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Wood Patio Dining Tables


If you have a larger outdoor area that you are going to use for eating, look at the following Wood Patio Dining Tables for your solution.  Each will only be a table, you will have to add your own chairs for comfort.  Each table is made from Eucalyptus Wood or Acacia Wood, they are very similar to Teak wood with a little less of a price.  Each of these tables will seat four people.

Four different styles will be available from one square example to three rectangular examples.  Each will have a different style of legs and top, so you will have four choices to choose from.

Now lets look at each examples details and see what works best for you.  When you are done with this information, you will be able to make an educated choice when it comes to a find what one of these Wood Patio Dining Tables will work for you.

Camrose Farmhouse Dining TableCamrose Farmhouse with trestle base

Price when article was written: $282


What do you get in the box


This rectangular dining table is made from eucalyptus wood.  The legs will be in a cross pattern called a Trestle base.  A single bar will connect the legs at the bottom of each base.  Top will have a slat look with a single slat at each end.

The table will be 72 inches long, 37 inches wide and 30 inches tall.  This is the largest table in this article.  It will weigh about 85 pounds, you will need two people to move this table when needed.

A hold for a market umbrella is made in the top, a hole is also in the lower support to support an umbrella, it is not high enough for a umbrella stand to fit under it.  I would recommend some kind of bracket attached to the lower support for keeping your umbrella stable.

This table will work well for those who want the traditional look of a picnic table with out the trouble of treated wood or something that will not hold up in outdoor conditions.

Camrose Farmhouse table top with umbrella holeAssembly and care of you dining table


Assembly will be simple for this table, attach the legs to the top and then tie together with the bottom leg support.

The wood finish will only need an oil rub once a year to keep looking like new.  If you do not want to treat with oil, the finish will turn to a driftwood color over time.


  • Hole for umbrella on table top and lower support
  • Great weathered wood look
  • Easy assembly
  • Has matching bench for a complete set


  • Umbrella stand would have to sit on top of lower leg support
  • Heavier look than other tables in this article

Kamala square patio dining tableKamala Acacia Wood Square Table

Price when article was written: $77.33


What do you get in the box

You will get a square top table made out of Acacia wood that has a teak wood finish.  A slat top will have four legs, one at each corner with a support going to the middle of the table from about half way up each leg.

The table will be 31.5 inches across and 30 inches tall, top will be 1/2 inch thick slats.  This will be the smallest of all the tables in this article, if you have a smaller space, this table will work for you.  Table will weigh only 23 pounds so it will be easy to move.

No hole for umbrella for this table, if you need a shade solution you may want to look at an offset umbrella, see some of my examples here.

This patio dining table will work best for those having a smaller outdoor space.

Assembly and care of your table

Just attach legs to the bottom of the table top, then add leg support to each leg.  Make sure the table is on a flat level surface before final tightening of the screws.

Just add Tung oil once a year to your table finish to keep it looking like new.  A simple soap and water will be all that is needed between treatments.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to take care of
  • Lightweight, easy to move


  • Smallest table in this article
  • No hole for umbrella


Kamala Acacia Wood Rectangular Patio TableKamala Acacia Wood Rectangular Patio Table

Price when article was written: $149.49


What do you get in the box

A little bigger than the Square Kamala table above, this rectangular table will have the same design of Acacia wood with a Teak wood finish.  Made from Acacia wood for long lasting in most outdoor conditions, this table will look good for many years.

With a slat top, for arched legs, one at each corner, with each having a leg support from halfway up to the table bottom.  No hole in the top for a market umbrella, as with the other Kamala table, use an offset umbrella for shade solutions.  Top will be 1 inch thick, every thing on this table is a little bigger than the square one, if you need a bigger table and like that style, this table will work well for you.

Table will be 59 inches long, 31.5 inches wide and 30 inches tall. It is shorter than the other rectangular tables in this article.  With a weight of under 40 pounds it will be easy to move when needed by one person.


Assembly and care of your table

Simple assembly will take attaching the four legs to each corner, add the leg supports and you are almost finished.  Set up on a smooth flat surface before the final tightening of the hardware for best results.

A coat of tung oil once a year will keep your table surfaces looking like new for a long time. Keeping your table clean the rest of the year will take just a mild soap and water mixture.  Rinse off and let dry and you are ready to use.  This will take care of most nature droppings, you may need to wash with a cloth if you get a major stain.



  • Great looking table at a low cost
  • Easy assembly


  • Not as big as others in this article
  • No hole for umbrella


Paul Acacia wood patio dining tablePaul Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table, Teak Finish

Price when article was written: $315.23


What do you get in the box

This rectangular table will have a modern design with four round legs, one at each corner.  The clean lines of no lower supports or hole for umbrella, this will give yo the modern contemporary look.  The slat top will have a rustic iron slat under the top to give some support.

Four tapered square legs will attach at each corner.  A wooden bar will attach to the bottom of the top will go between each leg.

Table will be 70.75 inches long, 34.75 inches wide and 30 inches tall. This table will be almost as large as a regular inside dining table, it will weigh about 60 pounds, one big person could move this table when needed.


Assembly and care of your patio furniture

Simple assembly will involve attaching legs to the bottom of the table top.  Do final tightening of hardware while table is sitting on a flat level surface for best results.

Acacia wood will take little care to keep looking like new.  Just treat all of the wood surfaces with tung oil once a year to keep the wood looking fresh.  If the iron parts start to stain, you may want to spray with a clear coat paint.


  • Clean lines
  • Easy assembly


  • No hole for umbrella
  • Metal parts may rust over time outside




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My thoughts on these wooden patio tables


Looking at some Wood Patio Dining Tables for your outdoor space, one of these tables will work well in most cases where you need dining for four.  With easy care and the ability to keep it looking like new for many years.  Some people have had Acacia wood patio furniture that has been passed down to another generation because it still looked like new after many years of use.

Do you have an Acacia wood patio table that you would like to write about or just have a question on one of these tables, leave me a note using the forms below and I will get back to your shortly.