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John Hunt

John Hunt

outdoor room ideas

As the owner of outdoorroomideas I will give you information on how to set up and improve the use of your outdoor space.  In my many years of work on others and my own properties I have developed many skills in what it takes to put things together in an outdoor space.

I have experience in wiring outdoor low voltage lights.I will give you instructions on what kind of wire and transformer you will need to make your lights the envy of your block.  Most people only know about the post lights that come in a kit.  The many different kinds of low voltage lights can change the way people look at your home.

I have worked on the placement of many solar lighting designs.  I have some background in the solar panels and rechargeable batteries.  Look for updates on how to make the most of your solar lighting on this site.

When looking to entertain in your outdoor space, look at my different ideas on water features, sound, TV, heating and shade.

If you would like to see something explained or reviewed, leave me some feedback in the Leave Comments below.


John Hunt