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Balcony Bistro Sets for Sale


Do you have a smaller outdoor space like a balcony or small deck, one of these Balcony Bistro Sets for Sale by Mainstays at Walmart will work nicely.  I will look at several styles in this article and give you several options for your smaller area.  There will be not umbrella holes, no seating for four and no big tables to fool with.  You will get storage options for these sets when not in use.

I will start with the sling fabric chairs, as they are my most favorite of outdoor furniture.  They are very comfortable without cushions and the fabric seems to last a very long time in the outdoor conditions, my set has been outside for more than 5 years and still looks like new.

For those that have storage problems or need to use their outdoor spaces for more than their bistro set, some of these sets will store in very small spaces without any trouble, some chairs will stack for storage solutions.  The sets with cushions will need extra storage to make cushions last for several years.

Now let us look at some of my examples and see what will work best for you and your outdoor space.

Mainstays Sand Dune Bistro SetMainstays Sand Dune Bistro set


Price when the article was written: $84

Sling fabric available in blue with white aluminum frames or tan with a golden brown aluminum frame.  This will give this collection a very different look.  For the Blue fabric and white frame look, see the high table set below.

A square tempered glass top table will hold your drinks and snacks with a small band supporting the legs.  The table is 24 inches square and 28 inches tall, just the right height for eating a small meal.

Chairs will have metal frames that will have a knitted durable fabric known as sling fabric in the outdoor furniture.  This fabric dries very quickly and resists most stains.  Animal droppings clean up very easily on this fabric.

The chair is 22.25 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 34.5 inches tall at the back.  The seat is 18 inches from the ground and will hold 250 pounds of butt.  The biggest complaint on these chairs is the width, as it is only 21.5 inches between the arms, very big butts will not fit, hope I do not get into trouble for this comment.

Chairs will stack if needed for storage.  This set will fit well in small spaces and take very little of your time to take care of it.



Mainstays Sand Dune tall bistro setMainstays Sand Dune High Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $99

From the same collection as the set above, this set is for those who like the higher sitting position on a bar height set.  It will come in the same two color combinations with Aluminum powder-coated frames.

The table is a little bigger at 27 inches square and taller at 33 inches.  It will have the same band for leg support and tempered glass top.

Chairs legs are taller giving the total height of the chair at 42 inches, giving the seat about 25.5 inches off the ground level.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.

This set will work great for those who need a higher set to see over the railing or just like the feeling of the higher sets.



Mainstays Bristol Springs Balcony Bistro Sets for SaleMainstays Bristol Springs Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $89

Very similar to the Sand Dune set, the Bristol Springs set will have legs in the front only to connect to a base.  This gives the chairs a little spring for some motion while sitting.

Frames for the table and chairs are steel with a matte espresso powder-coated finish.  This will last very well in outdoor conditions and comes with a three-year warranty for the finish.

The table is round at 24 inches across and 28 inches tall.  A round support brace for the legs is about halfway down.  The top is tempered glass for safety.

Chairs will have the same type of sling fabric for the seat and back positions.  They are 24 inches wide, 28.5 inches deep and 40.5 inches tall.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.  Chairs will not stack for storage.

This set will work for those looking for some motions while sitting for comfort.



Mainstays Alexandra Square bistro setMainstays Alexandra Square Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $129

If you are looking for more comfort for your buns, this set will have cushions and back pillows.  A dark bronze powder coated finish will cover the steel frames.  Red striped cushions and back pillows with a butterfly design will give you a splash of color for your outdoor decor.

The table will be 24 inches square and 28 inches tall.  A tempered glass top will give you a place for your drinks and snacks.  Leg brace is about halfway down to keep legs in place.

Chairs will have solid legs and sling type of fabric on the backs with 3 inch thick cushions for your buns.  They are 24.25 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 37 inches tall at the back.  The seat is 16 inches from the floor without cushions.  You can use chairs without cushions, it will not be very comfortable.  Replacement cushions are available, measurements are 20.5 inches deep, 21 inches wide and 3.25 inches thick.

Chairs can be stacked for storage after removing cushions.  You will need a storage solution for cushions and pillows when they are not in use.

This set will be for those who need more comfort for their buns and back.



Mainstays Pleasant Grove folding bistro setMainstays Pleasant Grove Folding Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $89

This simple folding bistro set will give you a small table and two chairs that will fold for storage.  The sling fabric of the chairs will come in three colors grey, red and tan with the same powder-coated dark brown finish on the steel frames.

