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Small 3 Piece Patio Sets


I have several small spaces in my outdoor areas. Having several different Small 3 Piece Patio Sets to choose from for morning coffee or an afternoon tea is what I have in these areas.  Just a few minutes and I can change the table or chairs.

In this article, I will write about the different styles and how you can use a bistro set in your outdoor area. Many people will use a bistro set around their BBQ area to have someplace to sit and have an adult beverage while cooking the family meal.

What I will show you is that you do not have to buy a set to make your small outdoor area usable. Now lets look at my information.

2 sling swivel rockers with plant tableStyles and materials for bistro sets

Not all of my sets are the traditional two metal chairs and a small table. On the front porch area I have two swivel rockers with sling fabric. I change the table during the warmer months, I have a plant table out there now. The chairs are medium priced and the sling fabric last very well in outdoor conditions.

On the small deck at the camper, I have the more traditional metal bistro set. Two chairs and a 24-inch round table. I can have coffee in the morning while looking at the sun rise over the water. These are the least pricey of the bistro sets, they will need to be repainted every few years and adding cushions will make sitting for a long time more comfortable.

I have a friend that has a resin wicker set. It does take up more space and cost at lot more. Most of the resin wicker sets will have seat cushions for comfort, this will require some kind of storage to make the cushions last more than one season.

Wooden wicker sets will be more like the metal sets. Most of the time the chairs will not have motion. You will need to spend more for cushions to make this a long term sitting area. Wooden sets will need refinishing at least every other year to stand the outdoor conditions. Sanding, power washing and putting on a weather proof finish will take about a day of your time. The better the type of wood the higher purchase price you will pay. Some teak or eucalyptus sets can be very pricey, they will last a lifetime with proper care.

2 folding wooden chairs with side table one of my Small 3 Piece Patio SetsWhy use a bistro style set for small spaces

Why not just get a lawn chair for your small space and not spend the money for a bistro set. Having a set of chairs and a table that is left in the space for you to use when ever you need it will be better than trying to find and get your chairs out of the trunk of the car when needed.

If you live in an apartment or condo on the higher floors with a balcony, you will want something that you leave out as storage space will be at a premium. Most condo’s or apartments do not have a garage or shed for winter storage of outdoor furniture. Having a small bistro set that you can leave out and requires little care will be a great benefit for this group of people.

Having lake property that you have little space for furniture will make having a small bistro set very comfortable. I use mine every time I go to the lake.

I do have a set of wooden chairs that I use on my front porch sometimes. The chairs fold for storage and make a perfect set for someone that cannot leave their furniture out and do not have a lot of storage. I did pick these up a yard sale for $8 for the pair, not very pricey, just add a side table and there you go.

Some accessories for bistro sets

If you are looking for shade so that you can use your set during the day, an umbrella or awning will work. Some people do not own their space so they cannot add an awning. I would suggest a half umbrella for small balconies or patios. See some of my shade options here.

Although most bistro tables are smaller, some can still use a lazy susan for the middle. This will allow you to pass snacks around without much effort.

Lighting can be a small solar lamp that will give you enough light to see what is going on after dark.  Having a solar lamp will mean no electric cord to have in your way.

Mainstays Wesley Creek Bistro setSetting the mood for a romantic evening will easier with a table-top wine rack. This will impress your date, don’t forget to take your partner out on a date once a week, when you have date night. I have an article on wooden table-top wine racks here.

Rugs to define your space. Some times your deck surface ages and is rough. Having a rug to put down to define your space or protect your feet will give you back value. I did write some reviews of outdoor rugs here.


For more information on the bistro sets available today click the link below.


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My final thoughts on bistro sets

Bistro Table with Two Metal Arm ChairsHaving small spaces outside should not keep you from enjoying nature. I have several different outdoor spaces that could not handle a four seat table or conversation set. I have several different styles of bistro sets that I use and move them around to change the look during the year.

Some of my Small 3 Piece Patio Sets are not sets at all, they are two chairs with a side table for drinks and snacks. Experiment with what works well for your space and let me know what your set looks like, send me a picture and comment. I will share with my readers.

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