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4 x 4 Solar Light Post Cap

When looking to illuminate your deck area with lighting, a 4 x 4 Solar Light Post Cap fixture will work without any wiring or added structure.  Just add to the top of your railing post and just wait for them to get a charge from the sun and enjoy after dark.

I have some on my side deck that have been out there for about five years.  I have had to replace some rechargeable batteries, for more information on what to check when your fixtures fail to light up after dark, see my post here.

I will show you what mine look like at the end of this article, for several styles and looks, follow my information below.

Want to just look at what is available today, follow the link below for details

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Moonrays 91241 Inglenook solar lightMoonrays 91241 Inglenook Solar Post Cap Light


Price when article was written: $20


This fixture will not put out the same amount of light as some of the others in this article, it has a lot better looks with it multiple colors in the Tiffany styled stained glass lens.

Shaped like pyramid with a flat top for the solar panel, this fixture will give a great colorful look to your deck area.  The LED bulb will put out 18 lumens of light and should never need to be replaced.  A sensor will turn your fixtures on at dusk and you should get 6 to 8 hours of light with a good day of sun.

Plastic frame has a dark copper finish.  This fixture will mount on top of your deck post or on a wall or other object with the included J shaped bracket.

This fixture will work best for those looking for more color in their outdoor space.




Natures Way solar post top fixtureNature’s Way Pole Solar Lantern Top


Price when article was written: $15.72


This is a fixture more like what I have on my post.  It is made to sit on the top of a lamp post, I just drilled a hole the same size at the post and slid it onto the post cap.  Installation is easy for most and once installed, all you have to do is replace the batteries when needed.

This fixture will have six sides and an LED bulb for illumination.  The light will be diffused a little by the shape of the glass around the bulb.

This fixture will work best for those not wanting the square look of the other post cap lighting fixtures.



4 x 4 Solar Light Post CapSolar Post Cap Light


Price when article was written: $20


Not the traditional look of a post top fixture, the glass will have the running water look and will diffuse the light.  You have the option to hang this fixture also with the ring on top.

This fixture will have an on-off switch to let you turn off when it is not needed.  You will get between 8 and 10 hours of illumination of a full day of sun.

This will be a great choice for those looking for a different look or want to hang their fixture on a plant hanger.



Solar Adjustable Post capSolar Adjustable Post Cap Light


Price when article was written: $18


This fixture will fit 6 x 6 or 4 x 4 post or any size in between.  Also with water fall type of glass lens, the four sides will give you light for 6 to 8 hours after dark.

The included adapters will let you fit most post sizes for your deck area.  A black plastic frame will give a great contrast to the wood and glass.

This fixture will work well for those who have more than one size of post supporting their decks and want the same light fixture for all.



Mainstays Solar path lightsMainstays Solar Pathway Light (4-Pack)


Price when article was written: $18.91 for four pack


This is the type of fixture I choose to put on my deck, I just did not use the post that goes in the ground.  I drilled a proper sized hole in my post caps and just slid them in.

Each fixture will provide 5 lumens of light with the 300 mAh rechargeable batteries.  The steel frames are painted a coffee brown.  The glass lens will diffuse some of the light.

These fixtures will work best for those not wanting the square look of most post cap light fixtures and are not afraid of a little drilling.




Elegant Home Fashions Solar Post LightElegant Home Fashions Solar Post Light


Price when article was written: $12.99


Add a little flare to your post lights with the golden color and white lens.  The 600 mAh rechargeable battery should give up to 8 hours of light after dark with a good day of sun.

This is the more traditional square looking fixture and will look very well on the top of any post.

This fixture will work best for those looking to have the simple look of the square solar post top light.


To look at these or other post top solar lights, follow the link below.

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Solar Light, Post light

What would I recommend for solar post top lights


I used regular landscape solar post type fixtures for my 4 X 4 Solar Light Post Cap lighting needs for my deck  A small hole in the post caps that is the same size as the post in the fixture and I have a great look without the flat square fixture.  My lights have needed little work in the five years they have been out there.

Your fixture needs or wants may be different then mine, let my readers know what your solution was with some pictures of your outside lights.

Any questions or comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.