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Founder of Outdoor Room Ideas


John OutdoorroomideasI have been in the Home Improvement business for 13 years. Have worked on inside and outside projects from the design to finish in this time. I have worked on improving the present theme or designing to a whole new look from scratch. I have experience in setting pavers, retaining walls, attracting wild birds, sitting, dining areas, storage solutions, and setting up vegetable or flower gardens.

So whether you are looking for a sitting, dining, reading, romantic or just a getaway space, you will find it covered in our blogs on this site.

On this website we will visit the many ways to decorate and update you outdoor spaces.  Lighting for your patio, driveway, favorite path or water feature will be available in Solar, low Voltage or Line Voltage current.  We will look at what it takes to install and keep it looking new.

If you want your outdoor spaces to be as cozy for your Family and friends as your indoor spaces this is the place to visit as we add new ideas and plans to our sites.

If you like what you see on this website and would like to make one of your own, see the link below.  I have built this website with the knowledge and help of the following group.


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