A tempered round glass top will hold your drinks and snacks, it is 23 inches across and 26 inches tall.  Smaller than most in this article.  A latch will allow you to slide one set of legs to fold the top down for storage.

Chairs will be 23 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 36 inches tall.  They will support 250 pounds of weight.  I have the same chairs for my small dining set at the camper, they are very comfortable.  The biggest problem I see with them is the locking bracket on the back of each leg is hard to move when trying to fold the chairs.  For more information on this set, see my article here.

This set will work best for those who need their outdoor space for other events other than just for casual dining or relaxing.  It will fold up nicely and fit in small storage space.


Mainstays Oakmont Meadows bistro setMainstays Oakmont Meadows Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $80

For those who have more tender buns, this set with seating cushions will work well.  The straight leg chairs will have a cushion for seating and sling material for the seatback.

A smaller side type table is included in this set.  The square tempered glass top is 16 inches across and 18 inches tall, much smaller than the others in this article.

Chairs are 21.25 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 34.25 inches tall.  Each chair will support 250 pounds of weight, they are quite narrow will not fit a bigger butt.

The 100 percent polyester cushions are supported by sling-type fabric, you can remove this cushion and still use the chairs.  Comfort will not be as good and you will sit quite low.

This set will be good for smaller people who need more cushion for their bottoms and do not want a full-sized table.


Mainstays Wrought Iron bistro setMainstays Wrought Iron Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $99

More traditional with wrought iron, this set does include a small cushion for comfort, although the seat is the same mesh as the back and can be used without the cushion if needed.  Steel frames are powder coated for outdoor durability.

The round table is 24 inches wide and 24 inches tall, a little shorter than some in this article.  The mesh top will hold glasses very stable and you will not have to worry about breaking a glass top.

The chairs are 22.5 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep and 33 inches tall.  Straight legs and curved arms will help give these chairs some style.  Chairs will stack for storage or if you need extra space.  Each chair will support 225 pounds.

Red and white striped cushions are included, they are not very thick for long term comfort only 1.5 inches.  The cushions come with an Olefin fabric cover, one of the best for outdoor furniture and a polyester filling.  They are 21 inches deep and 20 inches wide if you need to replace them or what some cushions with a different color pallet.

I would still recommend storing these cushions when not in use to extend their outdoor life.

I have a similar set on my deck at the lake, it has been outside for at least 10 years without any rust problems.  My chairs have a round seat and did not come with cushions, we made cushions for more comfort.

This set will work well for those who just want to leave their set out and just add cushions when they want to use it.


Mainstays Forest Hills bistro setMainstays Forest Hills Bistro Set


Price when the article was written: $129

If you are looking for total comfort for your buns when sitting on your smaller outdoor space, this set with cushions for the seating and back will let you sit outside a long time in comfort.

The tan or teal cushions with the same dark brown powder-coated frames.

The square table with a tempered glass top is 24 inches across and 28 inches tall.  A square bar will support the legs about halfway down.

The straight leg chairs will be 23.25 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep and 35.75 inches tall.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.  Chairs have sling material to support the cushions, customers state not very comfy without cushions for sitting.  Chairs can be stacked when you need more room or not going to use them for a little while.

Cushions are made from polyester material and have snaps to hold in place.  You can reverse the cushions if you get a stain or tear.  I would recommend storage out of the weather when these cushions are not needed for seating.

This set would be best for those looking for more seating comfort and having some storage room for the cushions when not needed.  Other patio furniture pieces are available in this collection, see my information here.

Storage solutions for your bistro cushions


I recommend storing any cushions when not in use in any outdoor conditions.  This will give you years of use instead of a year or two.

Please see some of my storage solutions in this link for further details.


For further information on any of these bistro sets, click on the following link

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When looking for Balcony Bistro Sets for Sale for under $150, each of these sets will have totally different styles and designs.  Each person will have to look at what will fit their needs the best.  I have several of these types in my outdoor space at the lake.  Each one will serve its duty well and has been great for me.

I have two sets of bistro sets one at home and one at the lake.  The one at home has the sling swivel chairs that are very comfortable and durable in outdoor weather conditions.  The one at the lake is the wrought iron design, I have cushions for the chairs when we sit and have coffee in the mornings and listen to the sounds of nature.

I hope I have helped in making your choice easier with my information in this article.  If you still have a question or would like to comment please use the forms below.