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Patio Umbrella for a Table


If you have a sunny area that could use some shade during the daylight hours, a patio umbrella for a table will work for most decks and patios. Most will offer a tilt and retract function to allow some adjustments to the sun’s movement.

Market umbrellas will be the standard umbrella used by most homeowners. It will be 6 – 10 feet across and about 7.5 feet tall. Most will have a single post with a tilt and crank system for adjusting the shade. The shade will have 6 – 8 ribs for support of the canopy.

This type of umbrella will need a table and a stand to make it stable for use. You will need an offset umbrella when you do not have the support of a table, as these types will support themselves. For my information on offset umbrellas, click this link.

Some areas will not be big enough for a full umbrella, the half umbrella is made for these locations. For my information on half umbrellas, click this link.

I will look at several sizes and types in this article to let yo choose what will work best for your outdoor areas.


To explore your shade options, click on the following link

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Let’s look at some details of some market umbrellas


Pure Garden market umbrellaPure Garden 9 and 10 foot Aluminum Patio Umbrellas


Price when article was written: 9 foot under $50, 10 foot under $60

Coming in two sizes of 9 and 10 foot will make this umbrella a popular choice for those with large outdoor areas. Three colors are available in each size, light blue, tan and red. The pole is made from an aluminum material, all eight ribs are made from a steel material.

Tilt and crank functions are both available with this model. Description says that it auto tilts, this umbrella only has one tilt position, when you push the button it tilts all the way over to the one position, no auto tilt.


Mainstays 9 foot Market UmbrellaMainstays 9 ft. Outdoor Market Umbrella


Price when article was written: under $30

This bigger 9 foot umbrella will come in four colors, multi colored with strips, red, tan and blue. The tilt feature will adjust to three positions each way. The shade will have a crank to raise and lower. Post will be is 94.5 inches tall without a stand.

Some customers stated that the fabric is thin on the shade, most state that it is a great value for the price. Comes in a bag for storage when not in use.


Trademark market umbrellaTrademark 7, 8 and 10 foot tilt and crank umbrella


Price when article was written: $45 – $85

Having the most different styles, sizes and colors (check for current colors available) the Trademark market umbrellas will have one for most outdoor areas. The pole will be made of aluminum with the ribs made of steel for a stronger construction. The canopy is made from a polyester material with a 180g weight. This will last well in outdoor conditions if stored in bad or winter weather.

Trademark has a half umbrella (see my article here) and umbrellas with solar lights (see my article here). They also have an offset umbrella for larger areas without a table.

Better Homes and Gardens 9 foot market umbrellaBetter Homes and Gardens 9 foot market umbrella

Price when article was written: under $50

Comes in several colors, some solids, stripped and with darker accents on the edges. I have written a post on the Cabana striped model, follow this link for more details on these umbrellas.

The shade is made from an Olefin fabric, one of the best fabrics for outdoor furniture, it has a great UV rating. Both a 3 position tilt for moving your shade, crank for raising and lowering your canopy are included. Velcro straps are included at the end of each rib for attaching lights for nighttime use.

This umbrella has the most different colors to match any decor that you have in your outdoor furniture.

Jordan three tiered blue market umbrellaJordan Manufacturing market umbrella

Price when article was written: $35 – $60

Available in three different styles, square, three tiered and a regular eight ribbed umbrella. Different materials are used for some of these umbrellas frames and ribs, steel or wood.

The three tiered looks like a pagoda, has steel frames and ribs. Fabric for the canopy is a polyester material in a 160g weight. This umbrella only has the crank for up and down on the canopy, no tilt feature.

The square umbrella will be 8.5 feet across. The pole and ribs are made of wood. No crank or tilt is available on this model. The polyester canopy will raise and lower with a pulley system like a flag pole, a pin will lock in the fully raised position.

Jordan Hula market umbrellaA hula version of this style is available to look like it was from the beach on an island. Thatch is a plastic material to make it look like a grass material. It will not catch fire only melt.  Like the wooden model it does not tilt and will raise with a cord.

Regular market umbrella will have a 9-foot spread. Canopy is made from polyester and will come in 10 colors for matching most decors. Post will be and ribs are made from a steel material. Both a crank and tilt feature is available.

This collection also has a half and offset umbrella for those who have different needs. Look for some of my details here.

Astella wooden umbrellaAstella 9 foot wood market umbrella

Price when article was written: $65

This umbrella will have a cord with a pulley to raise the Lime Green polyester canopy. All ribs and the pole is made from a wooden material. No tilt function with this umbrella.

A little more cost with fewer functions. The look and feel of the wood material will give you the richer look over the metal materials of the other umbrellas.

Options – Lighting

Two major types of lighting is available for the market umbrellas today. 110 volt string lights or solar powered lights. I will look at each type and give you the details. This information should allow you to use your umbrella for more than shade.

Velcro straps for accent lightingThe string lights that you see on campers can be attached to the ends of the ribs of an umbrella. Some umbrellas have Velcro straps on the end of the ribs for easy installation. If you do not have the Velcro strips, you could use clothes pins or other devices to attach the string lights.  See my post on Edison String lights here.

The big disadvantage to 110 volt string lights is the cord that you have to have running to a plug for house current. Most people run this cord down the center pole, then across the ground to a plug-in. This creates a trip hazard if you are not careful.

Solar lights are mounted just like the string lights. Solar panels are not very heavy or bulky nowadays. You could mount it on top of the umbrella shade on the sunny side to gather power during the day. The advantage to solar powered lights is that most will not have to have a power cord running on the ground.

If you prefer to have your lights built into your umbrella, look at my article on umbrellas with solar powered lights using this link.

Options – Stands

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stand

Metal Patio Umbrella Stand

A stand will be needed for most market umbrellas. Stands can be decorative or just the plastic water filled variety. The plastic kind can crack and leak out the media inside and lose their ability to stabilize your umbrella.

I prefer a stand made from a cast iron material that has some design in it for a decorative look, this is one of my metal stands in the picture.

Some hard plastic stands will have concrete in them from the factory, I have one of them at my camper. It is easy to move and will not leak the media out when cracked.

I have several post on umbrella stands, follow this link for more details.

Proper care of your Market Umbrella

First time you crank up your umbrella after not using it for a little while, look out for pest that can nest on the inside of the canopy. Wasp like the darker colors to build their nest, don’t get surprised.

Most canopies will just need a wash with a mild soap and water. Some bird and tree stains may require more elbow grease. Do not use harsh chemicals as they will damage the material of the canopy and paint on the pole.

The crank and tilt of most umbrellas are not serviceable. When broken the umbrella will have to be replaced. Make sure that the umbrella is retracted during high winds and taken down during extreme winds, this will keep your canopy and pole intact.


  • Shade that can be adjusted to the sun’s movement
  • Available in many styles and colors for most outdoor decors
  • Lights can be added to use during dark hours some have Velcro straps at the ends of the ribs


  • Have to crank up when needed and lowered when done
  • Stands have to be purchased separately
  • Will need to store when not needed for a long time (winter)
  • Can attract pest when retracted for long periods of time


To explore your shade options, click on the following link

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If you are looking for a patio umbrella for a table for your outdoor space, one of these examples will work. They are simple with some different options. Some will tilt, some will crank up, some will have provisions for lights, different materials are used for construction.

Check you outdoor area for the size of umbrella that will work for you, then read my details about each one to see what options will work best for you. I personally like the crank and tilt feature of my several umbrellas. The wooden poles have fewer options, but a better look.

If you have any questions or comments on this or any other post of mine, send me a note and I will get back to you shortly.