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Propane Gas Fire Pits

When you have a wooden or composite deck surface, look at Propane Gas Fire Pits for your cool weather heating solution. You will spend more time with your guests as you will not have to fool with adding wood or making sure that it is moved to burn properly. Smoke will be less of a problem also.

Many people enjoy the gas-powered fire pits for their easy operation and many sizes and styles to choose from. In this article, we will look at 7 very different sizes and styles to choose from. We will start with the one that is just under $100 and go up to one that is very contemporary and will cost just north of $500.

You choose your budget and looks that will fit your outdoor space heating needs on the cooler nights. Each will offer different options for you.

First look at the comparison chart below and see the differences in looks and price. Then go to each one that you like and read my simple information.

Image Product Price Buy
Belden-square-fire-pit Belden Square-50,000 BTU’s $ Current Price
Mainstays-23-inch-round Mainstays 23-inch round-50,000 BTU’s $$ Current Price
Better Homes & Gardens Round Tabletop Gas Fire pit BH&G round tabletop-8,000 BTU’s $ Current Price
Alison-40-inche-remote-tank Alison 40-inch with remote tank-40,000 BTU’s $$$$$ Current Price
Peaktop-36-inch-round Peaktop 36-inch round-50,000 BTU’s $$$$ Current Price
Ford-Magnesium-Oxide-Square Ford Magnesium Oxide Square-40,000 BTU’s $$$$ Current Price
Hiland-round-cast-Aluminum Hiland Round Cast Aluminum-42,000 BTU’s $$$$$$ Current Price



Now let us look at my details of each fire pit so that you can make a choice on works best for you and your guests.

Belden 30″ Gas Fire Pit Table

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Belden Square with bowl cover

This is a simple fire pit that can convert to a side table when no fire is needed. A flat steel plate will cover the fire bowl after it has cooled. This will give you a multipurpose fire pit that will look natural in almost any setting.

The mainframe is made of steel with a brown finish. The top fire bowl surround is made fro Envirostone to look like stone. This is a very good material, just hard to replace if it gets damaged.

The square fire bowl is filled with Lava Rocks with a round burner. A door on one side will allow access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included). A knob will allow flame adjustment, just turn on the gas, turn up the flame, and push the button to get your fire started.

It will be 30 inches across and 24.2 inches tall. The fire pit will weight 57 pounds without the propane tank. At the high setting, it will produce about 50,000 BTU’s of heat. A poly cover is included for weather protection when not in use.


  • Low price
  • One knob control
  • Cover for burn bowl for side table use


  • Lava Rocks not as appealing as glass fire rocks
  • Square boring design
  • The top could be hard to replace if broken


Mainstays 23-Inch Round Pillar Propane Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Mainstays 23-inch round

For a gas fire pit with clean lines, this Mainstays model will work well for a modest budget. The lack of a tabletop surround will allow you and your guest to get close to the fire to collect the heat.

The body is made from steel with a matte black powder-coated finish that will last well in outdoor conditions and give a modern design. The round fire bowl will have a round fire ring with lava rocks to control the heat. Four adjustable feet will keep your fire pit level on most surfaces.

Handle holes on each side will help with moving this 42 pound, without the tank, fire pit. A hinged door will give access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included}. The Control panel will have a knob for controlling heat and a separate push-button for the electronic fire starter.

The fire pit is 23 inches across and 26.4 inches tall. The 50,000 BTU’s output will keep most warm on those cool fall nights. A poly cover is included for storing when not in use, make sure you wait for the fire surfaces to be cool to the touch to make sure it does not melt.


  • Clean modern lines
  • Poly cover included for storage
  • Large fire bowl


  • No surround rim for drinks and snacks
  • No fire bowl cover to make a side table
  • Lava rocks not as appealing as glass rocks

Better Homes & Gardens 10 inch Round Tabletop Gas Fire Pit

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Better Homes & Gardens Round Tabletop

If you do not have a lot of outdoor space, this little tabletop gas fire pit will work well if you have a table with an umbrella hole. It mounts through the umbrella hole and the 1-pound propane tank (not included) hangs below the tabletop.

The steel frame has a small round fire bowl on top. The clear glass rocks will give you a real modern looking flame with the reflection from the glass.

The small size of this fire pit will allow those in apartments or places with small balconies with a table with an umbrella hole to enjoy a fire on those cool nights. The table must have an umbrella hole at least 2 inches across and the top cannot be more than 1.1 inches thick at the hole.

At only 10.25 inches across and 7.25 inches tall, this will be a great table centerpiece. It will only put out about 8,000 BTU’s on high, a lot less than others in this article. A poly cover is included to cover this fire pit when not in use.

This fire pit, although small, is not intended for indoor use.

For more information on the BH&G Table Top gas fire pit, see my article here for more details.


