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Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture


We are going to look at Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture in this post.  Many people just have a set of four chairs or a sofa on their patio.  When you purchase a sectional set, you can change the arrangement of the pieces for different events.  One of these sets comes with a table that can be used as a dining table.  Some of the ottomans can be converted to coffee tables.

Lets  look at what each set can offer you in seating and comfort.

hampton-road-five-piece-sectional-setBetter Homes and Gardens Hampton Road 5-Piece Cushion Sectional Set


This five piece set includes one corner chair, three regular chairs and a ottoman.  The chair parts are held together with supplied clips, so you can change the arragement at any time.  The frames are made of Aluminum with a powder coated finish.

The olefin and polyester cushions are held in place with four velcro straps.  The chairs have metal straps to support the cushions.  The cushion can be removed from the ottoman to create a table for snacks and your favorite adult beverage.

Each chair piece is 34.5 inches high, 24 inches deep and 31.5 inches wide.  The seat is 17 inches off of the ground.  Each seat will support 225 pounds. The ottoman is about 30 inches square and 17 inches tall with cushions, 12.5 inches tall without cushions.

Comes in one large box, about 125 pounds.

sandhill-seven-piece-sofa-sectional-setSandhill 7-Piece Outdoor Sofa Sectional Set, Seats 5


This seven piece steel framed with metal slats will include a corner piece, two chairs, love seat, L shaped sofa chair and 2 ottomans.  The ottomans can convert to table with the removal of the cushions.  The cushions and two lumbar pillows are made from polyester material with polyester filling.

Each piece of sitting is 29 inches tall, 27 inhes deep in the sitting area, 17 inches from the ground to the top of the cushions.  Chairs are 27 inches wide, love seat is 54 inches wide and the L shaped sofa chair is 23 inches wide.  Each seat will support 250 pounds.  The ottomans are 27 inches square and 12 inches tall without cushions or 17 inchs tall with cushions.

This all comes in one box that is 40 inches by 58 inches by 58 inches.  It will weigh 258 pounds, so bring some friends and a truck if you have to pick up.


ragan-meadow-seven-piece-outdoor-sectional-setRagan Meadow 7-Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set, Seats 5


This seven piece set includes three corner parts, a left armed, a right armed and no arms.  Two no arm chairs, two ottomans, two lumbar pillows and four throw pillows are also included.  The steel frames are painted with a black powder coated finish.  Steel straps support the cushions on the chairs and ottomans.  Four clamps are included to hold the sections together, they can be removed to reoder the parts. When storing the chair frames they will stack, not very stable when stacked.

Each ottoman is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 12.5 inches tall without cushions, 18 inches with cushions.  A metal tray is included for each ottoman to place on the top when the cushion is removed to make them a table.  Seating parts are 29.75 inches deep,24 inches wide and 34 inches tall.  Each seating part will support 225 pounds.

Olefin-Polyester covered and polyester-polyurethane filled Cushions are 6.5 inches thick on the seats and 5.5 inches thick on the backrest.  Each cushion will have velcro straps to hold them in place.  The lumbar pillows are 20 inches long, 10 inches and 4 inches deep.  The thow pillows are 15 inches square and 5.5 inches thick.

Will ship in one big box, 43 inches by 44 inches by 29 inches and will weigh 184 pounds.  Will need a pickup and several bodies.


baytown-five-piece-woven-wicker-sectional-sofa-setBetter Homes and Gardens Baytown 5-Piece Woven Sectional Sofa Set, Seats 5


This set is a little different, The seating portion does not come apart for changing the layout.  The Steel framed with a all weather wicker cover with two separate seating parts that are a three seat lounge and a two seat chair.  It will complimented with two end tables and a glass top table for dining.  End tables can partialy nest under the taller table.  Cushions are made of Olefin outer fabric with a foam filling.

The three seat section has a back for a cushion at one end and is 31 inches deep, 75 inches wide and 32 inches tall.  The two seat chair has an arm at one end and is 31 inches deep, 48 inches wide and 32 inches tall.  Capacity of seating is 300 pounds for each seat.  The end tables are 18 inches square and 18 inches tall.  The dining table is 37 inches square and 30 inches tall.

Ships in one large box.  Needs some assembly, tools included.

Care of cushions when not in use


Simple cleaning with a mild soaap and water is all that is needed to keep your fabric looking like new.  Stay away from any bleach products as they will fade and deteriate the fabric.  Having a weather proof storage container for your cushions will let them last a lot longer.  Some of the manufacutors have replacement cushions, they are not easy to get.  Finding replacement cushions is the biggest complaint of any of these sets.

Where to find your Sectional Patio Furniture for the best price online



If you have at least an eight foot by eight foot patio, you will have a perfect place for an Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Set.  Each of these sets has some different features, you need to look at your needs to see what works better for your needs.  Hope you found this information helpful.

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