella stand


  • Not easy to add weight
  • Must pick up to add weight



California Umbrella stand side tableCalifornia Umbrella Sunmaster Side Table

Price when this article was written: $123.25

This aluminum side table will have a slat top with sides that go halfway up and leave the top open to tighten the screw on the umbrella pole or add weight to the bottom.

A bottom shelf can support up to 70 pounds of additional weight so that your stand can hold up to moderate winds.  A round internal pole will go between the top and base (about 1.5 inches off the floor) of this stand.

The top will be 20 inches across, 18 inches tall and will weigh 32 pounds with no additional weight.



  • Can throw things in the bottom
  • Screw type umbrella lock under the tabletop
  • Available in two colors


  • Anything in the bottom can be seen
  • No real storage under the tabletop


Island Umbrella stand side tableIsland Umbrella Base with Adjustable Table Top

Price when this article was written: $122.87

This round top table that also will hold an umbrella has a mesh type top and poly base.  A two-part pole connects the top and base.

A screw will tighten the umbrella pole to the table pole.  This table will accept an umbrella pole that is between 1.5 and 1.9 inches wide.  The two-part center pole will allow you to use this table at 19.5 inches tall or 44.5 inches tall, depending on if you use one or two of the center poles.

The base will be 21.5 inches across and the top will be 19.5 inches across.  I like the mesh tops for the ease of cleaning and it lasts very well in outdoor conditions.

This table will weigh 42 pounds and will be hard to add any more weight to, it will work well in light wind conditions.  It is not recommended to place more than 33 pounds on the tabletop.


  • Table height adjustable
  • Can use with bar height chairs


  • No extra storage
  • Some welds broke when picked up by the top
  • Smaller tabletop


For more information on these umbrella base tables, follow the link below

Umbrella base side table

What are my final thoughts on these tables

If you are looking for a solution to a seating set that does not have a table for your umbrella support, one of these Umbrella stands with a Side Table for your solution.  I like the looks of the Belair wicker model for its look.  The resin wicker finish will look great for any patio furniture collection.

When looking to keep your umbrella in place, each patio area will have its own issues with wind or sun.  Your decor may tell you what kind of umbrella stand you need to get.  If you want to step away from the crown and do not have a table for your umbrella, one of these solutions could work great for you.

Any questions or comments on this article or any other article on my site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.