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Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


When looking for a heat solution for your patio area when the weather is cooler, do not forget to look at a Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace for your solution.  They are not the same as a regular fire pit as they will have a chimney to keep the smoke away from your guests, this will allow your guests to sit around the fire and not have to keep moving to keep the smoke out of their eyes.

A smaller footprint will also be an advantage of a chiminea.  The biggest one in this article will be 30 inches across, it will take up a lot less floor space than a regular fire pit, you will need to have shorter wood to burn because of the smaller size.

You cannot use any of these chimineas on a wood or composite surface without some kind of heat protection, several types of heat shields will work for the floor, you must still think about the wall around your chiminea when it burns.  My friend melted the vinyl siding on his house by having a fire too close to the side of the house, don’t be like Alan.

Now let us look at these five styles of Chimineas and see which one fits your outdoor decor and needs.



Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace-Modern Chiminea Outdoor FireplaceModern Steel Chiminea


Price when this article was written: $59


The smallest Chiminea in this article, it will fit in the smallest space.  The firewood that you use must be smaller under 12 inches for the best results.  A hinged door with a mesh screen will allow the wood to be added, viewing the fire and adjusting the wood while you have a fire.

This chiminea will not have a large view of the fire, only the door will have a view.  A grate will keep the wood off the floor to allow the fire to breathe.

The chiminea is 17 inches across, 60 inches tall, and will weigh about 20 pounds empty.   A forked poker is included to help stir the fire and open the door when the fire is hot.

A great looking modern design and small size are what sets this chiminea apart from the others in this article.


  • Small footprint
  • lightweight easy to move
  • Modern design


  • Small opening for adding wood
  • Only can view the fire from a small opening
  • Hard to cover to keep out of the weather when not in use




Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace-Better Homes and Gardens Cast Iron Chiminea Outdoor FireplaceBetter Homes and Gardens Cast Iron Chiminea


Price when this article was written: $97


This is a traditional chiminea will have a 360-degree view of the flames while having a fire, this will allow your guests to sit around the fire and still see the flames.  A hinged door will allow you to add wood, stir the fire with the forked poker, and keep sparks inside.

The antique bronze cast-iron design will have a lid on the chimney, this will help get the fire going and keep water out of the burn bowl when it rains.  A lower disc will help keep ashes off of the ground surface, no lower grate is included.  Scrolled legs will support this disc.

With a width of 22 inches, logs of 18 inches will fit well.  The height with the top installed will be 46 inches and will weigh about 50 pounds.  A nylon cover is included to cover your chiminea when not in use, must be cool to the touch before installing.

This is a traditional-looking chiminea that is great for having chairs sitting all the way around it to collect the heat and watch the flames.


  • 360-degree view of the flames
  • weather cap when not in use
  • 18-inch logs can be used


  • No log grate that keeps wood off the floor
  • Heavy hard to move
  • Cast iron may rust if not protected


Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace-Sunnydaze Rustic Chiminea Outdoor FireplaceSunnydaze Rustic Chiminea


Price when the article was written: $429


The highest-priced chiminea in this article, The heavy steel construction will make this chiminea last for a lot of fires.  With an arched opening on one side, you will have a 180-degree view of the flames.  A steel grate will keep the firewood off the floor and give it room to breathe.   Four legs will support this chiminea off the ground.

It will be 30 inches across, with the big opening you will be able to use firewood that is 24 inches long or shorter.  At 6 feet tall, it will need a lot of room compared with the others in this article.  It will weigh 50 pounds empty, with the bulky size it will hard to move.

This chiminea will be good for those who have lots of fires and want a long-lasting chiminea.



  • Can burn 24-inch logs
  • Steel grate for firewood
  • 180-degree view of the fire


  • No spark screen
  • Large size may not fit in all locations
  • Heavy hard to move



Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace-Sunnydaze Modern  Chiminea Outdoor FireplaceSunnydaze Black Steel Modern Chiminea


Price when this article was written: $249


If you are the person who wants the chiminea or fire pit that will start a conversation, this modern-looking chiminea will work.  With an open burn bowl and supported chimney, this design will set your outdoor area apart from any other.

The square burn bowl with a steel grate to keep wood off the floor will give you a 360-degree view of any fire.  A curved steel post will support the upper assembly of the hood, chimney stack, and rain cap.  This design will keep the smoke out of your guest’s eyes.

At 29.5 inches across, the burn bowl will accept logs 24 inches long.  The rain cap will be 80 inches from the ground level and will work great in keeping the smoke away from your guest.  The total assembly will weigh 75 pounds empty, with its top-heavy build it will be hard to move for just one person.

This is a great chiminea for a conversation starter and for that modern back yard space.  The design works well and looks great.


  • Open flame design
  • Modern looking
  • Can use 24-inch logs


  • no spark screen
  • Very heavy hard to move
  • not all smoke will go up the chimney


Products that help you with your fire



Fire Wood Log Rack CoversFirewood storage

Log racks will help in the storage of your firewood before you have a fire.  Making sure you have enough wood will make the fire more enjoyable.  It is not recommended to use any of the prefab logs as they will burn too hot for your chiminea.

For more information on firewood storage see my post here.

Landmann log rack caddyMoving firewood

If your fire is not within a few feet of the woodpile, you may need a good way to move it.  My woodpile is near the back of the yard, my fire pit area is closer to the house.  I purchased a firewood cart to move my wood.

For more of my information on a firewood cart, see my post here.

Black Ash hodCleanup tools

Having a way to remove your ashes after your fire will make your life easier.  I use a hod and shovel for my fireplace and fire pit.  The hod is a bucket with a handle that will not melt when hot.  It will be easy to pour out the ashes when you get to your garden or other areas that you keep your ashes.

For more information on Hods and other tools for removing ashes, see my post here.

Fire pad for decks

Get this protector for your deck

Deck protection system

For those who want to burn on wood or composite surfaces, some kind of protection will be needed to keep from melting the plastic or starting a fire outside of the chiminea.

The best system on the market is the DeckProtec.  Made of volcanic rock material is will form a heat barrier from your chiminea to any surface it sits on.  For more information on this system follow this link.


Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


My final thoughts on these chimineas


For my choice, I would like to have the Sunnydaze Black Steel Modern Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace for its modern look and style.  Of the two modern designs, I like the look of this one.  I only have fire pits and have not used a chiminea in a long time.  I like modern items for some of my outdoor areas just to make my patio area look more like my interior.

What are your thoughts on these chimineas, have you purchased one and had any problems.  For other ideas on wood burning outdoor fire pits, see my post here.

Any comments or questions use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.  If you liked the information in this article, share it with your family and friends on your social networks.