  • Small great for small decks or balconies
  • Cannot see the propane tank
  • Poly cover included for storage


  • Produces a small amount of heat
  • Can only be mounted through the umbrella hole
  • The propane tank can be tricky to change


Alison 40″ Concrete with External Tank Holder, Light Gray

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Alison 40-inch with remote tank

For those with larger outdoor spaces, this fire pit set will work very well. The clean lines of the lightweight concrete will give you a very contemporary look. With a remote side table for the 20-pound propane tank (not included), this allows the fire pit to have a lower profile.

Hand holes are made on each end of both the fire pit and tank holder will allow for easy movement when needed. It is available in both light and dark gray finishes.

A single long tube will give you fire with lava rocks for heat control. It will produce 40,000 BTU’s of heat on the high setting.

Although the size of a regular coffee table, it only has a small edge for drinks and snacks. The fire pit is 40 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 15 inches tall. The tank holder table is 16.25 inches across and 20.25 inches tall.

A control panel will have a heat control knob and a push-button for fire starter. A 5-foot hose will connect your tank to the fire pit.


  • Great contemporary clean look
  • Remote tank keep tabletop low
  • Large surface area for fire


  • Short hose to connect the tank to fire pit
  • No cover for fire bowl when not in use, would make a great coffee table when no fire is needed
  • Takes more space than other fire pits


Peaktop – Outdoor 36 Inch Round Concrete Gas Fire Pit

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Peaktop 36-inch round concrete

Another concrete fire pit with the round design and contemporary looks. This one has a large surround to place your snacks and drinks on while sitting around the fire. The remote tank must be attached to the 9-foot hose for fuel (no tank or tank cover included).

The round fire bowl will have a round burner covered with lava rocks. A control panel will allow flame control and a separate starter button. A poly cover is included for storage when a fire is not needed.

The fire pit is 36 inches across and 15 inches tall. It will weigh 70 pounds, very heavy compared to others in this article. This style of fire pit is available in two other sizes a 30 inch and a small 21 inch for those who have smaller fire needs.

Set on the high setting it will produce 50,000 BTU’s of heat for your patio area. A poly cover is included for when you do not need a fire.


  • Clean lines and contemporary looks
  • Poly cover for storage
  • 9-foot hose for tank connection


  • No tabletop when no fire is needed
  • Lava rocks not visually appealing as glass rocks
  • Hose has to lay on the ground between the tank and fire bowl


Ford Magnesium Oxide Square Gas Fire Pit, Grey

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Ford Magnesium Oxide Square

If you like the look of barn wood the finish on this fire pit will be for you. Made from a magnesium Oxide material, it has the durability of stone. The top will give you an edge to put your snacks and drinks for a short time.

The square fire bowl will have a round fire ring that will be covered with lava rocks. A control panel on one side will let you control the heat, up to 40,000 BTU’s, and start your flame.

A panel on one side can be removed for access to the 20-pound propane tank (not included). Two hand holes will allow for moving this heavy, 120 pounds without tank, fire pit.

The top is 32 inches wide and it is 24 inches tall. It will weigh a hefty 120 pounds without the tank, needs two people if you have to move to another location.


  • Great barn wood look
  • Handhold holes for moving the fire pit
  • Ledge for drinks and snacks


  • Very heavy, need two people to move
  • Lava rocks not as eye-pleasing as glass rocks
  • No burn bowl or complete fire pit cover


Hiland Round Cast Aluminum Slatted Fire Pit, Black

Propane Gas Fire Pits-Hiland Round Cast Aluminum

This round fire pit with the big ledge for drinks and snacks will be a great place for you and your guests to sit around during the cool nights this fall. During the warmer months, you can place the cover on the fire bowl and use it as a side table.

The slatted design for all of the top materials will match a lot of decks and patio flooring materials. You can get the outside finish in two colors, the black shown and an aluminum finish.

This is a big fire pit at 47 inches across and 22 inches tall. The bowl will be 20 inches across and have a round burner. Clear glass rocks will fill the bowl and give you a great reflection of the flames.

The fire pit will be a hefty 135 pounds without the propane tank. A hinged door on one side will give access to the bottom to change the tank. The flame will provide 42,000 BTU’s of heat on the high setting.


  • Two finishes available
  • Lots of space for food and snacks
  • The metal lid to cover the burn bowl when no heat is needed


  • Heavyweight (135 pounds)
  • Lightweight metal materials
  • Slats can be damaged easily, cannot be replaced


My final thoughts on these fire pits


When looking for a heating solution for your outdoor space, one of these Propane Gas Fire Pits should be on your list. From the smallest tabletop version to a fire pit that is the size of a coffee table, one of these fire pits could work for you.

I like the smaller units that have the ability to be moved easily as I have a few areas that I can use it. We like to have a fire in the driveway when the kids come by to trick or treat on Halloween. We have the neighbors over so the kids only have to make one stop for their treats.

If you have any questions or comments on this post, please use one of the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.